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  • EBPW Chapter 13.2

    Chapter 13.2 Going to Feng City to rescue people (2)

    He Ye bit off a piece of meat bun. His gaze switching from He Zhou to Wen Renyi before saying. “Brother, brother-in-law, my friend and I are going to play ball today so I won’t be coming home for lunch.”

    He Zhou nodded. “Alright. Go play then, be careful outside.”

    Wen Renyi waited for him to finish eating before speaking. “The Original Stone is ready, when do we start?”

    He Zhou raised his eyebrows at him. “Where is it?”

    “At home.”

    He Zhou nodded. “Then let’s go over.”

    His voice had just fallen when Song Cheng walked in. “Young Elder Master, Young Master Wen Ren, Captain Feng is here.”

    Feng Lan?

    He Zhou looked at Wen Renyi and seeing him maintaining a calm expression, he replied. “Let him in.”

    Feng Lan quickly strolled in. Although he was already in his thirties, he was still, after all, an Earth Rank cultivator so he looked extremely young. When he saw He Zhou and Wen Renyi, he cupped his hands. “Young Master He, Captain.”

    He Zhou invited him to take a seat and asked Song Cheng carry tea over before voicing. “Is Captain Feng looking for my father? He’s currently not at home.”

    Feng Lan sat across the two and laughed, saying. “I am here to especially find Young Master He regarding the matter of Tan Shu at Songyu Mountain.”

    “Wasn’t Tan Shu with the operations team?” He Zhou’s elegant brow was slightly raised, looking noble like jade. “And, why were you looking for me?”

    Feng Lan glanced at the silent Wen Renyi who sat at the side before telling He Zhou. “Previously at Songyu Mountain, if it weren’t for Young Master He’s array, we wouldn’t have been able to easily catch Tan Shu.”

    “It was no problem. After all, our family’s Little Ye was in the hands of Tan Shu so rescuing my brother was just the right thing to do. Moreover, Ah Yi was also there.” 

    Feng Lan laughed. “The reason I came here today, was to ask for Young Master He’s help.”

    “Please speak.”

    “A few days ago, the operations team sent a few members to arrest an infamously evil bandit. But until now, they still haven’t returned. The communication devices also weren’t working. I personally went to the place where they disappeared and found that they were trapped in an array. However, I am really powerless against this type of array so I wanted to request Young Master He’s valuable assistance.”

    He Zhou got up and said. “Captain Feng. I also only know the basics of array. I can’t guarantee that I could fully break the array.”

    Feng Lan saw that he had no intention to help and could only look towards Wen Renyi. “Captain. It’s Xiao Yue and the others, it’s been a few days since I’ve lost contact with them.”

    He Zhou looked towards Wen Renyi.

    Wen Renyi’s eyes drooped as he said. “Since it’s been a few days without contact, why did you only decide to come today?”

    Feng Lan’s face revealed an embarrassed shade. “I’ve also gone to inquire a few seniors but … Cough, after seeing Young Master He’s impressive array in trapping Tan Shu, I decided to thicken my face and request for Young Master He’s help.”

    Wen Renyi fell silent for a moment before raising his head to “look” at He Zhou.

    He Zhou recalled that he was the captain of the operations team before and presumed he was not be able to go of his worries towards his ex-comrades. Seeing him like this, he must have naturally wanted to go rescue them himself. 

    “Ah Yi. If you want me to go, I will go.”

    Wen Renyi stood up and walked to He Zhou’s side, gently holding his hand. “Ah Zhou, sorry for troubling you.”

    Feng Lan took in this situation and immediately burst into a smile. “Thank you, Captain, Thank you, Young Master He!”

    “However.” Wen Renyi turned around to look at him. “Ah Zhou is not a member of the operations team. Supposing that he is able to break the barrier, then…”

    Feng Lan caught his meaningful glance and immediately continued. “The operations team will always have deep gratitude towards people who are able to provide assistance on cases.”

    He Zhou stared at Wen Renyi’s expression of having fought for benefits for him. His heart felt very calm as he squeezed his hand tightly before turning to Feng Lan. “Where is the case happening?’

    “Feng City.”

    He Zhou wrinkled his eyebrows. “If we go out now, what time will we reach?”

    “We can reach by tonight.”

    He Zhou tugged Wen Renyi’s hand. “What about your matter?”

    “It’s not a problem.”  A purple light flashed quickly through Wen Renyi’s pupils. “Rescuing people is more important.”

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