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  • Chapter 7 Ghosts Can Harm People

    After raising him for a while, Shi Qi didn’t look as scrawny as he was before.

    Ning Meng narrowed her farsighted eyes every day, just to see how he looked for the day. Fortunately, his sallow skin had brightened up.

    Early in the morning, Shi Qi got up.

    Not only that, but he also waited outside her door.

    As soon as Ning Meng opened the door, she saw him crouching at the side and dozing off, and immediately felt distressed, unable to express it in words.

    She was so emotionally moved, her legs were quivering.

    If the old lady had a heart attack now, it would have definitely been disastrous.

    Such a well-behaved child had turned into a young man who had skewed views of the world. It was difficult for Ning Meng to imagine what must have happened in between that period.  

    It appears that his yin and yang eyes should be opened up as soon as possible.

    There were definitely going to be times where she wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on him, and there would be someone who would try to rattle Shi Qi. By then, if Shi Cong had yin yang eyes and he didn’t, he would definitely suffer from discrimination. 

    That’s how Shi Cong had hurt him in the novel.

    The system said: “Just let the eldest son come over.”

    Ning Meng praised it: “If you didn’t mention this, I really would have forgotten.”

    Although the Old Madame of the Shi Family wasn’t the type to rule with an iron hand, it was almost the same regardless, especially considering that Shi Shanjin was filial, and had always listened to her words.

    Despite only cracking the door slightly, Shi Qi had still woken up from the noise.

    Tidying up his clothes, he stood up and called out. “Grandma.” 

    The sound of his adorable voice made Ning Yue’s maternal heart explode.

    She kept stroking the top of his head where there was a little whorl, saying that he was such a smart child. Having seen how badass he was going to be in the future, it seems that she wasn’t wrong.

    “Go downstairs with grandma.”

    Ning Meng smiled, increasing the number of wrinkles on her face.

    However, Shi Qi didn’t think her unsightly. No matter how deep his thoughts were, traces of ease and affection flowed forth from his eyes.

    While walking towards the living room, she asked, “Seventeen, have you…seen anything strange?”

    Shi Qi didn’t understand her meaning.

    Ning Meng waved his hand, “Something you can see, but others can’t?”

    Shi Qi shook his head.

    But at this moment, he suddenly thought of something that had happened in the mansion before.

    When he first came, the uncle pointed at the air and asked him if he had seen anything. When he shook his head at him, the uncle seemed to have been very disappointed.

    Was she also doing the same thing today?

    Shi Qi couldn’t help but look at his grandmother’s expression, and just as expected, he saw slight disappointment on her face.

    Ning Meng didn’t know the thoughts of the little brat. She was still wondering if something might have changed, and the result was the same as that in the novel.

    It seems that she really had to find a way and test it out.

    In order not to let people realize her intentions, she sought an excuse, saying that there were too few people in the small cottage and that she wanted to eat with her son. 

    Fortunately, the old lady’s character was someone who did as she said and did as she wanted. She also liked to poke her nose in other people’s businesses. That was her way of expressing herself.

    Li Chun quickly reported this to the mansion.

    The second son, Shi Shanyan, managed the company, so he was a lot more busy and rarely returned to the mansion to have lunch. That was why only the eldest son was left.

    When Shi Shanjin came, the area between his brows were locked in a scrunch.

    Ning Meng could also guess that he was probably entangled up in some matter which hadn’t been resolved yet, and with his current abilities, seeing that it hasn’t been resolved yet, could only mean that the matter was not simple.  

    She secretly asked the system: “Do you know what happened?”

    The system said: “I don’t know.”

    What’s the use in having you then? Ning Meng rolled her eyes.

    Only the crisp sounds of spoons knocking against the bowl, rang out on the table. Feigning a casual expression, she asked. “What have you been busy with recently?”. 

    Shi Shanjin replied: “A case about a pen fairy.”

    She hadn’t said anything yet in response but Shi Shanjin recalled that the old lady didn’t use a computer nor a phone, so she ought to have no idea what a pen fairy was. 

