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  • Chapter 4 – It’s Hard to Keep Her Legs Closed! (HH)

    “You heard everything?” Ruan Jiaojiao’s voice was seductive with just the right touch of huskiness. She looked like a fox spirit from ancient folklore, ready to seduce an innocent scholar.

    Shen Muyan made a sound of agreement. 

    Ruan Jiaojiao sat down on the couch and kicked off her high heels, then she plopped her head on his lap and asked, “I don’t want to go out. Can you stay with me for a while?”

    He made another sound of agreement. His body had frozen up, while his face and ears were burning with embarrassment.

    Ruan Jiaojiao turned her face to the side, but due to the positioning of her body, the movement brought her bright red lips right to his crotch.


    This technique!!

    The System was on the edge of its seat!

    Shen Muyan’s body became even stiffer as his member started to strain against the fabric of his jeans. The embarrassment he felt made him wanted to dig a hole and hide. 

    The woman on his lap laughed and gave the bulge a little kiss before sitting up, her eyes twinkling with amusement. She placed her palms against the wall behind the couch, effectively trapping him between her arms.

    What she did next almost made him jump off the couch.

    “Y-You…” he began to stutter nervously.

    It was his first time encountering such a bold woman. Though he knew he was good-looking and had been confessed to many times by countless girls, the most those girls had done was confess to him in person.

    Yet this woman didn’t even say she liked him, she just… just…

    The hand Ruan Jiaojiao had placed on his bulge moved, squeezing it lightly.

    “You’re hard,” she pointed out calmly.

    With a poomf, Shen Muyan’s face turned into a tomato.

    Ruan Jiaojiao took his hand and guided it to the area between her thighs. She extended one of his fingers and placed it right on her damp panty-clad entrance.

    “I’m wet.”

    She moved her face closer and whispered in his ear. 

    “Wanna do it? I won’t ask you to take responsibility afterward~”

    Shen Muyan’s eyes widened.


    Before he could think of a response, Ruan Jiaojiao had already parted her legs and straddled his waist. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gently licked his ear. 

    “Muyan, I have condoms with me. I don’t have a gold master. I don’t like other men, I like your type the best.” 

    Clear and concise.

    After saying that, she pulled a condom out of her bag and tore open the wrapper with her teeth. Holding the rubber between two fingers, she turned around and looked at him.

    Shen Muyan knew he should push this woman away. He knew he should reject her.

    But despite knowing that, he remained stiff and motionless, as though someone had immobilized him by hitting an acupoint. He could only watch as the woman unzipped his pants and freed his stiff member from the confines of his boxers. 

    She was about to take away his first time. Knowing this, a satisfied expression spread across Ruan Jiaojiao’s face. She placed the condom on the tip of his member and swiftly sheathed his energetic little Muyan.

    Under Shen Muyan’s gaze, she took off her dress and pulled down her white lace panties. Her soft buttocks brushed against the head of his erect member as she positioned herself, causing him to shudder. 

    “Here I come!” she said, licking her lips.

    Her eyes seemed to suck him in, trapping him in a bewitching spell. He couldn’t move his eyes away from her, and his mind was a complete blank.

    Ruan Jiaojiao slowly lowered her body. As his hot member slid inside and rubbed against her walls, she couldn’t help but moan.

    Earlier, she had measured his bulge with her eyes and knew his size was impressive, especially for a man with a pretty face like his. Alas, in the story, it was never used. Because of his unrequited love for the female lead, he kept himself clean and remained a virgin till the end.

    ‘But now, his virginity is mine. So happy!’

    Ruan Jiaojiao gently rocked her hips as she continued to sink down on his huge member. Their current position allowed her to take him all the way to the hilt.

    ‘So big, so thick, so good…”

    When his entire length was finally inside her, she hummed in satisfaction. The original host’s body was not only beautiful but also extremely sensitive, so the amount of pleasure she was feeling already was almost overwhelming.

    “Muyan… Muyan… haaah… I like you the most, you make me feel so good…” she moaned as she started to bounce up and down on his member.

