EBPW Chapter 16.2

Chapter 16.2 Young Master was pushed down (2)

The living room was spacious. It was sufficient for He Zhou to set up the Spirit Gathering Array. When the preparations were finished, He Zhou brought Wen Renyi over to sit in the middle of the array.

“Later on, he might try to take control. Don’t worry, I will assist you.” He Zhou placed his palms on his, inserting his godly sense into Wen Renyi’s body and stopping right before the seal.

Wen Renyi restrained his mind and slowly released his seal.

Immediately, a majestic power dashed out. Wen Renyi’s veins started to swell dramatically and He Zhou quickly enabled the Spirit Gathering Array, crazily absorbing the broad and powerful spiritual power. And that Golden Core Senior that wanted to seize control, directly crashed against Wen Renyi’s sea of knowledge.

Wen Renyi started to shake all over. This Golden Core almost sucked his Inner Xi dry previously. Even though he was about to die, he couldn’t let anybody occupy his own body. While bearing the swelling pain of his veins, he had to hold off against the spiritual attacks of the Almighty Golden Core. The blue veins on Wen Renyi’s forehead started to pop up. If it wasn’t for the Spirit Gathering Array, he could have already harmed his body.

“Ah Yi, let me help you.” He Zhou’s godly sense entered the borders of Wen Renyi’s sea of knowledge. This was actually the cultivator’s most important place. Under normal circumstances, they would absolutely never let anybody in. If there were any bit of carelessness, the sea of knowledge would turn into chaos, and the person himself would turn foolish.

Wen Renyi was currently engaged in a life-and-death wrestle with the Almighty Golden Core. His godly sense hadn’t reached Xiantian Realm so he naturally couldn’t withstand against the Almighty Golden Core’s might and was gradually losing. He Zhou’s arrival had given him a momentary breath of rest. However, what made him astonished was that when He Zhou’s godly sense came into contact with his sea of knowledge, a dreadful quiver arose spontaneously.

It wasn’t the fear of danger but the lust for such delicacy.

He Zhou’s godly sense entered Wen Renyi’s sea of knowledge and saw that in the middle of it, a dim sphere of Golden Core was fighting Wen Renyi with all his strength. If this sea of knowledge was occupied by it, Wen Renyi wouldn’t be Wen Renyi anymore.

He Zhou immediately pressed down the might of the Golden Core and at the same time spoke out. “Ah Yi, refine it.”

This Golden Core Spirit had already been trapped for 6 years and had no way to cultivate with the temperature of the body, having lost already plenty of vigor. Wen Renyi listened to He Zhou’s instruction, his godly sense gradually surrounding the spirit. He Zhou was about to make a move when he heard a miserable voice. “Wait!”

“Ah Yi, don’t mind him.” Young Master He was not the type of person to waste time.

“I’ll give the spiritual power to you. Just let me out. I promise I’ll be good!” His golden core was gone but his spirit still lived. As long as he could cultivate, there would come a day when he could make a comeback!

Wen Renyi’s answer to him was: Break down this spirit with He Zhou!

The spirit transformed into a tiny starlight, lingering in Wen Renyi’s sea of knowledge, gradually fusing together within and becoming a part of Wen Renyi. The Golden Core also dissipated along with it, transforming into an extremely horrifying spiritual power, flooding the Spirit Gathering Array.

After Wen Renyi refined that ball of spirit, his godly sense abruptly expanded, breaking through the early stage and middle stage of Xiantian in one go and leaping to Xiantian late stage. At the same time, the spiritual power inside the Spirit Gathering Array rushed forth in his body. His cultivation base was rapidly increasing, continuously climbing up to Xiantian late stage before slowly calming down.

He Zhou wasn’t also without a benefit. The spiritual power definitely wasn’t able to be absorbed by a person below Xiantian Realm but this was only applicable to ordinary cultivators. What He Zhou cultivated was the “Nine Godly Secrets” and his godly sense had already reached Golden Core. The spiritual power was just like the sun’s purple cloud to him. It was a big supplement.

While Wen Renyi was absorbing that spiritual power. He Zhou’s body was also like a bottomless pit. Spiritual power entered like a tumultuous rush, his cultivation base also rapidly leapt like a rocket, surmounting over Yellow Rank, Xuan Rank, Earth Rank and reaching Sky Rank middle stage in one go.

He Zhou decisively stopped absorbing because eating too much in one go was harmful in one’s development. He would have to wait again until his realm was stable.

He opened his eyes after receiving his reward and saw Wen Renyi sitting in the front, hooking up his lips “looking” at him, with a fixed thought, he opened his mouth and smiled. “Ah Yi….”

Wen Renyi suddenly pushed him down, covered him and kissed him with strength..

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