Chapter 1.1 Cake is really delicious (1)

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Chapter 1 Cake is really delicious

Jing City’s Number One Hospital’s Top Priority Ward

He Zhou leaned on the hospital bed, playing Weixin on his phone in a jumpy manner. The rays coming from the window lit up his devoted-looking profile, expressing tranquility like a clear and elegant picture.

Steward Song Cheng sighed in his heart. If the Young Master had been this clever and quiet before, the family heads wouldn’t have been disappointed with him.

He walked to the front of the bed, his respectful gaze carrying a bit of kindness, “Young Master, it’s time to check out of the hospital.”

He Zhou heard this and immediately hid his phone. He raised his head and gave a small smile to Song Cheng before standing up, “Thank you, Uncle Shu.”

Manners were still manners, but in the end there was still a sense of alienation. 

Song Cheng gave another sigh in his heart. Ever since the Young Master woke up, he was like an entirely different person, but since he had had a near-death experience, it would be normal for the Young Master to have changed slightly. When the family heads see this Young Master, they would definitely feel comforted.

He Zhou wore a white t-shirt and a pair of light colored denim jeans. He stood at the entrance of the hospital, looking at the wide road that was crowded with streams of people and traffic and only felt that destiny was truly wonderful and fickle.

He was originally the young sect leader of the Shen Yan Sect from the other world and had been unusually gifted from a young age, setting a model example for the people his age on the path of Gu Wu(1) martial skills. However, He Zhou had always kept a secret; a secret he had never disclosed to anyone else: every night, he would always see a different world in his dreamscape. 

  1. Gu Wu (古武) – Ancient Military Arts

To be more specific, every night, in his dreamscape, He Zhou was always a spectator to someone else’s life, and that person was the one whose body he was now occupying. He was also called He Zhou. He didn’t know why this had happened, but he was still unflustered. As the leader of the Shen Yan Sect, he wouldn’t discuss this matter with anyone and could only fall asleep every night, watching this person do incomprehensible things in a strange world, which made him feel distressed.

For instance, the night before the Shen Yan Sect met calamity and he detonated his own dantian to protect the sect’s people and perished with the enemies; he saw this person racing with another on a curved hill before getting into an accident and slipping into a vegetative state. 

What was even more miraculous, was when he opened his eyes, he realized he was lying in a hospital bed, and from the nurse’s words, he realized that this body had already been in a coma for 3 months.

“Young Master, please get in,” Song Cheng’s voice brought He Zhou out of his reverie.

He Zhou imitated what he had seen from his dreams and stooped to sit in the back of the car. Once the doors were closed, the driver started the engine and drove toward the He family’s residence.

He Zhou adjusted for a moment before leaning back into his seat, casting his long eyelashes down and concealing the thoughts in his pupils before casually throwing out a question, “Uncle Song, what happened to the car I drove after the accident?”

Song Cheng who sat in the front passenger seat turned his head, “Young Master, the car was damaged in the accident and was promptly sent to a scrapyard. Is there a problem?”

He Zhou looked out the window and smiled, “It’s nothing. It’s just that I kind of miss it.”

It was definitely nothing of the sort, but it seemed like the car was tampered with by someone, causing the accident and putting him in a coma. However, it had been a few months since the accident, and so the car was already disposed of by then.

Song Cheng fell silent for a moment before carefully advising, “Young Master, racing cars is very dangerous. You were lucky to escape death this time, so wouldn’t it be best to not race cars anymore?”

He Zhou’s gaze met his caring eyes and nodded, “Thank you, Uncle Shu. I won’t be reckless with my life anymore.”

Song Cheng immediately felt comforted by He Zhou’s words, and his face broke into a smile, greatly changing it. He had watched the Young Master grow up, so it was impossible to say he didn’t care. Even though the Young Master could not cultivate martial arts, the family heads had always taken his safety to heart, but unfortunately the Young Master did not understand that.

At this time, a phone beeped. He Zhou took his out of his pocket and saw that someone had replied to him on the Gu Wu web forum.

This forum was surfed on frequently by the original owner of this body. Due to the original owner’s inability to cultivate the martial arts he had always had a yearned to, he registered an account and would take a peek at the forum every day. After He Zhou had awakened, he felt that living in the hospital was really dull, so he also went in to skim through and discovered a lot of people spouting nonsense. Although he didn’t like to poke his nose into other people’s business, but as the Young Master He on the path of Gu Wu, he couldn’t stand having sand in his eyes and left a comment that pointed out their insufficiencies. 

His handle “Add More Silver” was low level, and so his words didn’t catch anyone’s attention. However, the “Supreme Martial Arts” user he rebuked had become hopping mad and began trying to provoke him. In any case, He Zhou was the young master of a sect and had already cultivated until the realm of Golden Core, and even though it was impossible to not become attached to things, he had rarely gotten angry. When faced with this person’s relentless pursuit and strikes, he could only treat the other as an ignorant youth and happily scolded him some more.

However, the affair became more and more heated. “Supreme Martial Arts” had become even more infuriated, and as he continued to leave angry comments, he incited passersby to stop and look. He Zhou’s “Add More Silver” handle then became a target of public criticism. 

To be fair, his other world’s path of Gu Wu was more profound than this world’s, so He Zhou’s words were perceived as complete nonsense, and being criticised by all of these earnest people was expected.

Nevermind, since his words couldn’t get through then he would stop responding.

He put his phone back in his pocket, leaning back and closing his eyes to rest, when suddenly, the car came to a violent stop. He Zhou opened his eyes. 

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