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  • Chapter 26 [2nd World 4] Something was wrong

    Ruan Jiaojiao knew clearly in her heart that the male lead naturally wasn’t someone easy to deceive, so when she covered Ji Che’s lips, her eyes worked hard to squeeze out tears.

    In an instant, a heartbroken and bitter expression emerged on her beautiful delicate face, glistening teardrops twinkled in her lustrous eyes, her pearly whites biting down on her lip. Due to the fluctuation in her mood, a red flush appeared on her fair cheeks.

    Ji Che had never seen this kind of Ruan Jiaojiao before. It was as if he had gained a new found understanding of this woman, of his fiancee.

    She seemed to have done this because of him, finally being unable to take it any longer. Was this all his fault?

    So perhaps in truth, this woman knew exactly what he wanted to say and had been backed up to a wall, discarding all her pride and self-esteem in a gamble and taking the initiative to kiss him, but due to his cold indifference, she felt hurt and was now spilling tears because of him.

    When Ruan Jiaojiao noticed the ripple in Ji Che’s eyes, she knew that he had been shaken and was relieved, loosening the hold on his mouth.

    However, she knew that he was only baffled for a while. It didn’t mean that after he had calmed down, he wouldn’t muster his staunch confidence and decisively take action.

    “Ji Che…”

    Ruan Jiaojiao lowered her head sadly, her slender fingers clutching onto the corner of his clothes.

    “Can’t you at least give me some face? I know what you’re thinking. Just give me a bit of time and I’ll sort out my feelings. Besides…this isn’t only about us, it’s about our two families. Let’s go about it slowly so that the older generation will have time to mentally prepare themselves.”

    Ruan Jiaojiao knew that she couldn’t convince Ji Che on her own so she continued the struggle and even used a bargaining chip.

    Ji Che’s parents were very satisfied with Ruan Jiaojiao’s background and character so they had been the ones to facilitate this engagement in the very beginning.

    Unsurprisingly, Ji Che agreed to Ruan Jiaojiao’s request and upon seeing her gaze, his expression became a little more complex.

    Ruan Jiaojiao did not give a hoot about what the male lead was thinking. For her, this unforeseen event was equivalent to being splashed with cold water just after taking delight in the fact that she had transmigrated into the body of a perfect girl.

    After all, the male lead and the female lead have had a relationship before, if she weren’t careful, the two would have shagged up and she would have abandoned in a heartbeat.

    What fucking lousy luck she had!!

    For the sake of maintaining a desponded appearance in front of the male lead, Ruan Jiaojiao could only secretly gulp down her desire for the male lead’s younger brother on the inside as she dejectedly left the Ji Residence.

    Sitting in the car, while looking at the waning lit nightscape outside, Ruan Jiaojiao sighed quietly.

    Ji Che looked at his own fiancee and couldn’t help but reach out a hand to brush the hair covering her cheeks, taking her dispirited look into his eyes. His heart sank, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

    This gesture should have been normal considering the relationship of the two but it was Ji Che who had initiated it, and especially considering that things have been a bit awkward between them most recently, both of them were taken aback.

    Ruan Jiaojiao was flummoxed for a while before she suddenly raised the corner of her lips, revealing a smile. Ji Che felt slightly regretful, wondering if this action of his would cause her to misunderstand.

    “Ji Che, I know the one you like isn’t me. Don’t worry. I’ve already figured out a way. When I also fall in love with another man, we can break our engagement then. This way, it’ll be fair, right?”

    Ruan Jiaojiao’s words stunned Ji Che for a good while. The two had been stuck in an awkward and silent atmosphere just now and he had started regretting being soft hearted, wondering whether she would still harbor delusions about him. He also didn’t know if her previous words were only spoken just to delay matters but was, in truth, a scheme to retreat for the sake of advancing.

    But now, she was clearly telling him that she would fall in love with someone else just to make it fair.

    What else could Ji Che say following Ruan Jiaojiao’s straightforward attitude?

    After sending Ruan Jiaojiao home, on the way back, Ji Che suddenly had a strange thought.

    Looking at her words from another perspective, was she planning to fall in love for the second time while still carrying the name of his fiance?

    Ji Che couldn’t resist furrowing his brows.

    But he also had someone in his heart, so it shouldn’t matter whether she fell in love with some other man.

    Then, why did he feel that something was wrong?

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