EBPW Chapter 14.2

Chapter 14.2 Wen Ren encounters an assassination (2)

“Young Master He, how do we break this array?” Feng Lan didn’t even ask whether array could be broken or not.

Under the rays of the sun, the factory covered by black clouds looked strange upon measure. Although Wen Renyi couldn’t see but he could still feel the little fluctuations in the surroundings.

“Ah Zhou. Be careful.”

He Zhou turned around to look at him. “Don’t worry, Just stay there and don’t move.” Although he knew that Wen Renyi wasn’t as weak as he looked, but once he looks into his eyes, he couldn’t help have tender feelings for him.

Young Master He had already lived for quite a few years and was older than Wen Renyi by a lot. So in his heart, as Wen Renyi’s legal partner, he had to protect Wen Renyi when time came to protect him.

Wen Renyi smiled faintly, seriously taking his words and waiting there without moving a muscle.

“Captain Feng, Liu Chong, come with me inside the array.”

Liu Chong fiercely nodded.

Yet Feng Lan paused for a bit and asked. “Go inside the array?”

He Zhou’s face was strict as his gaze was slightly threatening. “Captain Feng. I can only dispel arrays and have no cultivation base. You are a Sky Ranked Expert, I naturally need your help to enter the array.”

“Then please guide us Young Master He.” If it was already said like this, how could Feng Lan refuse?

Wen Renyi’s godly sense detected the three going inside the array. Although he believed in He Zhou’s ability but thinking that he still only had a Yellow Rank Cultivation Base, he still couldn’t put all his worries down.

People have always said that Wen Renyi was cold and proud. The truth also presented itself as such. When Wen Renyi was a heavenly genius, his personality was lofty and isolated. When he met an attack out on a mission and became a waste, he became even more indifferent and unfeeling.

Getting married to He Zhou was only because of his family arrangements. He didn’t really care about this. It was just a partner after all. To him, there was nothing that he needed to change.

However, several months after He Zhou’s incident, he once again saw him and his heart felt different. Although he didn’t know where, but it seemed like this person’s existence held an inexplicable pull to him, making him unable to help but probe further.

“Wen Renyi, if you can lend your body to this senior, this senior will definitely help you attain your desires.”

A voice suddenly appeared again inside his head.

Wen Renyi’s face was calm as he spoke. “The things I want will naturally become mine.”

“That brat takes care of you all the time. If he knew that you hid this thought…”

“Then what?” Wen Renyi’s lips made a slight arch, he still remembered the words He Zhou told him at the hospital.

“Let me tell you. If you work with me, you’ll be able to benefit a lot more. Don’t listen to that brat. Are you really going to believe him just because he said he’ll help you?”

“You wanted to seize residence before so why should I listen to you?”

The voice inside his head suddenly wailed out loud. “I’ve been trapped by you for 6 years! And you still want to use me to gain sympathy? Wen Renyi, don’t you think you’re a bit too much?”

“If you wanted to seize residence, if I don’t trap you then who should I trap?”

“I already told you, if you let me out, I won’t seize control of your body, but you just won’t listen.” The voice was already extremely sullen.

If anyone was trapped in a narrow place for 6 years, they wouldn’t have an easy time. Before, he could still cultivate in secret but, now he was just a strand of spirit, what could he do?

“If you didn’t seize me, you would’ve seized somebody else, how could I let you go?” Wen Renyi’s white unfocused cataracts looked cold and unfeeling.

“So, you’re willing to sacrifice both of your eyes and even trap me in your body. Why do you feel the need to do that? Look, now the Wen Ren Family don’t even care about you.” 

Wen Renyi smiled. “Why does it matter with you?”

That voice became silent for a moment before starting to tease. “There are so many people who want to kill you yet you don’t have an ounce of power. Aren’t you worried?”

“Six years has already passed anyway. What would an hour and a half more do?” Wen Renyi closed his eyes. “Someone’s coming.”

“Ha ha ha. Right now that brat’s trapped in an array so it’ll be easy for others to kill you, I can help you!”

Wen Renyi suddenly opened his eyes and welcoming the uninvited guests with a calm face. “There’s no need for that.”

T/N: GASP. what does this mean? COULD IT BE? Wen Renyi was acting all along? XD

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