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  • EBPW Chapter 14.1

    Chapter 14.1 Wen Ren encounters an assassination (1)

    The car ride from Jing City to Feng City took about 6 to 7 hours. Their driver was a member of the operations team who was newly recruited. He was called Liu Chong and he didn’t recognize Wen Renyi.

    Liu Chong’s personality was lively and his driving skills weren’t bad. He chatted with He Zhou and Wen Renyi who sat behind him while driving that even Feng Lan who sat at the passenger’s seat couldn’t do anything about it.

    Doesn’t this brat know the identities of the two people at the back!

    “Brother He, you’re from Jing University right? I’m from the neighboring Science and Engineering University. But I’ve got some friends who are from Jing University too. They’re from the Literature Department so they’re always holding and reciting the Book of Songs that my ear’s about to grow calluses.” 

    “Yup, it’s quite interesting.” He Zhou wasn’t actually too good at conversing, especially when it came to the types that liked talking like Liu Chong. He thought that being a listener would be good enough.

    Liu Chong laughed and said. “Then what about Brother Yi? Are you also a student at Jing University?”

    Wen Renyi recently hadn’t been wearing Western suits, and his hair was only softly laying on his forehead which made him look very young, similar to a university student. It wasn’t weird for Liu Chong to have asked this question..

    “No, I’m already working.”

    Liu Chong had a face of astonishment and even wanted to ask Wen Renyi where to move to a better job but he was stopped by Feng Lan. “Focus on your driving.”

    “Yes, Captain.”

    Currently, it was late August, the scorching sun made it feel like a hot stove. There seemed to be a pool of water in front of the road as the dry heat felt within reach of fingertips. Fortunately, there was air conditioning inside the car so the four people didn’t feel too hot.

    When it reached 3pm in the afternoon, they finally arrived at Feng City.

    Feng city was an industrial city. Previously, they suffered from serious pollution, however in recent years, it had gotten better after being treated. Even if it was like this, Feng City’s sky still had a bit of haze.

    “Young Master He, do you want to rest for a bit before going?” Feng Lan turned his head to look at He Zhou and asked.

    He Zhou shook his head. “No need to. Rescuing people is the priority.”

    As he said this, even Liu Chong didn’t speak anymore. After so many days without communication, who knew if Xiao Yue and the others were still alive.

    They drove up to an abandoned warehouse. It was desolate with overgrown weeds and the dilapidated factory was full of rust and spots.

    He Zhou held Wen Renyi and got off the car. When he raised his head, he detected a suspicion in place. “Ah Yi, take 20 steps back.”

    Feng Lan and Liu Chong both looked back at him. “What happened?”

    He Zhou did a onceover at the entire warehouse and saw Wen Renyi obediently retreating far away before saying. “Captain Feng, Liu Chong, I will be needing your help later on.”

    Feng Lan and Liu Chong naturally didn’t have any objections.

    “There is a cloud barrier array here.” He Zhou said while picking up a branch. In the trap, there were about 8 places where a circle was drawn. He turned around to talk to the two. “These places have something buried within a meter of it. You have to take them out and move them, be very careful with them.”

    “That’s it?” Feng Lan and Liu Chong thought it was too easy and somehow couldn’t believe it.

    “Of course not, you’ll understand when you take them out.”

    The two people did as they were told and took the 8 objects out at the same time, leaving them on the ground. Looking at it, all 8 pieces were mirrors that looked one and the same. Under the scorching sun, they reflected the strong piercing sun rays.

    When the mirror pieces were taken out, the abandoned factory went through a rapid change. Feng Lan raised his head and saw the original bright abandoned factory enshrouded in black clouds, it looked gloomy and frightening with impure intentions.

    He and Liu Chong couldn’t help but step back, arriving by He Zhou’s side. “Young Master He, how did this happen?”

    “What I just dispelled was just the diversionary tactic. This is the real cloud barrier array.” He Zhou’s godly sense probed inside, clouds concealed and haze coiled. However, he still managed to find signs of a living person.

    T/N: I don’t know if any of you watch anime. But I could immediately imagine the scene where He Zhou dispels the array to reveal the true nature of the factory with sfx noises at the back going DUN DUN DUUUUUUNN XD

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