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  • Chapter 5 – To Eat or Not to Eat?

    ‘The female lead has appeared!’

    Five large, black words appeared in Ruan Jiaojiao’s mind. Her expression was speechless as she turned to the System.

    “So what if the female lead has appeared? Why you so excited?”

    The System hehe’d without responding.

    A minute later, when Ruan Jiaojiao saw the man who appeared on the set, she immediately understood the meaning behind the System’s evil laughter.

    Although she had been the one to take the male lead’s virginity this time, it was naturally not enough to stop the progression of the plotline. The female lead still possessed her halo, so she had already encountered and became familiar with the male lead some other way.

    Ruan Jiaojiao’s body was still sore after rolling in the sheets with Shen Muyan yesterday, and the fatigue showed on her face.

    Who would’ve expected a side character’s physical strength and stamina to be so much better than the male lead’s, what the heck?!

    She licked her lips at the memory, her eyes glinting wickedly.

    Huo Yuting swept his gaze over her as though she was just an ordinary crew member. He noted her “dejected” and “haggard” expression and thought back to his retaliation.

    But… it wasn’t enough.

    He had been feeling somewhat uncomfortable and unhappy since that night.

    The woman didn’t look for him again. Even after he passed down her punishment, she did not appear to beg him for mercy. Though he had no plans of letting her off, either way, he still felt odd.

    “Brother Huo…”

    A sweet, soft voice pulled his attention back. Huo Yuting’s gaze softened unconsciously as he looked down.

    The girl standing beside him, Liu Luoxue, seemed to have fate with him. They’d already bumped into each other several times by coincidence. At first, he had believed she was yet another golddigger who wanted to use him to get rich, but after a while, he realized she was different.

    Liu Xuoxue was pure and kind. Every beautiful adjective in the world could be applied to her. Though her appearance was not outrageously beautiful, her temperament could easily melt a man’s heart.

    When her gaze met his, her pretty face turned red, and she shyly looked down.

    Ruan Jiaojiao looked at the ambiguous interaction between the two main leads and yawned. She looked at her nails and saw that they were chipped from yesterday’s vigorous exercise. She would need to visit a salon later.

    The System watched as its host ignored the main leads and walked into a dressing room. 

    ‘Hey, hey! Why aren’t you doing anything?’

    Ruan Jiaojiao ignored it. She just wanted to find somewhere to lie down and sleep; if it weren’t for the fact that she needed to shoot a few scenes today, she wouldn’t have come to the set at all.

    The System was already used to this. In any case, it didn’t have the power to control its host.

    Ruan Jiaojiao suddenly paused.

    “Speaking of, what is my mission again?”

    System: Great ancestor, how could you forget your own mission? What are you even here for?!!

    “To sleep with handsome men, of course!” 

    Males were already rare enough in her previous world, let alone handsome males. She had no way to vent her sexual desires, but now she was inside in a Mary Sue novel. What did that mean?

    It was akin to bringing a starving man a table full of food. Why would she care about the mission? She was too busy stripping her clothes and spreading her legs!

    System: …

    Huo Yuting stared at Ruan Jiaojiao’s back as she disappeared. She was dressed in a beautiful ancient dress that swayed with every step she took, making her appear as though she were a goddess from a fairy, forever pure and untainted by the earthly world.

    But she had drugged him and climbed into his bed. Her heart was ugly and greedy!

    Yet, despite this thought, Huo Yuting couldn’t control the restless fire that lit up in his lower abdomen. It spread quickly throughout his body, making his eyes darken with hidden lust.

    He couldn’t help but recall the image of her bare body pressed under him. In his memory, her skin was pale and smooth, her body sensitive and voluptuous. When he thought about her slick walls squeezing around his member, he immediately felt his pants tighten a little.

    Liu Luoxue was confused when she noticed Huo Yuting’s dark expression. Even the air around him had turned cold. 

    Fortunately, he quickly calmed down and met her innocent gaze. However, when her face suddenly overlapped with Ruan Jiaojiao’s coquettish countenance, his mood became complicated again.

    ‘If I were to do it with her…’

    ‘No! How could I bully her? She should always remain pure and untainted like she is now.’

    Even as he thought this, a different man was thinking the same thing.

    It was Qin Rui, the Film Emperor. His handsome face alone was enough to ensure that he would never go hungry, yet he chose to rely on his own strength and acting ability to bring his career to the peak.

    He was undoubtedly one of the most powerful people in the nation.

    As such, he didn’t expect to be drugged by someone during an ordinary business dinner.

    And it was by a man, at that! Qin Rui had seen his share of people who believed they could do anything as long as they were rich and powerful, but it was his first time encountering one who would project their filthy fantasies onto his body and actually act on those desires. They probably thought that since he was an actor, he would be afraid to speak up in fear of getting into a scandal.

    However, they’d forgotten that when he first started acting, he’d hired a special martial arts trainer to create a hellish training routine for him. He never stopped practicing it.

    Therefore, even when he was drugged, he was still much stronger than the average man. It only took him one blow to knock out the man who wanted to take advantage of him. 

    Afterward, Qin Rui quickly went through his options. Neither his agent nor his assistant would be able to put out the fire in his body. He’d already tried masturbating and found out that the drug was too strong to be dealt with on his own, and trying to endure it would only damage his body. The only thing he could do now was to find a woman to help him.

    He couldn’t trust a stranger, so his only option was to choose from the actresses in the crew. The ones that were too popular couldn’t be touched. Fortunately, there were some actresses with tepid popularity too.

    The first person who came to mind was Liu Luoxue, as he was rather fond of her, but he immediately dispelled the idea. Liu Luoxue was not an “easy” girl.

    “So you came to me because you think I’m easy?” Ruan Jiaojiao raised an eyebrow.

    Just a few minutes ago when she entered the dressing room, she was picked up by Qin Rui and pressed against a wall. With his deep and magnetic voice, he’d told her the story and asked her to help him. 

    Qin Rui’s thin lips pressed into a line. His forehead was already drenched in sweat. Ruan Jiaojiao’s body was trapped between his hot, heaving chest and the wall.

    Ah… the strong smell of masculinity enveloped her.

    To eat or not to eat?