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  • Chapter 8 Accidental Death

    The white paper on the table contained their handwritten words.

    This included Arabic numerals, the dynasty, some other miscellaneous details and.the most important words are, of course, whether they were male or female and yes or no.

    Three people held the red lacquered pencil together.

    This time, reciting the chant very smoothly. 

    All four were staring nervously at the paper. One of them was named Huang Li. She was the most passionate about the game, and this time, she was the one who had proposed it.

    The other two participants, Du Li and Su Xue, merely joined because they had nothing else to do. Hearing about this game and looking for excitement, they decided to join in and didn’t really believe in the supernatural.

    Du Li yawned, “It seems that this game is just a ruse after all…”

    Before she had finished speaking, the pen in her hand suddenly moved, carrying three people’s hands with it and drawing a circle. 

    “It-it…it…” Su Xue stammered.

    Su Qingqing immediately screamed in fright.

    However, Huang Li instead became excited and scolded her: “The pen fairy is here, don’t scream!”

    With a trembling voice, she could not restrain her mood and asked ambiguously: “Pen Fairy Pen Fairy, did I pass the internship this time?”

    From the internship arranged by the school to finding a job after graduation, she had already switched jobs several times but she still couldn’t last a long time and eventually ended up quitting.

    The bright red pen didn’t move.

    Du Li couldn’t help but say: “It was definitely one of you two who moved the pen. What pen fairy nonsense. I think this is all hoax.”

    As she was about to retract her hand, the pen suddenly began to move at an odd speed. It moved very slowly as if it was treading on the heart.

    The pen drew a circle on the word “Yes”.

    Huang Li immediately laughed out loud: “Hahahaha…”

    She got so carelessly excited that her hand had left the pen and suddenly exposed a hole. Without support from her side, the pen fell to the ground.

    All four people immediately felt a chill blow at their necks. 

    As though someone was blowing cold wind.

    Originally, everyone just wanted to make one last exciting memory of their college life. Nobody expected that this would happen to them.

    The pen moving by itself earlier was a fact and no one dared to deny it. 

    Du Li gulped, squeezing her trembling legs together. “What pen fairy, this is just a scam. I’m going head to bed first. I still have to go back home early tomorrow.” 

    With her initiative, Su Xue also hurriedly followed suit and climbed back into her bed.

    Su Qingqing was originally very cowardly. Seeing that both of them had gone to bed, how could she still dare stay in place. With the wind at her feet, she climbed onto the upper bunk bed.

    She didn’t even care whether she had washed her face or not.

    In the blink of an eye, only one person, Huang Li, was left.

    Huang Li’s heart was thumping so fast, it felt as though it was going to jump out of her chest.

    She had always felt that a lot of things beyond what the humans could fathom, existed in this world, and had always wanted to experience something like this, but when she personally witnessed the occurrence of supernatural beings, her whole person couldn’t help but jump up.

    Seeing the other people immediately head straight to bed, Huang Li pouted.

    Everyone’s so timid, I can’t believe they even agreed to play pen fairy and got so scared by something that isn’t even terrifying.

    The candle was abruptly extinguished.

    Darkness took over the bedroom.

    Huang Li called out: “Su Qingqing, did you not shut the window properly again? You’re really useless.

    Lifting her feet, she headed over to the windows without trouble. After all, she had already been in this dorm for 4 years, so she was extremely familiar with its structure.

    It was already summer yet Su Qingqing covered herself completely with the quilt from head to toe.

    She had clearly remembered that she had shut the window closed and drawn the curtains. Moreover, there was even a hole left on the curtains. How could the wind be strong enough to blow out the candle from such a far distance? 

    The dormitory was so quiet, only the footsteps of Huang Li and her muttering remained.

    Within a few seconds, the dorm promptly fell into silence again.

    After an unknown amount of time had passed, Su Qingqing finally couldn’t help but ask: “Huang Li? Are you still down there?”

    No one responded to her.

    Su Qingqing panicked: “Du Li? Su Xue?”

    As soon as she finished shouting, her curtains were pulled away, and Huang Li held a flashlight pointed at her chin. She stood on a chair, her upper body sprawled beside her bed.


    Huang Li rolled her eyes: “Su Qingqing, you’re such a scaredy cat, it’s no fun teasing you at all. How can you be so easily scared by something like this.”

    Su Qingqing was quaking with fear under the quilt.

    Her lips had already turned white and her back was seeping with cold sweat.

    Did she just mistakenly see something? Why was there a red blurry figure appearing all of a sudden behind Hua Li’s back… She must have seen it wrong.

    Footsteps suddenly rang from outside the door, getting closer and closer to their dormitory.

    Then, it stopped outside their door.

    A knock suddenly rang out.

    Su Qingqing’s heart also promptly jumped up. Who would come knocking on the door in the middle of the night? She immediately thought of the ghost stories she had watched online before, and her breathing immediately became heavier.

    The door was opened, and Huang Li asked, “Who is it?”

    “Who was shouting just now?” It was the dorm managing auntie.

    They lived on the first floor, so the auntie was not far from them. Moreover, the old dormitory building’s soundproofing was pretty bad, so it was normal to have heard the noises they made.

    Huang Li covered her eyes, “We had just seen a cockroach just now, and my roommate had gotten scared.”

    Dormkeeper auntie was not suspicious of this at all. After leaving a few words, she left them alone and disappeared into the corridor.

