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  • Chapter 3 – A Fresh Pretty Boy

    Almost one month after Ruan Jiaojiao rolled in the sheets with the man who finished prematurely… 

    Despite being aware that her reputation was bad, Ruan Jiaojiao didn’t try to do anything about it. Since she was only an unknown C-list actress, the rumors weren’t that bad anyway. She focused on doing whatever she wanted to do and felt completely at ease as she went about her filming. 

    Her role was a minor supporting role with very few scenes. She had plenty of free time on her hands, so she decided to secretly observe and rate the looks of the other actors on set.

    After all, she was also a member of the superficial society!

    Soon, she became engrossed in observing.

    It was a large-scale ancient drama. The costumes and props were extremely beautiful and intricate, and the actors were either professionals or inexperienced students.

    The male lead and second male lead represented two types of aesthetics.

    One was the cold and seasoned Film Emperor, the other was a fresh pretty boy.

    Even the System couldn’t help asking Ruan Jiaojiao, “Which one do you like more?”

    Personally, it thought that the Film Emperor was more suitable for a mature woman like her. Moreover, he was also the novel’s second male lead.

    “This old lady likes the ones that are so fresh they can’t be fresher,” she replied.

    The System was rendered speechless.

    ‘Well, a mature beauty paired with a puppy-like man seems interesting too.’

    The System absolutely refused to admit that it had been corrupted by its host.

    Just as Ruan Jiaojiao was enjoying herself by staring at the handsome men in the crew, almost forgetting about the novel’s male lead and female lead, the male lead finally launched an attack on her.

    This time, it wasn’t a gossip magazine or a street tabloid. It was the most influential media company in the entertainment circle. The article talked about the dark side of the entertainment industry, using Ruan Jiaojiao as the primary example.

    It was not an insinuation but a public execution.

    The wording in the article was so sharp and righteous that it would make anyone who read it want to chase Ruan Jiaojiao out of the entertainment circle.

    The phone in her hand suddenly rang with a call from her agent. As soon as she accepted the call, she heard her agent ask, “Ruan Jiaojiao, did you offend someone?”

    “Yeah. An important man wanted me to sleep with him. I rejected him, so now he’s retaliating.”

    Ruan Jiaojiao lied without a change in her expression.

    Just then, Shen Muyan, a handsome young man who was sitting in the same dressing room, looked up at her. Ruan Jiaojiao threw him a wink. When she saw his pale cheeks turn red, she grinned in satisfaction. 

    Her efforts throughout the past few days of filming were not in vain. She’d sent him many ambiguous looks and was just waiting for an opportunity to charge forward and jump him now.

    Shen Muyan also played a role in this Mary Sue novel. He was a sheltered young master of a rich family, pure and well-protected from many things in the world. After getting scouted on the streets, he signed up to join the entertainment circle in a moment of curiosity.

    His family spoiled him and treated it as a momentary interest, so they let him do whatever he wanted. They were rich enough to afford it, anyway.

    Later on, Shen Muyan shot an idol drama with the female lead and fell in love with her. He was infatuated and often helped her out in secret, but the female lead only saw him as a good friend.

    At this point in the storyline, the youth had yet to meet the female lead. 

    ‘If I don’t make a move now, it’ll be too late,’ Ruan Jiaojiao thought.

    With that being said, she wasn’t intentionally trying to rob the female lead of her men. If she was, she would have aimed for Qin Rui, the Film Emperor, instead of Shen Muyan.

    After she ended the call with her agent, Ruan Jiaojiao’s mood was completely unaffected. She was thick-skinned enough to be able to ignore the ugly things people were saying about her online.

    At the moment, she and Shen Muyan were the only people in the dressing room.

    In fact, she had purposely entered this room to answer the call because she knew that Shen Muyan would be here. He liked to play games in the dressing room during his breaks.

    Ruan Jiaojiao put away her phone and walked toward Shen Muyan. He was sitting on a couch and appeared somewhat unnatural and shy as he watched her approach.

    The System looked at the scene in excitement.

    Ahhh, his perverted host was going to extend her evil claws to the innocent youth!

    Under Ruan Jiaojiao’s influence, the System had evidently transformed into a System whose “mind” was filled with indecent thoughts. It was undeniably corrupted!