EBPW Chapter 11.1

Ch 11.1 Meeting an old friend at the police station  (1)

He Zhou’s godly sense was too powerful that Huang Qi who was only an ordinary citizen couldn’t help but spit the truth out.

“Young Master He, aside from us, nobody else really knows ah. We really didn’t sell you out..”

He Zhou looked straight into his eyes. “That day when I was racing cars, did you ever touch my car?”


“Then did anybody else?”

“I didn’t see it. I went to the washroom in the middle so I don’t know.” Huang Qi said with a wronged face.

He Zhou withdrew his gaze and stood in place in deep silence.

The original owner’s car had always been kept in the club. Only when it was to be used was it let out. That day, after he drove the car out, he went to the washroom for a moment, letting Huang Qi and the others look after it. If someone were to make a move, it would have to be at that moment because before the original owner drove the car out, he had already checked over everything once.

Several months had already passed and all kinds of evidence were destroyed. Seems like it was impossible to find out the mastermind behind the scenes, however, since he hasn’t died, that person or group of people would definitely not let him go.

Having said that, he and Wen Renyi were considered to be in the same boat.

“But there’s something that doesn’t make sense.” Huang Qi couldn’t pretend to be a fool in front of He Zhou so he carefully racked through his memories. “That day, Master He Feng said he had some matters to attend to so he couldn’t come watch your race but I think I saw him during the race later on.”

He Zhou combed through his sea of memories once more and found He Feng. 

He Feng was He Zhou’s younger male cousin. His father was He Shaoning’s younger brother, He Shaoying. He Shaoying’s talent was not bad, he had always been fascinated with learning military arts and had always been secluding himself in closed doors all year. He Feng was basically brought up by his mother. Of course, the He Family would never lose their support in terms of their assets.

He Shaoying originally didn’t plan to get married. He was a celibatarian, however, an accident happened and He Feng’s mother Wei Mingzhu got pregnant. He Shaoying could only recognize it and the two got their certificates without even holding a wedding ceremony.

Wei Mingzhu became the second lady in the He Family this way.

He Shaoying didn’t like the mother and son pair so he cultivated the entire day and never asked about matters of the household. Wei Mingzhu therefore raised He Feng, He Feng was younger than He Zhou by two years and had always liked to follow He Zhou ever since he was young. Although He Zhou looked cold on the surface but he was considered kind on the inside. He thought of He Feng as quite pitiful so he always brought him out to play with together.

Even though He Feng’s talent for military arts wasn’t considered good but compared to He Zhou who couldn’t cultivate at all, it was a lot better. Despite that, he never looked down on He Zhou and still looked up to him as a brother. It was also because of this that He Zhou’s relationship to him was much closer.

As the memories unfolded, Young Master He scrunched his brows. Since they were considered close, then why was it during the period that He Zhou had stayed in the hospital did He Feng not come to see him even once? This was indeed a bit fishy.

He glanced at Huang Qi and said. “You’re not bad at all.”

Having received praise, Huang Qi felt a lot of relief and even almost forgot the danger he felt a while ago.

At this time, the cops stormed in and the one heading it was a female police officer.  Her face was exquisite and her body was tall and slim. Wearing a police uniform made her look valiant. Ling Li’s gaze swept a circle around the booth. “Who called the cops?”

Huang Qi’s eyes shone as he raised his hand quickly. “Me!”

The female cop’s gaze passed over him and fell on He Zhou and Wen Renyi’s faces. She was slightly stunned before quickly recollecting herself. “What happened here?”

Huang Qi moved his body away and revealed the waiter who laid behind him. He pointed towards him and said. “Officer, he held a knife and attempted murder, we only acted in self-defense.”

The female officer swept a look at the waiter on the floor and saw that he wasn’t injured heavily but thought it was quite weird that he wasn’t moving. Her probing gaze once again turned back to He Zhou and Wen Renyi’s face as she kept looking back and forth before turning to the small officer at the back and spoke. “Call Special Officer Xu to come over here.”

The club manager had just gotten to know something happened when he saw the police come over and he quickly ran over. Seeing the waiter that was stabbed to death, he was frightened to death and wailed with a stout face. “Officer, wha- what happened here?”

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