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  • EBPW Chapter 17.1

    Chapter 17.1 I’m here for you (1)

    He Zhou hadn’t reacted on time when he was pushed down and only felt a soft pair of lips. The sudden touch of warmth caused him to be at a loss.

    The white cataracts in Wen Renyi’s pupils faded a bit but hadn’t completely dissipated. They stared straight into He Zhou’s stupefied eyes, seeming almost cold and unfeeling.

    He Zhou had wanted to push him away but saw the purple light in Wen Renyi’s eyes intensify. The next thing he knew, his head was being resolutely held and the lips that were originally soft quickly turned violent, like a beast that was tearing at its delicious prey, enjoying a big feast to his heart’s content.

    He Zhou had cultivated for several years but had never encountered a situation like this. He wanted to push away the person on top of him but now, Wen Renyi’s cultivation base was higher than his. The feeling of being oppressed by another was uncomfortable until Wen Renyi reached his tongue out to lick him.

    He Zhou looked for an opportunity and bit down strongly, the taste of blood spreading in their mouths. Wen Renyi was suddenly dazed and He Zhou pushed him off, wiping the blood off his lips. He stood up and coldly uttered. “Wen Renyi, you…”

    His gaze was suddenly met with Wen Renyi’s upset expression and the words he wanted to say became stuck in his mouth.

    “I’m sorry. I couldn’t control it properly.” Wen Renyi said as he hung his head. His tone was bitter. “I didn’t know it would be like this.” He sat paralyzed on the floor. His appearance made it very hard for someone to criticize him harshly.

    He Zhou replayed the scene from earlier in his head, considering the possibility that perhaps Wen Renyi hadn’t completely digested the strand of spirit and was influenced by the Almighty Golden Core.

    “Are you still alright?” He Zhou was only furious for that split second. Now his anger was completely dispelled without a trace. He walked towards Wen Renyi and reached out a hand. “I’ll pull you up.”

    Wen Renyi reached his hand out to him and borrowed a bit of strength to get up. He still hung his head like before and his tone carried a bit of cautiousness. “Ah Zhou, did you hate that?”

    He Zhou’s brows twitched slightly. It was not that he was unwilling to kiss Wen Renyi. He was just used to being the stronger one. Being suppressed and forced to kiss had made him feel extremely unpleasant. Moreover, the Wen Renyi from earlier was not the type that he liked. 

    “Don’t think too much about it. Our top priority right now is to strengthen the boundaries.” He Zhou observed the Spirit Gathering Array flourishing with spiritual power. “Let’s leave the array first. We can always use it when we need to cultivate someday.”

    Wen Renyi raised his eyes to look towards He Zhou and obediently nodded. “En.”

    He Zhou felt his gaze and couldn’t help but look towards that layer of faint cataracts. “Can you already see?”

    Wen Renyi shook his head. “I can only perceive a bit of light, as well as your shadow.”

    “Wait until you fully digest the spirit of that Almighty Golden Core, then you should be able to restore your sight completely.” He Zhou said while his gaze fell onto his little partner’s lips. The surface was stained with a bit of blood so he reached out to touch it. “Does it hurt?”

    Wen Renyi smiled. Under the soft lights of the living room, he looked extremely gentle and delicate. “It doesn’t hurt. It was my fault for scaring you earlier.”

    Young Master He believed his own reaction earlier was a little hurtful so he bent down and pretended to very naturally peck Wen Renyi’s lips. “I’ll go shower first.”

    Wen Renyi’s eyes trailed after him as he entered the bedroom. He slowly brought his hand up and touched the corner of his mouth. His pale cataracts concealing the turbulent purple lights. 

    When He Zhou’s godly sense entered his sea of knowledge, he felt his own soul quiver. It was said the dual-cultivation could provide a person with physical and mental pleasure. He previously didn’t care about it but if the other party were He Zhou then he felt that if he had a taste of the marrow, the longing for its savour will grow [efn_note] 食髓知味 Having tasted the marrow: the longing for its savour grows: to get greedy about something after having a taste.[/efn_note] . 

    However, He Zhou appeared to prefer the soft approach rather than being forced. He also seemed to prefer the weaker Wen Renyi.

    T/N: Oh He Zhou, we must learn to appreciate both sides because together, they create the perfect balanced Wen Renyi. 😛

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