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  • EBPW Chapter 16.1

    Chapter 16.1 Young Master was pushed down (1)

    Ye Xiao had been in a spiral of regret. He was actually really unlucky to have encountered the expert twice.

    Because he had walked into the wrong room last night, he bumped into He Zhou. After having just finished his apprenticeship with no real achievements, he had just wanted to rake in some profit but had encountered He Zhou once again. How could he have such bad luck? Being in this industry had really huge risks. He had just entered the industry and had immediately encountered a senior. And both times it was the same person too. This was really too miserable.

    “Se-senior.” Ye Xiao stared at the wig in He Zhou’s hand, secretly panicking inside. “I-I’ve never done anything wrong. P-Please let me go!”

    “Didn’t you practice enchantments?” He Zhou returned his wig back to him. “And even wanted to use this ability to cheat other people of their money. If I were to tell the Feng City’s operation team…” He said while holding up a phone, looking like he was about to call someone.

    “No! Don’t!” Ye Xiao was about to cry, his eyes were overflowing with tears. If this were to be seen by ordinary people, they would definitely feel distressed and would not hesitate to chastise He Zhou. “Senior. I don’t know what enchantments are. I only recently found out that I have this ability. In fact, yesterday was the very first time I used it and I coincidentally encountered senior. I didn’t even win anything. My eyes were even suffering in pain the entire night. Today’s matter was also because I just wanted to earn extra income, Senior, please forgive me.”

    He Zhou’s face was solemn. “If I was only an ordinary person, I would’ve already been cheated by you until all my money was gone. Moreover, since it was just earning a little income, why are you having such a guilty conscience?”

    Ye Xiao thought to himself: My eyes were in pain the entire night, how could I not be terrified?

    “It’s not that I’m feeling guilty. I’m just being reserved towards Senior.” He smilingly fawned to him but probably because he wasn’t used to this kind of flattery, his facial muscles were somewhat twitching.

    He Zhou thought it was still more important to return back to Jing City first so he said. “Then continue driving. Drive us back to Jing City. After this incident of scamming people, you better not do it again.”

    Ye Xiao was at first happy that He Zhou had forgiven him but thinking of his bleak future, he couldn’t help but feel his mood drop and said “oh”, before returning to the driver’s seat.

    The road back to Jing City was smooth. He Zhou let Ye Xiao stop before the doors of Wen Renyi’s villa. After he got off, Ye Xiao’s eyes curved and he waved them goodbye but He Zhou suddenly spoke “Since it was just earning extra income, why did you have to wear a wig?”

    Ye Xiao’s smiling face froze, seeing the two people’s figures get farther away, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi finally returned to the villa. Wen Renyi ordered his servants to bring the Original Stone over. This Original Stone was bought from the borders of Dianmian. It’s quality was top-tier and had cost a ton of money. However, to Wen Renyi, it was just a mere trifle.

    After the bodyguards left, He Zhou used his godly sense to envelop the Original Stone. He sensed the rich spiritual influence inside and asked Wen Renyi. “Where should we do it?”

    “Right here is fine. The villa is installed with a top grade defence system.” Wen Renyi said. Then he added a sentence. “Nobody will come and disturb us.”

    He Zhou’s hand that held the Original Stone paused slightly. “What about the defence range?”

    “There’s no way to get through the courtyard doors.”

    He Zhou suddenly looked at the clever-like Wen Renyi and smiled meaningfully. “Alright.” He then lowered his head and fiddled with the Original Stone.

    The reason why he made Wen Renyi transport so many Original Stones over was because he had to set up an array. This was to help Wen Renyi absorb the bout of power within his body, recover his previous strength and even help him step into Xiantian Realm.

    The Spirit Gathering Array could absorb any unnecessary power and the high-quality Original Stones can temporarily store spiritual power so it was best suited to arrange an array.

    Spiritual power and Inner Xi are different.

    People below the Xiantian Realms who cultivate their inner bodies, are able to produce Inner Xi and after stepping into Xiantian Realm, they could communicate with worldly spirits and transform them into their own use.

    Wen Renyi previously had a Sky Rank Late Stage Cultivation Base. Although, he was about to reach Xiantian, in the end, it still really wasn’t Xiantian so that ball of Golden Core power in his body was a harm to him. His veins and bones couldn’t undergo spiritual purification so they couldn’t support a Golden Core senior’s power and hence, Wen Renyi was not able to easily use those spiritual powers.

    What He Zhou was about to do, was to channel that spiritual power into the Spirit Gathering Array, then assist Wen Renyi to achieve Xiantian in one go then have him refine the Golden Core spiritual power into his own.

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