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  • Chapter 7 – The Male Lead’s Muddled Thoughts

    As Qin Rui and Ruan Jiaojiao rolled around in the sheets, they were oblivious to the man standing outside their door. A gloomy expression was present on his face, and his fists were clenched tightly in anger.

    It was Huo Yuting.

    She was still in the mood to be fooling around in bed with another man? Her situation was already in a dire state. She should have taken the initiative to find him and begged him to forgive her! 

    He knew he should leave, but his body refused to listen. Through the door, he could hear the ambiguous gasps and groans of the pair inside. His feet were nailed to the floor, and as he continued to listen to those sounds, he felt his pants begin to tighten around his crotch area.

    The memory of that night, of her exquisite body and delicate skin, surfaced in his mind. Just one touch had made him want to possess her and cover her entire body with his traces. He’d thought that the overwhelming ecstasy and excitement he felt when he entered her was only an effect of the aphrodisiac. 

    But when he heard the sound of the shower in the bathroom and imagined her wet body dripping with water and recalled his seed flowing down her slender thighs, his member became so hard that he thought it would explode.

    The stronger his desire grew, the more he hated it and rejected it. On one side was his carnal instincts, and on the other was his rationality. Therefore, even though he had wanted nothing more than to rush inside the bathroom and indulge in her body again, he resisted. As a result, his dream that night was filled with her charming visage. 

    Huo Yuting didn’t know what was wrong with him. Instead of killing her like he had planned, he waited…

    He waited for her to find him and use that night as blackmail to force him to agree to a demand. But she didn’t. 

    Therefore, he made a move. He thought to teach the woman a lesson, but he was merciful, destroying only her reputation so she would struggle a little more with her career. He wanted to see how she would react, and if her fox’s tail would come out.


    She sounded like she was enjoying herself with the man inside the room. Huo Yuting could hear her loud moans and breathless gasps from behind the door. They were a stark contrast to how she had sounded when she was with him.

    It was an obvious slap to his face!

    The more he thought about it, the darker his expression became. 

    Was she secretly thinking about and laughing at him now, just like she did that night?

    Speaking of, just how long were they planning to keep going for?!

    Huo Yuting looked at his watch. Forty minutes had already passed, yet there was no sign of them stopping any time soon. On the contrary, the sounds were growing in intensity. He could hear the rapid collisions of their bodies against the bed board. For some reason, he felt like a husband who had been cheated on and wanted to rush in to catch the adulterers in bed.

    That d*mned woman, how dare she look down on him!

    He wanted to see just who she was in bed with right now, which wild man was making her sound like that. A capable man should be working hard to earn money, not rolling in the sheets with a cheap woman!

    After almost an hour of listening to Ruan Jiaojiao and Qin Rui’s coupling, the male lead’s thoughts were beginning to become muddled. Of course, the thoughts of pair inside the room weren’t any less muddled, though for a somewhat different reason.

    T/N: This man needs to control his ego lmao