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  • EBPW Chapter 18.1

    Chapter 18.1 Shopping for clothes together (1)

    Sheng Song Mall was the nearest high-end commercial place with a great flow of customers. The bodyguards escorted the two people to the door malls before driving off to the parking lot to wait.

    Actually, Wen Renyi’s previous clothes were all custom-made. However, since the banquet was tomorrow, there was simply not enough time. They could only come here to pick out something suitable. Moreover, they had never shopped together before, so this was a very novel feeling for them.

    Today was coincidentally Saturday and the mall was packed with people. He Zhou guarded Wen Renyi until they got on the lift and went straight to the sixth floor. There was a western suit store here with a good reputation.

    The two people’s appearance stood out with an impressive bearing. As soon as they stepped inside, they attracted the attention of the attending sales lady.

    “Can I help the two gentlemen with anything?” She asked while seeming to have given another glance to Wen Renyi’s eyes. Her glance seemed to have pity. A handsome person actually turned blind.

    He Zhou had wanted to speak when a person came out of the changing room. His stature was tall with an elegant appearance. The suit on his body was extremely fitting, making him look clean and straight.

    He Zhou combed through his sea of memories and recognized this person. It was the Zhao family’s fourth young master. According to the family hierarchy, he was considered as Little Ye’s cousin.

    Zhao Ke lifted his head and came across He Zhou’s gaze. He was slightly stunned before the color of his face changed and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but form a cold smile.“Young Master He, what a coincidence.”

    He Zhou knew that many members of the Zhao Family didn’t view the original owner favorably. It was also because of this reason that the original owner rarely got along with the people from the Zhao family. He recalled his memories and nodded slightly. “How are you.”

    “Ah Zhou?” Wen Renyi cocked his head and inquired him.

    He Zhou introduced the two people to each other. “Ah Yi. This is the Zhao family’s fourth young master, Zhao Fourth Master, this is my…”

    “I know.” Zhao He interrupted He Zhou, his gaze falling on Wen Renyi’s face. “Wen Renyi.”

    Wen Renyi nodded. “It’s my pleasure.”

    Zhao Ke stood in front of the mirror fixing his clothes. He looked at the two people behind him through the reflected mirror at the same time. “Why did Young Master He and Young Master Wen Ren come here?” According to his knowledge, Wen Renyi’s clothes were always tailor made by a professional.

    “Isn’t Zhao Fourth Master also not here.” Wen Renyi easily threw the question back to him and no longer cared about Zhao Ke, he turned to He Zhou and said. “I can’t see. Help me choose.”

    He Zhou also didn’t place Zhao Ke to heart and started to choose as set for Wen Renyi under the enthusiastic sales lady’s assistance.

    Zhao Ke was still admiring himself in the mirror and cast a side glance.“Young Master Wen Ren manages such a big corporation and can’t naturally be compared to the likes of poor people like me” In reality, his clothes were also custom-made but they were ruined yesterday by an accident, rendering them unwearable. There wasn’t enough time left so he could only come here to buy clothes. He never would’ve imagined, he would bump into He Zhou and Wen Renyi.

    To say he hated He Zhou was not a lie but with regards to Wen Renyi, he didn’t really hate him. Previously, Wen Renyi was the model of his generation. He definitely admired him a lot but once he was stuck with He Zhou’s mark, he felt that his image had stumbled just a little bit. 

    He Zhou looked towards Zhao Ke, his gaze calm and rippleless. However, his impression still made Zhao Ke feel a bit of pressure. He had an Earth Rank Middle Stage Cultivation Base whereas He Zhou was just an ordinary person. Even if he understood a bit of arrays, a silk-trouser wouldn’t be able to have this kind of power and influence right?

    “Zhao Ke, I found a dessert store over there. Later on, accompany me to go there and eat.” An 18 or 19 year old boy walked into the store, wearing a simple T-shirt and casual pants. His big eyes were round and his height wasn’t too tall but the proportion of his body was good. He grew up looking adorable and soft, with red lips and white teeth, he looked like a little sheep.

    Zhao Ke heard this and wrinkled his brows in distaste. “What kind of man eats desserts?”

    “It’s not for you to eat anyway. I’m going to eat by myself.” The boy softly harrumphed, feeling very displeased with Zhao Ke’s face of dislike. His gaze then shifted over from his face and fell onto He Zhou’s who was standing at the side.

    He paused for a second before rushing over to He Zhou and exclaiming in pleasant surprise. “It’s you!”

    He Zhou swept over his memories once and didn’t recognize him so he inquired. “You are?”

    The boy’s big pair of eyes looked like high watt light bulbs, emitting bright glow of lights.  “You’re He Zhou right? I saw you on Weibo before. You were eating cake at that time. I also like eating cakes. Why don’t we go to the dessert store together? It’ll be my treat!”

    Zhao Ke was a bit speechless.“Young Master Li. Just because you like to eat sweets, doesn’t mean other people are the same as you, ok?”


    The Li Family was one of the four big Gu Wu aristocratic families in Jing City. However, there was a big difference between the Li Family and the other aristocratic families. They chose the road of medicine and practiced the art of healing, mainly focusing on assistance. The only person who could be called Young Master Li by Zhao Ke could only be the Li Family’s direct descendant and the youngest of the family, Li Zeming.

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