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  • Chapter 9.2 Hang a Mirror in Front of the Door (2)

    “By the way, have you written down Seventeen’s name on the genealogical records yet?”

    “Not yet.”

    When she mentioned this, Shi Shanjin pinched his eyebrows.

    Shi Qi’s name was really inauspicious. With his third brother’s knowledge, he should’ve known better than to adopt a name like this yet he still adamantly chose this.

    Was there a hidden meaning to it?

    “Why didn’t you quickly do it?” Ning Meng glared at him.

    Shi Shanjin felt helpless: “Fine, fine, fine.”

    Shi Qi who was watching at the side, revealed a mirth in his eyes. 

    This uncle was so amazing yet he became so obedient in front of grandma. He really found it intriguing.

    Ning Meng took this opportunity to tell Shi Qi, “Don’t grow up and take after your uncle.”

    Shi Qi glanced helplessly at Shi Shanjin and nodded obediently.

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    After finishing their lunch, Ning Meng and Shi Shanjin went to Su Qingqing’s school.

    This university was quite famous in Yanjing. Students came from all four corners of the world. The administrative building was even visited by a Feng Shui master when it was established.

    Shi Shanjin’s identity was not average, so the school’s head, Director Wang took the initiative to welcome him.

    Shi Shanjin had previously visited the school because of this matter but the result had made him a bit disappointed. Now that he was visiting again, he must’ve had a new breakthrough.

    As soon as this matter leaked out, people started panicking. If it could be solved, it was better to solve it now so as to prevent affecting the welcoming of the new batch of students. 

    The school head wiped his sweat: “I have strictly forbidden the playing of these types of games, but I can’t suppress their curiosity. There would always be students like these every year.”

    Sometimes, when they were doing their patrols, they would even catch them in the act.  

    In the most serious of cases, they had caught them playing in the middle of the night without the lights on. They were doing a divination where the bowls on the table were placed upside down, appearing very frightening. As such, the school had given each person a warning and enforced a disciplinary action.

    “The youth nowadays are always interested in playing these pen or bowl fairy games and it’s very difficult to stop them. They would always try to play down the severity of this matter and would act on their curiosity in finding out whether the supernatural is genuine or fake. Now, accidents have happened this time.” 

    Director Wang sighed.

    As the school head, he knew all the information from inside the police force and naturally knew that these three accidents were not the same, who would accidentally die in such a horrible way.

    Especially in Su Xue’s case, it was simply no different to a sadistic murder.

    He wasn’t convinced that it was man-made.

    That was why he secretly invited the Shi family, and fortunately, the Shi family did not refuse.

    Ning Meng held Shi Qi’s hand, and asked in a low voice, “Bowl Fairies and Pen Fairies are almost the same, right?”

    The system spoke frankly with assurance. “There is a big difference between Pen Fairies and Bowl Fairies. Generally, as long as bowl fairies are used with good intentions, people can truly call forth spirits and rarely call forth ghosts. This is the complete opposite with pen fairies. That is why one is called a spirit calling game while the other is a divination method.”

    The former was weird, while the latter was more normal.

    Ning Meng looked dumbfounded: “I thought the two were the same.”

    Probably because she had seen too many ghost stories, the more mysterious Bowl Fairies appeared much more terrifying to her than Pen Fairies. 

    Shi Shanjin said carefully, “Let’s head inside.”

    Director Wang glanced at the people behind him and hesitated: “This kid and old lady…”

    Whose grandparent and kid was this, the lady was already in her seventies and she had so many wrinkles on her face. She also didn’t walk very fast.

    Who had the idea of bringing them here?. What if they faint because they had seen something unexplainable? What if something happens to them? What was he to do when these situations occur?

    Ning Meng’s face remained expressionless.

    She had never thought that one day, she would be blocked from the school entrance for being too old. This sounded really heartbreaking for those who heard it.

    “Mom.” Shi Shanjin called out.

    Before he could even say the next words, the director quickly changed his tone, saying: “Please enter through here.”

    He knew who the Old Madame of the Shi Family was. Even though he hadn’t seen her before, being able to give birth to two amazing sons must mean that she was an admirable woman.

    Director Wang said: “I see that Old Madame has come too, it must have been hard for you.”

    Ning Meng nodded coldly.

    Like her, Shi Qi did not even spare him a glance.

    Director Wang didn’t talk too much. He first led them to Su Qingqing’s dormitory which had now been sealed so only they could enter. 

    The dormitory was evacuated and emptied but even though It was clearly summer, it felt extremely cold inside.

    As soon as Ning Meng entered the doors, she saw that the dormitory in front of her was enveloped in black fog. It was not the kind that clumped into a ball, but one that pervaded the whole room.

    However, it was thick in some places and light in some places.

    No wonder it had felt so cold.

    There was even a trace of sunlight spilling in from the curtains.

    This made the abnormality appear even more evident.

    Shi Shanjin stopped in front of Huang Li’s bed and suddenly spoke out, “The yin air is the heaviest here.”

    Recalling the plot that had happened in the novel, Ning Meng couldn’t help but say in contempt: “What kind of rubbish yin yang eyes did you give me? I could only see black fog everywhere when I entered.”

    But her eldest son saw it differently.

    The system said: “You possess a different pair of ying yang eyes as compared to the Shi Family’s.”

    Ning Meng rolled her eyes, “Yeah, of course it’s different. I can’t see where the ghost is, I can only see a dark fuzzy ball.”

    “You should be content with just this.” The system couldn’t help saying: “The Yin Yang eyes of Shi Family can only detect where the Yin air and ghosts are whereas you can see them.”


    Having been told this by the system, Ning Meng finally knew what kind of yin yang eyes the Shi Family had. It was no wonder the old madame’s eldest son Shi Shanjin hadn’t managed to solve this case.

    So what the Shi family possessed was nothing more than a sensing ability, which has been passed down to the outside world as Yin Yang eyes?

    In that case, had Shi Qi’s yin yang eyes gone through change?

    The novel said that he was able to see ghosts clearly. He knew where they were and what they looked like. What was most surprising was that he was able to touch them too.

    This was what they called the true yin yang eyes.

    The author has something to say:

    That’s why 17 is the male lead hahaha

    Don’t put a mirror in front of the bed, because it’s not good feng shui.

    Actually, not even mentioning this, think about waking up in the middle of the night and seeing your own dark reflection across once you sit up from the bed, wouldn’t you be scared? 

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