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  • EBPW Chapter 11.2

    Chapter 11.2 Meeting an old friend at the police station (2)

    The female officer glanced at him and stayed silent. Before a conclusion could be derived, she wouldn’t leak any information. 

    The manager saw the waiter’s still-open eyes and his body stiffened. He thought he had been killed by somebody else and felt panicky at heart. He recognized He Zhou and Huang Qi but didn’t dare to question the cold-faced He Zhou so he asked Huang Qi to come to the side and inquired the situation. 

    Huang Qi repeated what he had told the female officer. The manager listened to this and learnt that the waiter they hired was actually an assassin. What could he do? The situation had turned into big news. Their club’s reputation would definitely be affected.

    He was about to plead He Zhou for leniency when a young guy charged in, his entire body soaked in sweat from running. He frowned and was about to inquire when he saw the young guy arrive in front of the female cop. “Sister Zhao, what happened?”

    Zhao Li pointed towards the waiter on the ground with her chin. “Check what’s wrong with him.”

    Xu Lin followed the trail of her gaze and before he even reached the waiter, his attention was caught by He Zhou and Wen Renyi who sat on He Zhou’s lap.

    “Young Master, Young Master… Wen Ren”

    The manager heard this. Young Master Wen Ren? If the person who was blind wasn’t Wen Renyi then who else could it be? Dear God, there was actually a big respected Buddha here. His heart shook. As he was about to step up and send his regards, he received He Zhou’s cold and sharp gaze and immediately didn’t dare to take half a step out. 

    “Xu Lin, I want to investigate this person. Is your department willing to hand him over?”

    Xu Lin furrowed his brows. The waiter on the ground was indeed a cultivator. A case of a cultivator wielding a knife to kill people was under his special department’s jurisdiction. Right now, what did Young Master He’s words mean?

    Even Zhao Li unhappily wrinkled her slender brows.

    Xu Lin stared at the surrounding crowd that was growing by the second. “This, Young Master He, shall we continue to talk at the police station?”

    He Zhou very naturally held Wen Renyi’s hand. “Let’s head to the police station then.”

    The special department’s workplace was inside the police station. It was at the police station’s top most floor. To outsiders, it was just an unremarkable branch of the police department. Zhao Li was not allowed to join cases involving cultivators. She looked at He Zhou who was following Xu Lin to the top level and wanted to speak out but stopped herself. In the end, she didn’t manage to say anything. 

    Xu Lin brought them to the topmost floor. Inside, there were a few Yellow Rank or Xuan Rank cultivators wearing police uniforms. They sat at the office desks handling cases. Seeing Xu Lin bring 3 people in, they all immediately looked over.

    At the special department, there was no one who didn’t recognize Wen Renyi. When they all saw him, everyone almost stood up by conditional reflex and called out. “Captain Wen Ren.”

    The hierarchy in the Special Division was not much different to that of the Ministry of Public Security but the operation team that Wen Renyi had led was only this group in the entire country to handle the national level cases. Compared to Xu Lin and the others, they only handled cases at a regional level. So to speak, Wen Renyi was considered to have been at the apex of the entire country’s operation team.

    Xu Lin saw his own groupmates’ excited and nervous expressions, his heart calmed down. He recalled the first time he saw Wen Renyi and thought that his expression back then wasn’t as stupid anymore.

    “What are you doing? Where’s Boss?”

    Someone pointed to a tightly closed office. 

    Xu Lin nodded, lifting the waiter and guiding He Zhou and Wen Renyi while speaking. “Originally, Officer Zhao was supposed to take your statements but because Young Master Wen Ren was a former member of the operations team, he isn’t really considered an ordinary civilian. Young Master He is also adept at arrays so you’d also be considered a member of the cultivation world today, that’s why I brought you guys up here.”

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi expressed understanding.

    Xu Lin knocked on the door and a moment later, a husky voice rang out. “Come in.”

    He Zhou held Wen Renyi and followed Xu Lin inside. He then saw a boorish looking middle-aged man looking at them with tiger eyes. 

    The guy’s gaze fell on Wen Renyi as he suddenly jumped up excitedly past the office table and sped towards Wen Renyi, his eyes turning red. “Captain!”

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