    So he explained: “It’s a kind of spiritual game.”

    Students especially like to play this, and accidents could easily happen if they weren’t careful.

    Some people believed in ghosts, while others didn’t. The people of the Shi Family dealt in this line of business, so they naturally knew they were real.

    Ning Meng proceeded to ask, “Then did something happen?”

    Shi Shanjin nodded.


    The information she got from the eldest son was so much more comprehensive than what the system could provide. 

    Shi Shanjin put down his chopsticks and said, “His daughter is now entangled in the mess. For the time being, I let her stay at home, because perhaps the ghost may have an origin.”

    Shi Qi unwittingly slowed down and listened carefully.

    Ning Meng thought for a while and said, “If they were playing at school, that ghost shouldn’t have come from far away. Have you taken a look at it?”

    “I did.” Shi Shanjin scrunched his brow.

    He naturally went to the school to take a look but the strange thing was that he could only detect an evil aura but there was not the slightest trace of the so-called pen fairy. 

    Originally, he thought that it was just a little ghost. Now, it seems that he had guessed wrongly.

    Ning Meng cast a glance at Shi Qi who had his head down. “Bring the girl back here for questioning.”

    It wasn’t the first nor second time that the old madame had interfered in these matters, so Shi Shanjin didn’t find it strange. Moreover, his mother and father had lived so long, perhaps they would be able to provide him with some ideas.


    Shi Shanjin had acted so quickly, when afternoon came, the person himself had come. 

    After Ning Meng had taken an afternoon nap, she woke up and went downstairs, just to see the middle-aged man bringing her daughter into the living room with an extremely deferential expression.

    Nobody knew how many times their minds had gone in circles.

    The reason why he was able to request the Shi Family’s help was because someone had offered them help. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have any other way. Fortunately, the Shi Family didn’t have any big matters happening recently, otherwise, they wouldn’t even bat an eye at their matter. 

    Climbing down the stairs, Ning Meng was able to see his daughter’s condition, and her expression looked miserable. She was completely devoid of energy and was leaning on her father with a lifeless look. If she had gone any closer, she would be able to see how terrible her complexion was.

    Though her yin yang eyes were of trash version, she was still able to see black air on her forehead. 

    Not only that, there was a light red silk thread floating out of her chest. The end that was stuck inside the chest was the darkest and the more it extended outwards, the lighter it became until it couldn’t be seen. She also didn’t know where it ultimately floated to.

    Ning Meng asked the system: “What’s with the red line?”

    The system said: “Vitality.. The heart is the root of man, so vitality is drawn from that place. Right now, her vitality is dissipating. If it continues at this rate, she wouldn’t be able to last a week and would die from exhaustion.” 

    By then, the hospital wouldn’t even be able to determine the cause of her death.

    Ning Meng coughed.

    When she looked up, she found Shi Qi’s vague silhouette standing at the end of the staircase, perhaps due to having overheard this matter, and so, she beckoned to him.

    Shi Qi bit his lip, and glanced at Shi Shanjin before coming over towards her.

    However, he merely stood behind her and took cautious little steps.

    As soon as Ning Meng sat down, the middle-aged man took the initiative to introduce himself.

    His name was Su Jianhua, and his family was in the construction materials business. His daughter was called Su Qingqing, and she had graduated from university this year.

    Seeing that she was about to interject, Su Jianhua directly said: “Old Madame, please rescue my daughter. She’s still so young and has just started her life…”

    The old lady’s brain couldn’t handle hearing so much content, otherwise, she would get befuddled, so Ning Meng waved her hands: “Make the long story short.”

    Su Jianhua’s eyes lit up at this.

    In the beginning, he had found several gentlemen, and all of them agreed to help him. In the end, they were even reluctant to enter the school and simply ran away.

    If someone hadn’t coincidentally referred him to them, he wouldn’t be standing here right now.  

    Even though he hadn’t heard much about the Old Madame of the Shi Family, seeing that the Eldest Young Master was acting very obedient, could she possibly be an expert?