    Su Qingqing had assumed that the matter would end like this.

    But what happened in the next few days, made her completely sink into fear. 


    “So, what was the red shadow you saw back then?”

    Ning Meng asked: “The Red Lady?”

    Even though she was just an old grandmother, Ning Meng scared Su Qingqing a little. She shook her head and replied: “I don’t know…”

    She was frightened by Huang Li back then so she simply didn’t dare to look straight, let alone see it clearly. She had only caught a blur and hadn’t seen anything afterwards.

    Shi Shanjin knocked on the table: “Continue.”

    Su Qingqing squeezed Su Jianhua’s hand and shivered uncontrollably. Her voice also began to quiver: “Later on… I was called back to school and was told that Huang Li… had died in the dormitory bathroom…”

    The police had already taken her corpse away when she had gone over but there were chalk labels on the ground and bits of blood splatters on the wall.

    The white tiles were covered with droplets of blood, the sight of it made one’s scalp go numb.

    It didn’t take long for her to see the photos from the police of how miserably Huang Li had died.

    Their separate toilet was very small, just over two square feet. It was also very narrow, divided into a washstand and a shower cubicle.

    And Huang Li had died in the cubicle.

    Inside the square cubicle, her limbs were twisted, her joints were dislocated, her neck seemed to have been broken, and her head was crooked on one side. In the photos taken, she looked like a puppet that clowns played around with.

    What scared her even more was the smile on her face.

    It was a very happy smile.

    Su Qingqing was terrified.

    But the answer given by the police was that Huang Li had died in an accident, because there were no traces of others being present at the scene, and the cause of her wounds was the clothes hanging wire.

    The wire had cut her into her neck directly.

    Ning Meng listened for a long time, but felt her heart turn cold.

    It must have been the work of the ghost called by the pen fairy. They hadn’t carried out the process of sending the pen fairy away, not to mention all the bizarre things that happened in the middle of it.

    Shi Shanjin took out a photo and placed it in front of Ning Meng, “This is it.”

    Ning Meng took it to take a closer look at it. It took all of her will not to have thrown it out of fear.

    But for the sake of maintaining the dignity of the Old Madame, she instead squeezed the picture expressionlessly. Fortunately, her vision could only give her a blurry sight.

    She tilted her head and whispered, “Seventeen, what do you think?”

    Shi Qi was currently zoning out and didn’t think that his grandma would ask him, so after a long while, he still merely shook his head. 

    Ning Meng stroked his head. As long as he opened his yin yang eyes, the plus version would definitely be different from a junk version like hers.

    Su Qingqing went on to say: “Du Li died the next day after Huang Li’s death. It also took place in the school grounds, however, this time, it was in a large classroom of the school building.”

    Till today, she could still remember the picture and couldn’t help but tremble. 

    “Du Li… died on the podium… hanging above.” Su Qingqing covered her mouth, ” on top of the classroom with a rope.”

    That self-study room had been decorated for the sake of celebrating graduation. They had hung banners, balloons, streamers and all the like but had never taken it down after the party.

    The next day, when the cleaner opened the door to the classroom, they saw Du Li hanging in the middle of the blackboard, wearing her favorite dress.

    Ning Meng shuddered.

    Shi Qi asked: “Grandma, are you feeling cold?”

    Ning Meng’s face did not change color: “It’s just another cramp caused by my old age.”

    Hearing this, Shi Qi immediately squatted down and kneaded her legs.

    “Aiyo, where can you find such a good grandson?” Ning Meng bantered with the system: “This old lady truly didn’t know how to appreciate such a blessed life.”

    The system ignored her.

    Shi Shanjin glanced at Shi Qi, and did not speak, merely placing Du Li’s picture in front of Ning Meng again.

    She took it, and compared it with Huang Li’s bloody picture in front and her breath hitched. Fortunately, Shi Qi was watching her at the side and had handed her some water.

    The picture appeared so much scarier than what Su Qingqing had described.

    It was like a scene from a horror movie. 

    Ning Meng was still staring at the photo, when Su Qingqing began to narrate the third death of Su Xue while Shi Shanjin continued to listen. 

    Shi Qi’s gaze flickered, and he sat on the side, appearing dazed. However, in truth, he was actually listening carefully.

    “Su Xue… died right before my eyes!” Su Qingqing abruptly started panicking.

    It was because of this that she knew everything was not man-made nor was it an accidental death determined by the police.

    Her relationship with Su Xue was the best in the dormitory because they coincidentally shared the same family name.

    On that day, they agreed to go together to school to pick up their stuff but when they were leaving, Su Xue suddenly said that she had wanted to go to the infirmary.  

    The infirmary was located in a quiet building behind the school.

    Recently, because it was the holidays, there weren’t many people in school, and there was almost nobody coming to the infirmary. She waited for her in her original place at first, but after not seeing anyone come out for a long time, she then decided to go over. 

    The door of the infirmary was locked from inside. Su Qingqing had yet to open it when she found that the windows were open, so she decided to head over and take a look from there.

    And with just this look, she had nearly lost her half of her life.

    The author has something to say:

    Ning Meng: Prosperity, democracy, culture, harmony and friendship….I am a strong old grandma, I love my country, love my family, and together we’ll create a better society. _(:з」∠)_

    T/N: In this author’s note, Ning Meng is basically just reciting the core socialist values of china in an attempt to distract herself from chickening out from fear XD

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