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  • Chapter 8 – Hard and Soft (HH)

    Qin Rui was sure that the woman beneath him was a vixen, and she was going to suck him dry…

    He’d already came inside of her countless times, pumped her so full of his seed that it had long begun to spill from the place they were connected, yet as soon as his hand came in contact with her tender body, his limp member would harden again.

    It was never-ending. Once again, he entered her slippery walls, causing a spurt of their combined fluids to gush out of her entrance. He was insatiable. He wanted to stay inside her forever, greedily take her for himself, meld their bodies into one.

    He wanted to attribute this obsession to the effects of the aphrodisiac, or the buildup of stress from how busy he had been lately, but he knew those were only excuses. Although his muscles were beginning to feel a little sore, his actual stamina was a different story. His sexual libido was like that of a pervert…

    Yes, Qin Rui felt like an insatiable pervert. Despite finishing inside her so many times already, he was still not satisfied. He still had to film tomorrow.

    On both the inside and the outside, he had always been a disciplined, rational, and unshakeable workaholic. Wholly dedicated to his career, he’d never coveted or been addicted to anything. That was how he succeeded in reaching the pinnacle of the entertainment circle.

    As for women, it wasn’t like he hadn’t filmed any romance or bed scenes with them before. However, even during those scenes, he would be entirely focused on giving a flawless performance, trying his best to figure out the perfect camera angle and emotions to show for the character he was playing, as well as the people who would watch the drama or film. He paid the women no attention at all. As soon as the director yelled “cut!” he would quickly withdraw from his character state and return to being the indifferent, arrogant, and courteous Qin Rui.

    But right now, his mind was yelling at him to stop. He should leave this woman’s body. He shouldn’t indulge in this vulgar activity. He should take a shower. He shouldn’t let his body be covered in sticky sweat and body fluids. 

    The smell of obscenity in the room was almost tangible. This was an act of depravity and indulgence, an act he had once disdained and despised.

    But he couldn’t stop.

    Like a relentless machine, he continued to slide in and out of her body. As though it was an acting performance he was dissatisfied with, he redid it over and over again.

    Meanwhile, Ruan Jiaojiao was exhausted. 

    The man’s enthusiasm had become too much for her, and she wanted nothing more than to lift her foot and kick him away. However, he caught her as soon as she tried to escape. His sharp eyes were locked on her, as though he was a hunter, and she was his prey.

    Her attempt to flee was met with a punishment. He pulled out and thrust back in, burying himself to the hilt in a single hard stroke, eliciting a weak and pained groan from the tired woman. 

    The sound made his blood boil. He wanted to throw himself into this carnality and forget everything else.

    Was it because he had suppressed himself for too long?

    When he gave one particularly hard thrust, Ruan Jiaojiao felt her head smack against the headboard. She hissed in pain. 

    This was precisely the reason she hesitated when he asked her to help him. She’d had no clue what this man was like in bed. 

    And as it turned out, he had both terrifying physical strength and stamina! She had a feeling she was going to be too sore to get out of bed tomorrow. 

    Even as she was lamenting over the fate of her poor body, she felt a rush of molten heat flood her walls. The man had come again. 

    He pulled back slightly, allowing a stream of sticky white liquid to flow out of her entrance, drenching the bedsheets.

    He pulled her into his arms and sighed. This woman was just like her name; her soft and delicate body was so addicting that he never wanted to stop f*cking her. 

    His gaze fell on her T-shirt. They had not taken it off during the intercourse, so the fabric was a little wrinkled and stained with a few drops of a certain fluid. 

    Their bodies had remained together in the same standard military position the entire time, the main reason being that he thought it was a good position. The sight of her snow-white legs, spread wide open and folded around his waist as her walls squeezed around his member, was already enough to drive him crazy. Her voluptuous chest would also bounce and tremble with every thrust.

    Another reason, one that he didn’t want to admit, was that he didn’t know any other positions. 

    Reaching out, he carefully lifted up her T-shirt, finally revealing her tantalizing upper body. Ruan Jiaojiao’s eyes were filled with tears after being fed to the brim.

    She wanted to rest, but when she felt her T-shirt being lifted up and a rough finger touch her sensitive bud, she couldn’t help but tremble. Then, she saw the cold and indifferent Film Emperor Qin Rui slowly lower his head… and take the bud inside his wet mouth.

    ‘Oh, my god! Goosebumps…’

    ‘This is killing me…’

    When the person in question was a typical hardcore straight man, even the smallest changes in their actions could cause a distinct gap moe.

