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  • Chapter 9.1 Hang a Mirror in Front of the Door

    Strictly speaking, the school actually had two infirmaries, one in the academic building and another at the dormitory building.

    However, the one in the dormitory building was farther away. It was located in the innermost side of the girls’ dormitory and was also quite old. Since it was a lot closer, a lot of girls preferred to go there.

    Su Qingqing and Su Xue were also very familiar with that place.

    The infirmary in the dormitory building was very simple. It had only one room on the first floor and usually had a nurse and doctor on duty. 

    Su Qingqing stood before the window, ready to shout.

    She didn’t expect, however, to find that the windows were not closed, and after a gust of wind blew the curtains open, it immediately revealed everything inside before her. 

    Su Xue was lying on the hospital bed with her back facing her, as though she was asleep.

    Su Qingqing rushed inside and yelled: “Su Xue? Why are you sleeping in bed?”

    As soon as her voice fell, Su Xue turned over on the bed, facing her. However, her face looked completely horrified, her mouth was wide agape yet not a sound came out of it. 

    Su Qingqing still hadn’t noticed it, and was still muttering: “It’s late already, let’s go quickly. If there’s nobody here, let’s go to the infirmary in front…”

    Before she could finish speaking however, her eyes widened.

    The small red lips of the person on the sick bed, suddenly pulled to both sides, gradually splitting open and bleeding, as though someone had used scissors to cut them open.

    Su Qingqing only heard Su Xue’s anguished wails resound in the room.

    The white bed sheet under her body was soon soaked with blood, and her face was covered with blood stains. One could clearly see that the arc drawn by the split starting at the corners of her mouth was similar to a circus clown’s appearance. 

    Soon, she saw the split being sewn shut, one thread appearing right after another, looking terrifying and bloody.

    Yet not a single person appeared during the whole process.

    Su Qingqing immediately fainted outside on the spot

    By the time she woke up, the police had also arrived and sealed the scene off. She was the one who naturally knew clearly what had happened at the infirmary but nobody believed her words. 

    After this event, she hadn’t returned to school since.

    But things were far from over.

    At night, whenever she slept in her room, she would always hear a series of footsteps. They weren’t fast nor slow, but when she got out of bed, they would always disappear.  

    When she was taking a shower in the bathroom two days ago, her room was made of transparent glass, so she could always see through the outside. But that night, the mist had obscured the glass, making it look blurry.

    Yet she vaguely saw a touch of red outside. It immediately reminded her of the blurry red shadow she saw the night that Huang Li frightened her.

    She shivered in the bathroom for several hours, until she was discovered by her aunt who was at home and was woken up. When she went out to check, there was nothing outside.

    “…Every night, when I go to sleep. It feels like there’s something pressing on top of my body. When I wake up and take a look in the mirror, there are handprints all over my shoulder.”  

    It was currently summer, and Su Qingqing was wearing a strapped dress. The red mark on her clavicle had yet to have disappeared. 

    The hand prints were not too big nor small. Ning Meng measured it in her thoughts, it looked to be the same size as her hand in her previous life.

    Shi Qi also looked over.

    He didn’t know what the Shi family did, but what he had heard today surpassed his current knowledge, yet these people treated it as though it was normal.

    Could it be that this was similar to what he had seen last time?

    Was it because he wasn’t able to see them that they had treated him so coldly?

    Shi Qi pursed his lips, his expression indiscernible. However, the hand that held his grandmother tightened a little. 

    Detecting this, Ning Meng snickered in her heart.

    The little brat must’ve gotten scared.

    The two people thought different things, but their actions were surprisingly consistent. They both clenched each other’s hands, one big hand covering the small hand.

    And Shi Shanjin had taken it all into his eyes.

    Having not expected that his mother would like this grandson so much, even though he was a bit disappointed that he didn’t possess yin yang eyes, still, letting him stay here to accompany her wasn’t a bad idea at all. 

    The two people moved so inconspicuously that the people opposite them did not notice anything.  

    Su Jianhua’s face did not appear pleasant, either, “I went to worship Buddha last year, and had Qinginqg wear a consecrated jade Buddha. After the incident when she started feeling pressured, cracks started to appear on the jade Buddha.”

    It wasn’t that he didn’t understand anything that was happening at all. He naturally knew that the Jade Buddha had prevented a disaster from occurring to his daughter, and now that it was broken it had lost the ability to prevent disasters.

    After he had gone to the temple to ask for one again, he had heard that the Great Master had passed away. All the jade buddhas he brought home did not work, which was why he had now turned to the Shi Family.  

    The last time he had come here, the eldest young master had asked him to hang up a mirror when he returned, and it had unexpectedly worked effectively.

    “Young Master, you had advised me to hang a mirror in front of the door last time, and I would like to thank you for that.” Su Jianhua said. “Qingqing was able to get much better sleep, however, she recently started getting restless again.”

    Originally, when the mirror was hung up that night, things had been very peaceful. However, later on, it had begun to lose its efficiency and yesterday night, the sounds of the door being scratched rang out. 

    Ning Meng felt puzzled.

    She only knew that a mirror could not be placed in front of the bed, or else a bad effect would be incurred. Now, hanging it in front of the door had the opposite effect?

    The system answered her aptly in time: “Feng Shui mirrors have the effect of driving off evil spirits. Think about the goblin revealing magic mirror, it doesn’t have its name for no reason. It’s akin to a bottomless cave. If it were facing the bed, it would suck away the vitality of the person in bed, and if this went on in the long term, one would naturally feel weak. But, if it was hung on the door, it wouldn’t be the same. Using the same logic, it would suck the evil spirit outside the door and from thereon, prevent the malicious spirit from proceeding further.

    But seeing it from this point of view, they must’ve provoked a spirit that was out of the ordinary because it had only been a few days before the mirror’s effect had gradually turned moot.

    Enlightened by this information, Ning Meng could only sigh towards the helplessness of their situation 

    Who had told them to try out dangerous games like the pen fairy just to cure their boredom? They didn’t even send the spirit away properly, leading them to this current situation. Once it had reached this point, there was no stopping it. 

    She silently asked, “Then, what can we do?”

    The system responded: “Naturally, we need to find the true body of this pen fairy before we can prescribe the right medicine. Each ghost has its own weaknesses. Take a hanged ghost as an example. Although this kind of ghost has its tongue stuck out all day, in reality, it’s actually most afraid of the rope.” 

    The most common case was that the cause of their death was the point of their weakness.

    Ning Meng thought of the common plots that could be found in horror movies and asked, “Has anyone died in your school before?”

    Su Qingqing thought for a while before shaking her head: “I have been in school for four years, and I have never heard of anyone who died nor anyone dying in the past.”

    If there was, someone would have definitely known about this.

    Yet Shi Shanjin was struck with a sudden flash of inspiration and said, “We are going to your school in the afternoon since the source is still there.”

    His intuition told him that the reason definitely resided in the school grounds, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to summon this pen fairy there. 

    Hearing him say this, Su Jianhua immediately felt deeply grateful. Then, he left the Shi Family residence with Su Qingqing. 

    Ning Meng spoke out, “I’m going as well.”

    Shi Shanjin frowned: “Mom, you are not in good health right now. You’ll only get tired if you go out. Just leave the school affairs for me to handle.”

    Ning Meng insisted: “No. Though I may be old, my body remains robust. I have to take Little Seventeen there, so that if something happens in the future, we still have a way.”

    Shi Shanjin could not change her mind so ultimately, he agreed to it.

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