    He pinched his daughter, urging her: “Hurry up and talk about it.”

    Su Qingqing moved and panic appeared in her eyes: “I…I…”

    After saying “I” for a long time, not another word came out.

    On the other side, the system was still secretly giving Ning Meng private lessons: “Pen Fairies actually attract souls and not ghosts. However, the majority of the time, ghosts are the one who end up being called.”

    Because a soul generally wouldn’t harm people, but ghosts were a different case.

    “Schools were generally built in suburban areas and cemeteries which have relatively heavier yin air and no human or living qi to suppress it. Many people have died since ancient times so ghosts will definitely be attracted. I’m afraid they probably called in a relatively powerful one too.”

    The girls’ dormitory also was one that had heavier yin air.

    So ghosts like this kind of place the most.

    Ning Meng was frightened once she heard this. Fortunately, she was a coward, so she would never try out this kind of thing and she wouldn’t understand how they dared to do something like this. 

    Shi Shanjin frowned upon hearing Su Qingqing.

    Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Su Qingqing to calm down, and she began to whisper a narration, her voice was weak as though she had no strength left.


    Because they had graduated this semester, after handing over their thesis, they prepared to stay up all night, and have a good celebration.Otherwise, they wouldn’t have another chance like this in the future.

    There was one person in the bedroom who liked to watch horror movies and she had proposed to play pen fairy once.

    Although a few others felt a little scared inside, they were all eager to give it a try. Moreover, they also had questions they wanted to ask, and some of them had even played the game online.

    And so, they ended up playing the game.

    In the middle of the night, they turned off the lights and lit the candles, preparing a paper and pen.

    It was said online that having three people is the best, so Su Qingqing sat at the side as the spectator while her three other roommates played the game.

    The candles in the dark dormitory flickered.

    “Pen Fairy Pen Fairy, you are my past life, and I am your current life. If you want to connect your fate with me, please draw a circle on the paper.” This was the complete chant and it was very easy to memorize.

    The three people closed their eyes and recited.

    Su Qingqing sat next to them and closed her eyes as well, but she couldn’t help press down on her curiosity and cracked an eye open to take a peek.

    Before she could see anything, the flame on the candle fluttered.

    Su Qingqing stared nervously at it, but after a few seconds, the candle immediately went out and the bedroom was plunged into darkness.

    By this time, they had finished reciting the chant for the second time.

    When the unexpected occurred, Su Qingqing’s whole body shook with fear.

    She had personally shut the windows and the doors, how could there still be wind. 

    However, the three roommates who were playing, felt that she didn’t shut them tightly enough, so they asked her to shut it again. Once she stood up, laughter broke out in the room.

    Su Qingqing walked towards the window. Their dormitory was an old building and usually, the facilities were not maintained very well. There were also some windows that were faulty and despite having sent many complaints, the school hadn’t sent for people to repair them.

    Once she got closer to the windows, she realized that all of them were shut properly. 

    Not only that, but the drawn curtains were also parted, and were tightly held to a hook that stuck out.

    It was currently midnight, and the people in this dormitory had almost gone. There was basically no light and it was dark outside.

    From her perspective, the outside looked like a black hole that tempted people to walk into it.

    Su Qingqing’s heart palpitated and she lowered her head to fumble with the window curtains. At first, she couldn’t pull it out, so she joined both hands together and used a lot of strength to tug again.

    Because of this, a hole had formed on the curtain which was neither big nor small in size. It was located right in the center and was in the shape of a circle, exposing the darkness of the night outside.

    Occasionally, the curtain would flutter up, revealing a gap.

    The shadow of the trees outside were unsettling, the moon was obscured by dark clouds, making it appear terrifyingly dark.

    Waves of unease rushed in her heart as she quickly trotted back and returned to the table, and the three roommates started playing again.

    This time, she finally experienced what true horror was.

    The author has something to say:

    People like Su Qingqing’s roommates are basically cannon fodders in horror films.

    So they always end up dying in the end.

    We’re finally getting to the main story point.

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