EBPW Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12.1 I have a lot of enemies (1)

Xu Lin’s immediate superior was this administrative region head. To be more accurate, the administrative region operation team’s head, called Zheng Weiming. He was 35 years old and had an Earth Rank Late Stage cultivation base. 

In Xu Lin’s memories, Zheng Weiming had always been an irritable and boorish guy. His voice was also very loud. He had a scar across his left brow which made him look scary. Once he lost his temper, he scared everyone to death.

But right now? This tiger-faced leader was actually smiling and looking at Wen Renyi, his eyes filled with reverential respect.

Wen Renyi could also hear it from his voice and so he revealed a smile. “Old Zheng, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Zheng Weiming quickly led him to a sofa to sit. His pair of tiger eyes containing glistening teardrops. He personally poured some tea over and sighed. “Captain, it’s been almost 6 years. Are you still doing well?”

Wen Renyi laughed. “I’m doing fine.”

Who knew that Zheng Weiming would suddenly give off a cold snort and said in an indignantly feeling injustice tone. “Captain, I already heard that a few days ago on Songyu Mountain, they even wa–wanted to let you… Argh! It really makes me mad!” He said while plopping down heavily on the sofa.

Xu Lin was still carrying the waiter and seeing that Zheng Weiming had the tendency to reminisce about old times endlessly, he quickly stepped up and said. “Boss, Young Master He and Young Master Wen Ren are here to record their statements.”

Zheng Weiming then came to his senses. He looked at He Zhou who was at Wen Renyi’s side and asked in suspicion. “Young Master He?” All his attention earlier was focused on Wen Renyi that he didn’t notice He Zhou whom he originally thought of as Wen Renyi’s assistant.

“How are you, I’m He Zhou.”

Zheng Weiming immediately widened his eyes. After the incident at Songyu Mountain, everyone in the cultivation world knew about Wen Renyi and He Zhou status of being married already.

Zheng Weiming didn’t recognize He Zhou but it didn’t stop him from hearing about Young Master He’s reputation, it seemed like it wasn’t that good but the matter at Songyu Mountain made him feel grateful towards He Zhou. He felt that the captain had finally found a loyal partner. It really was a matter that made people feel gratitude.

Although Young Master He couldn’t cultivate but compared to the operations team and the people in power from the Wen Ren Family, he was a lot better.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Zheng Weiming shook He Zhou’s hand and saw his elegant appearance and impressive temperament. He seemed like a good match with Wen Renyi so he was secretly pleased inside.

“Boss, my arm is getting sore.” Xu Lin sulked.

He Zhou looked at him. “Put him down then.” and continued to talk to Zheng Weiming. “This person was at Feng Huang and he held a knife trying to kill Ah Yi.”

Wei Zhengming walked to the waiter and took a look. “What happened to him? Why isn’t he moving?”

“I’ve put up an array on his body, do you want me to undo it?” He Zhou said and got up, stretching his hand near the waiter.

Zheng Weiming’s eyes widened. “You actually have this kind of array, how interesting. Undo it then.”

Once He Zhou undid the array, the waiter wanted to attack He Zhou but was slapped to the ground by Zheng Weiming who kept a close eye at him, then he was towed into the interrogation room.

The interrogation room was specially designed to trap cultivators. Zheng Weiming cuffed the waiter to the chair, his cultivation was suppressed and he simply couldn’t break free.

Zheng Weiming sat opposite him. “Name?”

The waiter looked at the injury on his own shoulder and smirked. “I want to request for medical treatment.”

“Oh.” Zheng Weiming nodded and went out, shutting the door tightly. Then he sat down on the sofa in front of Wen Renyi and He Zhou.

Xu Lin was standing at the side. “Boss, you finished the interrogation?” That was too quick!

Zheng Weiming shook his head, and said in a rough voice. “He wouldn’t listen so I’m giving him the cold treatment. We’ll take the records of Captain and Young Master He first.” In reality, he wanted to be with Wen Renyi a little longer.

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