EBPW Chapter 17.2

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Chapter 17.2 I’m here for you (2)

After He Zhou took his bath, he answered He Shaoning’s call. In any case, he was just inquiring to see whether the matter at Feng City was dealt with. He Zhou simply replied him. He Shaoning questioned again where he was and He Zhou truthfully answered. He Shaoning gleefully reminded them not to forget about the matter of the Zhao family head’s birthday before hanging up.

He sat on the bed circulating his Inner Xi. It was natural for a person to panic when they leapt from Yellow Rank all the way to Sky Rank, fortunately, Young Master He’s godly sense was strong enough that he was able to stabilize it all the way until 11pm in the night. It was also up until this moment that he realized Wen Renyi had not gone inside the room.

He Zhou came out of the room and saw Wen Renyi sitting on the sofa wearing his earphones. He was currently talking to someone and needless to think, it was Guo Yang.

He was already a Xiantian Late Stage Cultivator, why was he still so diligent?

Wen Renyi heard his movements and said a few more words to Guo Yang before taking off his earphones. He looked back towards He Zhou. “Did I disturb you?”

He Zhou stood in place without moving. “You’re already at Xiantian. You don’t need to sacrifice so much anymore.” The number of people at Xiantian Late Stage in Country Hua was very few. Wen Renshi wasn’t even beyond Xiantian Early Stage and with Wen Renyi’s current cultivation base, no matter how many people pursued him, was there any need to dedicate himself to work for the Wen Ren Group?

Wen Renyi heard this and seemed a bit bashful. The tips of his ears started to redden. “It’s not for the Wen Ren Group. I just wanted to earn a little more money.”

He Zhou expressed understanding. “The day after tomorrow is the Zhao family’s banquet. Let’s go there together.”

Wen Renyi hummed in agreement. “Does Ah Zhou have any suitable clothes to wear?”

He Zhou was then reminded by this question of his that he couldn’t just wear casual clothes in that kind of place. Moreover, the original owner had rarely joined these kinds of banquets so he didn’t have any clothes that was considered appropriate for the event. Even if he had, then it would have been from a long time ago and wearing it now wouldn’t suit him either.


“Then let’s go and take a look tomorrow.” Wen Renyi looked to be a bit happy.

The next morning, Wen Renyi had already prepared breakfast while He Zhou was training. This made Young Master He happy yet guilty at the same time.

The schedule for today had already been arranged. Wen Renyi would first go pick out clothes with He Zhou, then they would pick a present and if there was any time left, Wen Renyi would head to the company to handle work while He Zhou would go home and cultivate.

After just eating breakfast, Zheng Weiming called over and Wen Renyi set him on speaker mode. He Zhou thought that Zheng Weiming’s voice sounded upset and remorseful over the call.

“Captain, that waiter had been taken away by the Head Operations team.”


Zheng Weiming heaved a long sigh. “The Head Operations Team members said that he had participated previously in evil wars and his character was too dangerous and was involved in too many cases, our administrative region couldn’t possibly contain him.

Wen Renyi hummed in understanding. “I understand. It was hard on you.”

After hanging up the phone, He Zhou looked at Wen Renyi. “You seem like you’re not surprised.”

Wen Renyi smiled. “The head operations team missions are always classified. When I was injured 6 years ago, in reality, it was because I fell into an already well-prepared trap.”

In other words, there could be a spy among the head operations team.

“With your intellect, there’s no way you couldn’t have discovered the trap.” He Zhou didn’t believe that Wen Renyi could be this foolish.

“With a member’s life at stake, I couldn’t not take the bait.” Wen Renyi said this while still carrying a slight smile, like he was telling another person’s story.

However, He Zhou knew that the road he chose led to a dead end, and despite that, he did not look back and gave his life in exchange. This was the essence of a true hero. A previous genius who had fallen into a quagmire in one morning would suffer more than a hero with a sacrifice. He Zhou felt distressed thinking about the six years of torment he had been in. 

“From now on, I’m here for you.”

Wen Renyi smiled lightly. “Alright.”

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