    Shen Muyan felt like he was going crazy. Her tight walls felt so good wrapped around him that he couldn’t even think straight, let alone question the authenticity of her words. 

    The two had worked in the same crew for a long time without exchanging more than a handful of words. Moreover, his agent had quietly told him many bad things about Ruan Jiaojiao. There was always disdain in her voice when she talked about her.

    But the current Shen Muyan thought that his agent must’ve been jealous of Ruan Jiaojiao. Ruan Jiaojiao was clearly so beautiful and good. Those people didn’t know her at all! 

    At this moment, Young Master Shen was completely addicted to the new sensations he was feeling. 

    As he slid in and out of her hot body, it didn’t take long for him to come, but he became hard again in no time at all. Ruan Jiaojiao pulled a string of condoms out of her bag and impatiently took him inside her again.

    They stayed in the dressing room for a long time, but little Muyan remained energetic and refused to go down. Ruan Jiaojiao had to praise her own good vision. Sure enough, the young man’s stamina was top-notch.

    Shen Muyan eventually turned the tables, pressing her against the full-length mirror on the wall as he thrust into her from behind. 

    “More,” Ruan Jiaojiao gasped, her heavy pants fogging up the glass in front of her.  Shen Muyan grunted in response. He gripped the backs of her knees and lifted both of her legs, fully exposing the place they were connected to the mirror. Half of his thick member was stuffed inside her swollen entrance, and the other half was glistening with her juices.

    He pulled out until only the head was inside, then he slammed her down on his shaft. After repeating this a few times, Ruan Jiaojiao’s walls began to twitch and spasm. The tightness was both heavenly and unbearable at the same time, causing Shen Muyan to release again inside the condom.

    However, he wasn’t done. The two explored numerous positions around the dressing room. Ruan Jiaojiao laid on the dressing table as Shen Muyan held her waist and pounded her body, over and over again. She moaned into the seat of the couch as he entered her from behind. Her legs felt like jelly around his waist as the head of his member rubbed and grinded against her sweet spot.

    By the time they were finished, the set was already empty, and the sky was dark. Ruan Jiaojiao felt as though she had turned into a puddle of water.

    Shen Muyan checked his phone and saw a weak message from his assistant.

    It seemed that the assistant had stopped by the dressing room and heard what he was doing inside. Naturally, he didn’t dare disturb him. The thoughtful assistant had even helped him ask the director for a leave.

    Shen Muyan looked up at the woman standing beside him. She was in the middle of dressing. His eyes softened, and he quickly walked behind her to help her zip up her dress. His gaze was fixed on her pale, exposed back.

    When he was thrusting into her from behind earlier, he had been fascinated by her smooth back, her beautiful shoulder blades, and her soft skin. The thought of it made his blood boil, and he wanted to be inside her again. 

    Ruan Jiaojiao turned and looked up at Shen Muyan’s pretty face.

    “Good boy…” She smiled, appreciating his considerate gesture. 

    She couldn’t help but reach up and pinch his cheek.

    Her words made his eyes flash with a touch of discontent.

    What did she mean by that? Was she still treating him like a child?

    Shen Muyan’s eyes flared with indignation. He reached behind her and pulled the zipper down again. Ruan Jiaojiao was momentarily stunned as the silk fabric of her dress slid down her body. 

    The “good boy” lifted his leg and forced her legs apart just enough for his shaft to slide inside her. He pulled down her white lace bra without unclasping it from the back, and her perky mounds happily jumped out.

    He lowered his head and wrapped an arm around her waist. As he thrust upwards into her body, his pink tongue teased and licked at her erect nipples. 

    The young man’s actions filled with lust and desire, yet his eyes were still clear and innocent. He really made it hard for her to keep her legs closed!

    Ruan Jiaojiao smiled. Though her legs were soft and her waist was sore, the little fresh meat in front of her was too delicious. 

    Her little puppy had suddenly turned into a baby wolf. What should she do? Grit her teeth and meet him head-on, of course!

    T/N: MVP of this chapter is the assistant ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)