EBPW Chapter 15.2

Chapter 15.2 Youths of Feng City (2)

When he heard the door open, the youth slowly raised his head. He Zhou then realized how beautiful his eyes were, like an evil spirit that devoured and swallowed souls, attracting the minds of people and making them unable to help but listen to his words.

He Zhou’s godly sense menacingly pressed over and the youth immediately called out in panic and closed his eyes, seemingly like a startled rabbit. Both his hands covered his eyes that were suffering in pain as he ran off without any sense of direction, even colliding midway with a wall in the hallways.

He Zhou paused for a moment without any plans to chase him, then he shut the door and returned to the room.

“Who was it?” Wen Renyi obediently sat on the bed, turning his head towards He Zhou. The room light was too soft, contrasting his elegant features and somehow bringing out a tantalizing charm to the person.

He Zhou restrained himself and stood in place without moving. “A little cheater.”

Wen Renyi didn’t ask any more questions and laid in bed. He used a corner of the quilt to cover his stomach. “Sleep then.”

“Are you not letting Gui Yang give reports anymore?” He Zhou felt this was not like the workaholic’s usual style.

That voice resounded again in Wen Renyi’s mind. “You lifted a rock to smash your own foot, Wen Renyi. Didn’t I tell you so. After pretending so much, this is what you get, Tsk Tsk. Now, you want to head to bed earlier with your little lover, sadly, your lover doesn’t appreciate this kindness.”

Wen Renyi didn’t bother with him and just “looked” at He Zhou, saying softly. “I’m a little tired today.”

He Zhou could also understand why. Wen Renyi encountered a murder attempt today, a critical situation. His mental state must have received a shock. It must have made him lose the heart to handle work today.

He Zhou laid down beside him and reached out to turn the lights off. The room immediately turned pitch black. After a while, the Almighty Golden Core inside Wen Renyi’s body seemed to have started seizing control of his body. He lightly knit his brows, turning to his side with his back against He Zhou.

He Zhou was originally cultivating. Hearing the movements, he quickly turned around and pulled Wen Renyi over. He held his hand and sent his godly sense to crush the spirit over. The other side suddenly turned calm and the purple light in Wen Renyi’s pupils slowly dissipated. 

“Are you still ok?” He Zhou held his hand just like before. “Have you always been like this for the past 6 years?”

The Almighty Golden Core that had been trapped for 6 years said: The one who had been suffering was obviously this senior! This senior!

Wen Renyi softly replied “En”. His gentle voice felt like a lover’s fingertips in the tranquil room, endlessly caressing He Zhou’s heart.

Young Master He couldn’t help but admit. This Wen Renyi, really made one’s heart race.

Not waiting for him to make any movements, Wen Renyi took the lead and placed a hand around his waist and closed his eyes. The two people held each other like this to sleep. 

A still night passed.

The next morning, He Zhou and Wen Renyi planned to go back together with Feng Lan and the others. However, Feng Lan and the team found the evildoer’s trail in Feng City and had no choice but to hunt him down. They couldn’t send them back so they could only let the Feng City’s operations team prepare another car for them and take them back to Jing City.

Feng City’s operations team moved very quickly. Once He Zhou brought Wen Renyi out of the hotel, there was a car parked in the front. The car plate was the same as the one Feng Lan had told him. He Zhou swept his godly senses on the inside of the car. When he found that the driver had long hair, he deduced that it was an ordinary woman who did not pose any harm so he got on with Wen Renyi.

The car drove smoothly out of Feng City. When the car arrived on the highway, it turned to the direction of Jing City. The lady driver didn’t seem to have a penchant for talking, staying silent as she drove. He Zhou could distinctly feel the driver’s breath getting heavier, her hands trembling as she held the steering wheel.

He couldn’t help but look towards the rearview mirror and coincidentally saw the driver’s eyes. “Are you alright?”

When the driver heard him speak, she trembled even more, seeming as if she was extremely afraid and did not utter a word, keeping silent.

Suspicion sprouted in He Zhou’s heart. “Turn in the front and stop the car.”

The driver unexpectedly didn’t resist and actually followed his orders. She then stopped the car, opened the door and ran, all in one continuous motion.

However, just after taking a few steps, it was like he was poked in a place that paralyzed his movements, so he had no choice but to stop.

He Zhou slowly walked towards him and look down at him. He proceeded to reach his hand out and lift the wig on his head, coming across an exceedingly beautiful pair of eyes.“It’s you.”

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