Chapter 18.3 The thing that can open his yin yang eyes (3)

A lot of figures were standing in a circle, all crowding until they reached the middle of the street and were still continuing to crowd in. If they didn’t make way for them, they wouldn’t be able to leave.

If one were to take a few steps back, they’d be able to see what was going on inside.

There was an arc in front of the booth, and a figure stood in the arc while the rest of the onlookers were a short distance behind him.

Unsure of what the figure heard or saw, he appeared very angry. He waved his hand and messed up everything on the booth, making a loud noise, and attracting nearby attention.

This was probably a human.

Ning Meng thought to herself. Before she could imagine what had happened, she saw a head suddenly stretched out from the darkness and directly biting the person.

The other people who were in front of the stall, quickly retreated a dozen steps, leaving only a few shadows to watch this scene excitedly, they probably weren’t human.

The scene was so gruesome that Ning Meng almost vomited and turned her head.

Because of this, she didn’t see what happened next. The mouth coming from the other end grew bigger, and swallowed the struggling person entirely before finally retreating back into the darkness.

Shi Shanjin frowned.

This person was unlucky to have come across such an evil spirit. It was famous for eating people. Apart from some capable people with unique treasures, most people would not get close to it at all. This person was a bold one indeed.

The people in this line of business were the most cold-hearted. Dissatisfaction flashed in Shi Shanjin’s heart as he looked away and moved forward.

“I’m rich! I’m rich!”

“Hahahahaha. Why were there so many blockheads tonight!”

After taking only a few steps, a deliberately low voice rang out from beside them,  sounding with suppressed excitement.

Ning Meng turned her head to look. It was the flower seller she had seen earlier in the beginning. The two baskets he was carrying on his shoulders were currently empty.

He looked evidently happy, walking with the wind on his feet and swaying the empty basket. In a short while, he entered the darkness in front of them.

She always felt that it would not be easy for him to get out.

The farther one went further, the fewer the stalls there were, and when they finally stood in front of the darkness, not a single stall remained.

Shi Qi asked in a low voice, “Why did no one speak just now?”

He had been curious for a long time, but didn’t say anything along the way. He had been to a food market before he arrived at the Shi residence so he assumed that it was going to be similarly noisy. Was it because ghosts weren’t able to speak?

Seeing him take the initiative to ask questions, Shi Shanjin smiled faintly and said: “Strictly speaking, you can’t talk, because sometimes you will run into evil spirits.”

Now that they were going back, there were no problems with speaking up now. 

He added: “In the case of asking for prices, you can only speak when the other party is also a human. But there are also some ghosts who wouldn’t pursue or expose you. After all, they also need to buy some things from humans.”  

For example, many tomb robbers will also sell their loot here, transactions moving much faster than in the black markets.

Because there weren’t only humans who wanted things, ghosts also had things they wanted, especially ordinary ghosts. If tomb thieves were able to seize things from royal families and nobles, ghosts naturally desired them.

Of course, not everyone was allowed to enter the ghost market. A bunch of people would always be removed at the arrival and the ones who are able to enter were naturally a lot more capable.

I was lucky today. The things that I brought were enough to satisfy that person’s wishes. Otherwise, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to make the exchange today.

Shi Shanjin also sighed.

That person was still there after his father brought him to this place while he was alive. Although he hadn’t been in close contact with him, he still knew.

Strictly speaking, that was not a human. It was neither a human nor a ghost, but it sought for extreme benefits, walking on the tip of a knife all his life. Perhaps, one day, he would lose his life.

However, as long as he comes to the ghost market, everything that he brought would always be sold. They were always very popular, which could be considered to be a skill.

They also merely took what they needed. He needed things that could open yin yang eyes, and that person needed things to keep his life. Fortunately, he had brought the Round Dragon Jade today, otherwise, the exchange would’ve failed.

Shi Shanjin rubbed his head, “Alright, we can go out now. Just walk straight ahead. Stay right where you are after going out.”

Ning Meng raised her vigilance, for fear that she would encounter the same situation as when she first came in. She could still remember that face deeply.

The way of going out of the ghost market was different from that of coming in. Just simply walking out would take you back to the graveyard. It was still dark outside, almost no different to when they first arrived.

The three of them were walking back when suddenly a scream resounded behind them.

