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  • EBPW Chapter 15.1

    Chapter 15.1 Youths of Feng City (1)

    Wen Renyi had encountered a lot of assassination attempts in the previous 6 years so he was already used to it. As the previous head of the Wen Ren Family Clan and the captain of the operations team, the people who wanted his life were far too many to count.

    Towards the approaching six assassins who had Earth Rank and higher cultivation bases, Wen Renyi stood in place without moving a muscle —— he really did listen to He Zhou’s words. 

    The six assassins saw Wen Renyi’s calm composure and for some reason, suddenly felt a cold chill down their spine. They knew that not one single person who were secretly sent to kill Wen Renyi had come back alive. They knew that taking Wen Renyi’s life was not easy but in the face of such a big benefit, they still couldn’t help but be moved.

    “Why aren’t you making a move?” Wen Renyi stood in the middle of their encirclement. His face unhurried as if he weren’t facing assassins at all but friends of families having a leisure chat, his manner at ease.

    The assassins suddenly cowered.

    “Have you heard of the empty city stratagem(1)?” Wen Renyi’s white cataracts seemed to have suddenly became lively, a cold faint ray of light flashing through. It was extremely frightening. “I didn’t bring any bodyguards this time so if you want to kill me, it should be easy as turning your hand.”

    1. Empty city stratagem: using reverse psychology (and luck) to deceive the enemy into thinking that an empty location is full of traps and ambushes, which thereby induces the enemy to retreat.

    The more he said things like this, the more the assassins trembled with fear. They all hesitated, not daring to step forward. 

    After some time, the assassins exchanged eye contact. Who cares about him! With such a good chance, let’s stake our life!

    “Ah Zhou.” Wen Renyi suddenly turned towards someone’s behind, laughing as he called out.

    That person shed a cold sweat and couldn’t help but look back. There was nobody there! He was tricked!

    Six people charged towards Wen Renyi at the same time, Their daggers’ tips glinted coldly as if they were laced in poison.

    But in the end, the one who was trapped was not Wen Renyi but them. The 6 people all felt a sharp air slitting their throats all at the same time, definitively taking away their last breath, killing them.  

    He Zhou’s face carried an apparent alarmed expression as he held Wen Renyi’s hand tightly. “Ah Yi, you didn’t get hurt right?”

    “I’m fine.”

    “This was my fault. I forgot to send people to protect you.” When He Zhou recalled seeing Wen Renyi being trapped after having broken the array, he felt cold all over. In the end, he was still too careless.

    “I don’t blame you.” Wen Renyi’s lips arched up as he smiled. “I believed you’d be fast enough to come out.”

    The sharp air just now came from Feng Lan’s hand. He was after all a Sky Ranked expert. Dealing with a few Earth Rank Cultivators was simply as easy as blowing off dust.

    “Thank you Captain Feng.” He Zhou sincerely expressed his thanks.

    He really had to quickly help Wen Renyi restore his strength, otherwise, continuing on like this would be just too dangerous.

    Feng Lan laughed. “Young Master He is too polite. Isn’t this what I should be expected to do? Besides, you’ve helped the operations team a great deal.” He pointed to the group of Yue Shao and the others who were found to have fainted inside the array.

    Liu Chong looked at the several people lying on the floor. “Captain, our car can’t carry that many people.”

    “Call the Feng City’s operation team.”

    Feng City’s operation team’s speed was very swift. They reached the place without even needing a moment and brought the fainted Yue Shao and the others to the hospital.

    The sky had already turned dark. Feng Lan decided to stay for a night at Feng City and return the next morning.

    Feng City was considered Hua Country’s second tier and above front-line city. Although the nightscape wasn’t comparable to Modu, also known as the Pearl City, it was still considered to be prosperous and lively.

    He Zhou, however, was not in the mood to appreciate this. He brought Wen Renyi into the room Feng Lan had arranged for them and spoke as he entered. “Who was the person who wanted to kill you this time?”

    Wen Renyi walked towards the bed while saying. “I already told you before, there are a lot of people who want my life so I also don’t know.”

    “Tomorrow, we’ll go back and I’ll help you recover.” He Zhou said, laying back on the bed and closing his eyes to recuperate.

    Breaking the array today had used up a lot of his spirit. After all, he still had a Yellow Rank Cultivation Base so he still had to endure a lot of pressure from the array today. 

    “Dong, Dong, Dong.” A knocking sound came from the door. 

    He Zhou sat up straight and pulled Wen Renyi who was about to go get the door. “I’ll do it.” Although his godly sense determined the person outside was an ordinary person, it was still better to be careful.

    When the door opened, a skinny youth stood outside. His hair was a bit long, almost covering his eyes and he looked extremely gloomy. He wore exceedingly ordinary-looking clothes and his denims were washed out so much, it looked white in color.

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