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  • EBPW Chapter 12.2

    Chapter 12.2 I have a lot of enemies (2)

    After finishing their statements, he looked at the time. “It’s time to get off. Captain, Young Master He, please let this Old Zheng invite you to dinner later, can the two please give me the honor?”

    He Zhou smiled. “Thank you for your kind intentions, Officer Zheng, but we’ve already promised our parents to come home for dinner. When the case is cleared then let me and Ah Yi be the hosts, at that time, you mustn’t decline.”

    Wen Renyi nodded. “Old Zheng, these years were hard on you.”

    Zheng Weiming heard this and his nose started to sour a little. He didn’t feel wronged. He just felt that being a captain wasn’t easy. That year when Wen Renyi didn’t spare his own life for them and faced the danger alone, even getting heavily injured as a result and losing consciousness for a few days, after he woke up…. He thought that towards this kind of hero, the special department and the Wen Ren Family would treat Wen Renyi well but what was the result?

    He almost spat out unpleasant words in a fit of fury as he was transferred to this administrative region by the heads of the operation team, muddily passing his days.

    Until now, he was still stifling his breath.

    “Captain, I don’t feel wronged because the person who was wronged was you.” The crude man’s eyes turned red, his voice choked with sobs.

    Xu Lin sighed inside. He had never seen his boss like this before.

    Wen Renyi felt helpless. “I’m fine. Didn’t I tell you before. Don’t just judge things by their cover. I’ll leave the case to you. If you find anything, let me know.”

    He Zhou reckoned Zheng Weiming was going to start crying if they stayed any longer and quickly pulled on Wen Renyi’s hand to leave the police station.

    “Who do you think wants to kill you?” He Zhou asked Wen Renyi, walking side by side.

    Wen Renyi “looked” at him. The setting sun shone on his face, making it look warm and handsome. ”There’s a lot of people who want to kill me so I don’t really know.”

    He Zhou looked at his seemingly unbothered face and admired him secretly. “What did you mean by the words you said to Zheng Weiming before you left?”

    Wen Renyi didn’t reply to him and asked him instead. “Are we going back home?”

    He Zhou laughed. “What, are you not willing to?”

    “It’s not that I’m not willing to. It’s that Guo Yang is still waiting to give me a report.” Wen Renyi said as he stopped in his tracks, facing the waves of traffic. 

    A car stopped in front of them and He Zhou looked towards the driver’s seat. It was Wen Renyi’s bodyguard. He didn’t think that he would even prepare the car. He Zhou felt a bit helpless inside. He really was rushing to go back to work.

    After returning home, He Shaoning and Zhao Jing were unable to go back home due to their busy work so their servant made dinner. They ate dinner together with He Ye and after eating, He Ye went back to his room to revise. He Zhou took Wen Renyi back to his own bedroom and pulled out brand new clothes from his wardrobe, giving it to him. “You take a bath first.”

    Wen Renyi also didn’t decline.

    He Zhou took the time while he was showering to bring out the array book He Shaoning had given him and started to flip through it. His godly sense was strong and his knowledge of arrays was deep so he browsed through very quickly. By that the time Wen Renyi came out, he had already finished reading half of it.

    “I’m finished.”

    A faint fragrance floated through his nose and He Zhou turned around to look over. Soft lights fell on him. He wore a set of pajamas that made him look tall and slender, his damp hair was still dripping with water as he continued to rub it with a towel.

    He Zhou set his book down and came up to him. “Let me help you dry it.”

    Wen Renyi stopped his movements and tilted his head to “look” at him, seemingly a bit perplexed.

    He Zhou reached his hand out to assist him in sitting on the bed. “My father said I needed to take more care of you.” He said while taking his towel and rubbing his head.

    Wen Renyi listened and couldn’t help but chuckle softly. He Zhou peered through his long lashes, his gaze falling on his straight nose bridge, his movements becoming a lot gentler.  “What are you laughing about?”

    Wen Renyi raised his head, nearing the distance between the two people that even their breaths seemed to be intertwined. He Zhou’s breathing became sluggish as he silently looked at him, his heart beating a lot faster.  

    “I wanted to say that originally, I wanted to get the hair dryer.”

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