Chapter 1.2 Cake is really delicious (2) 

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“Young Master, there seems to be a block up ahead,” the He family driver explained.

He Zhou searched his memories and looked at the surrounding buildings before saying, “It’s not far from home here. I’ll walk the rest of the way home.” He opened the door and got out.

Song Cheng was also planning to take off his safety belt to get off until He Zhou intervened, “Uncle Shu, I want to take a walk alone.”

After staying at the hospital for many days, he felt like he was about to start growing mold. Moreover, he wanted to carefully observe this technologically flourishing world since he was only able to spectate before in his dreams.

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When he was the leader of the sect, He Zhuo spent all day training, busying himself with the affairs of the sect. He didn’t have any time for entertainment, so when he was watching the original owner’s unscrupulous actions, he felt envious at heart. He never would’ve thought there would come a day where he could personally experience the life of a white silk trousered(1), young master.

  1. White silk trousers 紈褲 – A flamboyant rich kid who is ignorant to the bitterness of life 

He didn’t need to care about anything, and only needed to spend money to entertain himself.

He Zhuo didn’t look bad. If he had to make a comparison, he could be considered top-notch among Jing City’s rich sons. His eyes, nose and lips could even be said to be picturesque. Even if he was only wearing a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans, just walking casually along the big road was enough to receive countless people’s admiring gazes. Some vivacious, little ladies even took out their phones to sneak a picture.

Master He had already gotten used to people’s attention but when he passed by a cake shop, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

In his world this kind of thing didn’t exist. So every time he saw the original owner eat cake, he always wanted to give it a try.

Stepping over with his long legs, He Zhou entered the cake shop. When the female staff saw such a handsome man come in, she immediately smiled sincerely and sweetly asked, “What does the handsome brother need?”

He Zhou’s gaze swept across the exhibited cakes before coming to a stop, and he smiled pointing at a little tiramisu cake, “This one, please.”

The staff agilely carried out his order while He Zhou took out his phone, “Can I pay by scanning the QR code?”

The staff pointed to a QR code on the counter, “Of course.”

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He Zhou held the cake and spoon in hand as he exited the cake shop. He scooped a bite, stuffing it into his mouth. Immediately, he felt his heart about to melt. It was so delicious!!

When He Zhou was the sect leader, whatever he ate, drank and lived in was arranged by professionals. Nobody had ever asked about his interests and because he had a lot of responsibilities, he had no time to enjoy anything else. So it never mattered to him. 

When the sect suffered the attack, to protect the people, he had given up his life and perished with his enemies. He could still remember the pain of detonating his golden core to this day. Since he had finished his own mission, the heavens bestowed their pity on him and let his soul come to this world to continue to live as He Zhou.

He didn’t know how the sect fared after that, but he also couldn’t go back anymore so thinking about it would be of no use. He Zhou was a flexible person, and the people of that world were devoted to cultivating and rarely spoke about their feelings. He Zhou and his parents were, therefore, emotionally distant to each other, but he did his best to protect the sect and had already carried out his duty.

He scooped up another bite of cake into his mouth and felt the sweetness slowly spread. His eyes shined. Cake is really delicious.

He Zhuo was still indulging in bliss, but heaven always got in the way of people’s desires. A fierce-looking guy ran straight into him on the sidewalk, causing a collision. He originally wanted to quickly evade it but had forgotten a very important issue. Even though his godly senses still existed, his body’s coordination skills were still lacking a lot. So when he evaded, he had only evaded with his body, but the cake in his hand was knocked onto the ground.

“Hold it right there! Stop!” A youth speedily dashed over, pointing after the fierce-looking guy in reproval.

He Zhou eyed the crushed cake on the ground then looked at the two people, who had already ran far ahead. Without thinking, he also gave chase.

After staying in the hospital for a month and nursing his health, he had inspected this body and discovered the reason why the original owner was unable to learn the He family’s cultivation methods.

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When He Zhou was little, he had actually encountered the same situation as the original owner. Shen Yan Sect’s traditional cultivation methods also did not suit him, and so the sect leader and every elder researched a cultivation method that was more suited to him, titling it “The Nine Godly Secrets”.

However the original owner wasn’t as lucky, in this world, Gu Wu had declined while the advancement of technology brought about enormous improvements. Before, even if you were only a Yellow Rank Cultivator, you could become the overlord of a region, but now, against those highly advanced murder weapons, even Xuan Rank cultivators would not be able to withstand an attack. How could they even consider the He family researching new methods for the original owner to cultivate with?

What was coincidental was that this body was simply made for “The Nine Godly Secrets”.

He once again started to train while living in the hospital and had now set a foot on the doorsteps of the yellow rank, and with the assistance of this great method, He Zhou quickly passed by a group of young people and caught up with the fierce-looking guy, who had knocked his cake over. He used the buttercream stained spoon to jab the nape of the guy’s head.

“Be careful!” The youth cried out. He knew what kind of person he was chasing. This was the Operation Team’s blacklisted, big bandit “The Bat”, and he had a Yellow Rank, Late Stage cultivation base. How could an ordinary person be able to stop him?

He Zhou casually threw the spoon into a trash can and turned his head to look at the youth. He pointed at the stiff figure that had collapsed onto the ground, with a perplexed yet innocent gaze, “Didn’t you tell him to stop? Why did you also tell him to be careful?”

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