Ning Meng thought it sounded familiar.

Before she turned her head, a figure ran past her eyes, screaming and disappearing in front of her, appearing as though he thought a ghost was chasing from behind.

Just as they left the graveyard, she cast a glance out of the corner of her eye.

Unexpectedly, she saw a bouquet of flowers placed in front of the nearby graves, laying in front of the tombstone, as if someone was paying their respects

It was the person she saw buying flowers in the beginning.

She only felt her hair stand on end. Because it was clear to see that the person who had bought those flowers was actually a ghost from this graveyard…

Shi Shanjin was aware of this and turned around, saying, “Mom, don’t think about it too much. Let’s quickly go back.”

The driver who was waiting in the car had already fallen asleep. Seeing this, Ning Meng felt incessantly envious. What a carefree character, to be able to fall asleep outside a graveyard.

Shi Shanjin knocked on the window.

The driver woke up like a carp, and got out of the car to quickly open the door: “Young man, Old Madame.”

“Let’s return.”

The journey on the way home seemed to pass much quicker than when they arrived. By the time the sky revealed a gleam of light, the car had arrived outside of the Shi residence.

Shi Qi had already fallen asleep at the back with his head on top of Ning Meng’s lap. He was currently curled up and sound asleep.

As soon as the car stopped, he immediately woke up.

He opened his misty eyes, his drowsy appearance looking very adorable that Ning Meng couldn’t help herself from pinching his face several times, leaving little red marks.

Shi Qi pursed his lips..

Ning Meng took him into her arms and smiled: “Aiyo, my great grandson, you haven’t woken up yet right? It’s alright if you want to continue sleeping for a while.

Shi Qi’s drowsiness immediately disappeared..

He twisted and said: “Grandma, I am awake. I don’t need to sleep any more.”

Ning Meng let go of him, and said in a pitiful tone, “Alright, let’s head back together with grandma.”

Shi Shanjin stood there and did not stop them, but just as he instructed the servants to send them to the cottage, he said, “Shi Qi, come to my main residence tomorrow. Mom, you don’t need to come. Take a good rest.”

The despised Ning Meng sighed in her heart.

Currently, she was occupying an old lady’s body. If she were Shi Shanjin, she also wouldn’t let people run around, because accidents could easily happen.

Fortunately, their journey this time went smoothly.

“Aiyo, my back.” Just as she thought that the journey had concluded smoothly, Ning Meng couldn’t help but yell out.

As soon as she relaxed, her whole person seemed to fall apart, especially her bones.

Shi Shanjin stretched out his hand to pinch her with moderate strength, making her feel very comfortable.

Ning Meng’s eyebrows soothed up, and the layers of wrinkles on her face were reduced. He had only given her a few pinches but it felt as though she had gotten a massage, her whole body feeling completely different.

Shi Qi stood at the side. At times, he would look at Shi Shanjin’s chest, but he couldn’t see it. He knew that his uncle exchanged for something, but he wasn’t able to get a good look even in the ghost market.

The thing that could open his yin yang eyes.

He couldn’t help thinking about what had happened not long ago. He had caught the female ghost, but only with his uncle’s guidance. There was also the time where his grandmother’s figure turned blurry. Perhaps, after he had fully opened his yin yang eyes, he would be able to see something completely different.

While Ning Meng was being pinched, she lowered her head and saw Shi Qi’s face wrinkle. She wanted to laugh but was still in pain, appearing like a mixed bag of emotions

She asked: “What are you thinking about?”

Shi Qi answered seriously: “How to raise grandma!”

“…” This was a really good idea.

Ning Meng laughed out loud the next moment. With this realization, she won’t have to be afraid of anything in the future.

“Then grandma will rely on you to provide for her.”

She pinched the little brat’s tender face, the feeling in her hand compared with her dry skin was as different as earth and heaven, making her feel very sad.

Hearing this, Shi Qi raised the corner of his lips, revealing a small smile.

Seeing the pair of grandparent and grandchild enjoying themselves, Shi Shanjin reminded once again: “Shi Qi, don’t forget to come tomorrow. Rest early tonight and protect your eyes properly.”

Shi Qi nodded cautiously, his small face full of solemn respect.


When grandma said she was fine.

Her hands were obviously shaking.

There seems to be a word to describe this……

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

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