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  • EBPW Chapter 10.2

    Chapter 10.2  Encountering an assassination at Feng Huang  (2)

    “Young Master He, why don’t you order something? Like the old times?” Huang Qi asked sitting by He Zhou’s side.

    In this group of people, he was the one who had the thickest face in front of He Zhou. While other people wouldn’t dare say it, he regarded it as an honor.

    He Zhou tilted his head to glance at the quietly sitting Wen Renyi. “Do you want to drink anything?”

    Wen Renyi sat very straight, his face deeply calm. Hearing his words, he “looked” at He Zhou and shook his head. “No need to.”

    He Zhou nodded, his heart feeling a bit of regret. He felt it was a bit pitiful that he couldn’t see Wen Renyi’s uncomfortable expression.

    “Then, I don’t need anything as well.” He Zhou smiled while saying. “Ah Yi’s days are usually full of work. It wasn’t easy to get him to agree to come out with me today. Bring out whatever fun things you’ve brought out today. I’m going to accompany Ah Yi in playing to our hearts’ content today.”

    How could Huang Qi and the others dare not to follow? In front of these two respected Big Buddhas, they wouldn’t even dare serve them late. 

    “Quick quick quick.” Huang Qi called everyone to get ready when a knocking sound resounded inside the booth.

    Huang Qi immediately paused and looked at the doors in suspicion, he muttered. “I didn’t ask for any room service.” He said while opening the door. He saw a waiter standing outside the door, he was tall and lanky and had a tray in his hands that carried a few slices of cake.

    “Did you go to to the wrong room? We didn’t order this.” Huang Qi said while he was about to close the door. The standard of waiters here was really bad.

    “Please wait a moment, sir” The waiter wore a perfect smile on his face. “Today, the club is having an event. Every booth will receive a few slices of cake.”

    Huang Qi’s line of sight went past his shoulder as he saw another waiter pass by also carrying a tray full of cake, heading towards the booth diagonally opposite of theirs. He then believed his words and moved to the side, letting him come in.

    After the waiter stepped in, he bent down to place the cake on the table when the cake suddenly flew towards He Zhou’s face followed by a flying dagger headed towards Wen Renyi’s heart. 

    Wen Renyi was motionless like a mountain. The flying dagger halted a few centimeters away from his heart. The room was covered in silence as Huang Qi and the others looked on silly. They stayed stunned in place.

    One hand of He Zhou’s clasped the waiter’s neck, the other caught the flying dagger. With a “pu tu” sound, it fell and was immediately stabbed into the waiter’s shoulder making a direct penetration. The waiter shouted in pain as fresh blood splattered all over the coffee table.

    His face became cold as he threw the immobile waiter to the ground and looked towards Huang Qi. “Call the police.”

    Huang Qi was intimidated by his power, his hands trembled as he took out his phone to call the police.

    He Zhou touched Wen Renyi’s ice cold fingers and bent his head asking. “Are you alright?” The situation earlier was really considered dangerous. That waiter had a Yellow Rank Late Stage cultivation base. If it wasn’t for He Zhou’s strong godly sense, learning several supporting cultivation methods, even with his Yellow Rank Early Stage cultivation base, he had no way of stopping that waiter.  

    Wen Renyi raised his head to look at him and held He Zhou’s hand. His face was pale white and weak under the lights as his lips gently parted. “I’m fine.”

    He was like a delicate and fragile porcelain.

    He Zhou’s heart almost skipped a beat before quickly resuming his composure as he laughed. “You need to grip more forcefully with your hand. It seems that compared to me, you have more enemies.”

    Wen Renyi let out an “En”.

    Huang Qi slowly recollected himself. He stared at the floor not moving a muscle, looking wide-eyed at the waiter before shifting slowly towards He Zhou’s side. He didn’t forget to butter up to him. “Young Master, you’re really amazing.”

    He Zhou turned around abruptly and towered over Huang Qi, his eyes glinting with menace. “Let me ask you, aside from the few of you, who else knows me and Ah Yi were coming to Feng Huang?”

    This wasn’t a simple assassination at all. This was a premeditated murder attempt.

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