    In Ruan Jiaojiao’s mind, Qin Rui’s domineering and majestic presence on set, an awe-inspiring image of an iron-blooded knight riding on a horse, was now overlapping with the image of him lying on her chest, wantonly licking and biting at her aroused peaks.

    It was clearly the same face, yet the latter was so much more obscene…

    She suddenly felt a small pinch on her stiff legs, causing her to flinch and instinctively squeeze them tighter around his waist. 

    “You… Don’t bite… ” she scolded half-heartedly.

    Qin Rui raised his head and looked at her. His lips lifted in a smirk, and all of a sudden, his dignified face seemed to fill with sinful mischief. Then, before she could react, he shoved his thick member inside her again. With the help of their combined fluids from the previous rounds, it slid through her walls with no effort at all.

    ‘Godd*mmit, this beast!’

    But… she liked it! 

    He felt immensely satisfied but also confused. Why was he still unsatiated despite having released inside her so many times already? He began to examine his own physiological needs.

    When Ruan Jiaojiao felt him stop moving inside her, she opened her eyes. The sight of her hazy eyes immediately made him harder. He withdrew slightly and slammed inside, burying himself to the hilt, and pulled back again before repeating his actions. The tip of his member collided with her cervix over and over again. As the wet sounds of their flesh slapping together filled the room, Qin Rui caught her gaze and refused to let her look away.

    His hips moved back and forth without rest. He was like a decisive general on the battlefield, engaged in a long battle. His muscles were sore, his blood boiling, his eyes red with desire. Her moans, as well as the obscene sounds of their union, sounded like the beating of a war drum, urging him to fight harder. 


    Ruan Jiaojiao could not bear his simple and crude thrusting. Her body felt numb and sensitive to the extreme. She immediately abandoned her armor and weapons and surrendered.

    More juices leaked from her entrance, flowed down the place they were connected, and made a bigger mess on the bedsheets. 

    Though she was already stuffed to the brim, he was still trying to feed her more. His hard shaft continued to stir up her insides. 

    “Are you done yet? My body is going to break if you keep going!” she frowned and complained angrily.

    As the renowned Film Emperor, no one in their crew dared to act carelessly around him. He stood at the top of the pyramid, worlds away from everyone else, yet right now, he was being disdained by a little actress.

    Qin Rui wanted to vent his anger, but he couldn’t. His hard member was still inside her body, frozen in a mid-thrust. He wanted to continue, but the other party said no. In this case, he should be an elegant gentleman and leave.

    But her walls were sucking so fiercely on his member… it felt so good that despite his rationality, he wanted to continue. Therefore, he pretended to be deaf. He decided to ignore what she said and quickly finish first before saying anything.

    However, the irritated Ruan Jiaojiao wasn’t taking it. Completely disregarding what he wanted, she lifted her leg and gave him an utterly heartless kick in the abdomen. 

    “Go away! I don’t want to do it!! I’m tired!” She barely held herself back from directly telling him to screw off.

    “Behave… just a little longer,” he breathed in her ear. His voice was deep and husky and sounded so sexy that she thought her ears were going to become pregnant.

    But she didn’t fall for it. She kicked him in the leg and hissed, “Behave my ass, get off me!” 

    Qin Rui caught her ankle and also felt irritated. This woman changed faces too quickly. She was moaning in pleasure just a second ago, then as soon as she was satisfied, she switched to trying to kick him away?

    Ruan Jiaojiao struggled to free herself from his grip but to no avail, so she raised her claws and scratched at him. Fortunately, she cut her nails, otherwise, they would have left a few scratches on the Film Emperor’s sexy body. 

    At this point, he had no choice but to pull out of her. He sighed helplessly as he looked at his member. It was glistening with her juices.

    Pulling down her t-shirt, she grabbed her phone and checked the time.

    ‘Oh, my god!’

    Two hours!

    No wonder she couldn’t feel her legs!

    Her legs had been spread wide open for two hours as he pounded her nonstop. Who wouldn’t feel sore after that?! She thrust her phone in his face and said huffily, “Look at the time!”

    Qin Rui didn’t realize how much time had passed until he saw her phone screen. He was so immersed in the pleasure that he hadn’t felt the passage of time at all.

    When Ruan Jiaojiao finished speaking, she felt the last bit of energy drain from her body. The other side of the bed sank down, and she looked over to see Qin Rui lying down with his eyes closed. His breathing was steady as though he had fallen asleep.

    She laid down too and turned her back to him, too tired to care about his presence.

    ‘He’ll leave when he’s slept enough,’ she thought.

    And with that, she fell asleep.

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