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  • Chapter 6 – Bigger, Thicker, Better (HH)

    Even if Qin Rui didn’t answer, Ruan Jiaojiao knew what he was thinking. Her reputation in the outside world was terrible right now. Obviously, he believed that she would do it as long as he agreed to her conditions. 

    Moreover, he was the Film Emperor who had everything from looks to money to power. Never mind the other benefits, as a little star who’d practically been driven out of the entertainment industry already, just sleeping with Qin Rui would allow her to brag about it afterward and thus satisfy her vanity. If she was lucky, she could even make a comeback.

    In any case, it was a good deal for her.

    Ruan Jiaojiao sighed. She touched her clean fingertips to his muscular chest and scrutinized his tall body. Compared to her, he was like a powerful eagle in front of a weak chicken.

    And right now, this powerful eagle’s blood was boiling, his breath was hot, and his eyes were as dark as ink. Clearly, he had reached his limit. Feeling that she would have to agree even if she didn’t want to, she couldn’t help but sigh again.

    The System asked curiously, ‘Do you really have no interest in this handsome guy?’ 

    ‘How could I not? But I feel bad for my waist… I can tell just by looking at this guy that he’s the strong stallion type. I’m afraid I’ll die from overeating.’

    System: Haha…


    As soon as the words fell from her lips, she didn’t even have time to state her conditions before Qin Rui buried his face in her shoulder and bit down on her slender neck. 


    ‘That hurts!’

    Suddenly, she was reminded of Shen Muyan. As expected, there was a big difference between a little puppy and a real wolf. 

    “Not… not here…”

    She could feel her body weakening from how roughly he was pressing her against the wall.

    ‘Seriously, this man is so insensitive!’

    The last thing she wanted was for her body to be black and blue the next day, so she reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, then did the same with her legs around his waist.

    “Bed… to the bed…”

    She pushed away his relentless lips. The man seemed to be obsessed with biting and leaving red marks all over her slender neck.

    ‘How am I going to leave the house tomorrow?’

    Truthfully, she was reluctant to sleep with the second male lead. He was a loyal and doting dog for the female lead, but for the other female characters in the book, he was as cold and ruthless as a man could be. Ruan Jiaojiao never thought her bad reputation would lead him to sleep with her like this.

    Qin Rui carried her to the bed. She laid there quietly and obediently, letting him do whatever he wanted with her body. After all, he was currently desperate to conquer and vent. But… he looked at her calm expression and her dead-fishlike posture, as though she was being forced to accept him, and frowned. 

    His sharp eyes darkened with gloom. Though he had always been a gentleman, Ruan Jiaojiao’s reluctant expression dealt a great blow to his male ego. He couldn’t help but blurt out sarcastically, “Why are you trying to act innocent in front of me? That wasn’t the case when you were fooling around with Shen Muyan in the dressing room!”

    Qin Rui’s dressing room was next door to Shen Muyan’s dressing room. When he walked by it yesterday, he had heard the woman’s voice through the door. Even after he finished filming and returned to his dressing room to change, they were still going at it.

    At the time, he had wondered how good her body had to feel to be able to make Shen Muyan neglect his filming and stay in the dressing room for the entire day. 

    Now, his curiosity could be satisfied, but the woman looked like he was forcing her to do it with him! 

    When Ruan Jiaojiao heard Qin Rui’s taunt, her expression remained unchanged. She didn’t show any sign of embarrassment either. 

    “You’re the one who asked me to do it with you, not the other way around. I’m just trying to satisfy your request by acting as an inflatable doll.” Her slightly mocking tone instantly ignited his fire. 

    “Inflatable doll?” A dangerous storm was brewing in his dark eyes.

    He stopped talking and pulled off her panties with one dry, calloused, and slender finger.

    Ruan Jiaojiao was only wearing a loose T-shirt over her underwear, so as soon as he slid her panties off her legs, he was able to see her entrance. 

    His Adam’s apple bobbed as he stared at her soft-looking hair and pinkish folds. Then, before she could even react, he thrust his finger inside. 

    As soon as he plunged his finger inside, he felt her hot walls clamp down around his digit. 

    ‘So tight?’

    Qin Rui was a little surprised. If he thrust in all at once, could such a small hole really accommodate his entire length? However, there was no time for him to be worrying about that. His swelling member was already prepared to replace his finger and let loose inside of her, desperate to rid itself of the painfully arousing effects of the drug.

    He hesitated for only a second before pulling out his finger and unzipping his pants. When his shaft was finally free from its confines, he didn’t even take off his pants before positioning himself at her entrance and ramming in.

    ‘What the f*ck!!’

    Ruan Jiaojiao’s body immediately stiffened from the pain of the sudden invasion. Without any foreplay, it was almost no different from being raped. However, she couldn’t really say anything when he was already inside. She simply laid there and let him do his thing.

    Qin Rui entered her in one stroke, burying himself to the hilt. Then, like a wild animal with no sense or skill to speak of, he began to thrust in and out of her at a rapid speed. 

    “Ahhh…” A series of breathless moans fell from her seductive red lips. Qin Rui’s gaze, which was somewhat bloodshot from lust, fell on her delicate neck. His earlier actions had caused a reddish mark to form on her pale skin.

    Seeing it, he couldn’t help but lower his head to suck again on that exact spot. The contrast between the redness and the white of her neck excited him even more as his member throbbed and swelled inside her. The desire to break and completely dominate her mingled with the effects of the aphrodisiac, overtaking his mind.

    “Ah, it hurts…” Ruan Jiaojiao furrowed her eyebrows when she felt his teeth against her neck.

    ‘Is this man a dog? Why is he still biting me? What is this, a kink?!’

    She refused to be outdone. She raised her hand and unbuttoned his black shirt. Since he was the main actor of their crew, she dared not bite him on the neck. However, this did not dissuade her. After all, she was the master of revenge. 

    She lifted her chin and bit down on his sturdy chest.

    ‘Hmph! Who told you to bite me?’

    Qin Rui’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. He was on a strict exercise plan year-round, so even if she bit him, he wouldn’t feel anything.

    However, she didn’t care and bit him again on his sensitive nub. The man’s eyes narrowed and he delivered a particularly forceful thrust, causing her head to hit the bed board with a soft bang.

    Before the pain could register, he placed his palm on the back of her head and pressed her forehead to his.

    “Don’t play around, hm?” he growled in his deep magnetic voice.

    She couldn’t help but retort, “You bit me first!”

    Her angry voice sounded coquettish and soft. Qin Rui felt his abdomen tighten. He looked at her body lying beneath him, drank in her red lips and pale skin, felt her slick walls squeeze tightly around his member. Her eyes were misty and charming, making his heart pound and his mind cloud with the desire to swallow her up.

    He never expected this forced sex to feel so good. Neither of them had wanted it. After he came inside of her once, he rubbed her perky tips through the fabric of her cotton T-shirt and felt himself get hard again. 


    ‘Is she a vixen?’

    He suddenly recalled the sounds he had heard from her and the newbie, Shen Muyan, the other day and felt a little sour.

    ‘So she likes the weak, scrawny type?’

    Clearly, he was much bigger, thicker, and better than him. Shouldn’t women be more infatuated with his type when it came to sex?

    T/N: These men gotta control their egos, dang where’s my Muyan?