Chapter 24 [2nd World 2] Done ‘Til She Bled

Ji Xun lifted one of Ruan Jiaojiao’s legs up and glanced at her reflection in the mirror. His narrow eyes glinted with a mischievous light, his lashes were thick and there was a small mole at the corner of his eye. His lips hooked up in a smirk, giving off a sinister licentious vibe.

Ruan Jiaojiao’s heart uncontrollably skipped a beat. At this, she couldn’t help but feel grateful for the system for making her put a green hat on her fiancée and bestowing her immense luck with beauties as soon as she arrived.

Ji Xun raised his lips in a smile, pressing his thin lips on her ear for a kiss before inserting his long thick c**k slowly into her little p**sy.

“Look at how I put it in you carefully, my dignified and beautiful sister-in-law.”

As soon as his voice fell, his malevolent c**k immediately plunged straight into the depths of her flower pot.


Ruan Jiaojiao’s soul nearly left her body from this thrust of his.

She felt like she was going to die from his frantic thrusting. Seeing the originally virtuous and dignified beautiful face in the mirror, dyed with the tides of lust, her eyes carrying pools of tears, her expression wearing an unspeakable licentious heat.

Her lips were slightly ajar, her tongue at a loss on what to do inside. Ji Xun stared her enraptured expression and turned her head strongly to give her a fierce French kiss, plunging his tongue deeply into her throat while his member plundered the deepest parts of her body even more wantonly and viciously.

Ruan Jiaojiao’s head turned blank from Ji Xun’s wild and unruly p*netrations, her erect br**sts shook madly following their intense movements. She fell back into his arms like a drowning person, his arms wrapped around her in support as her body fell completely limp.

She panted for breath, feeling the surging waves of peaking bringing her ashore….

“I-….I can’t anymore….”

She cried out softly. Ji Xun skillfully grasped her slender waist and turned a deaf ear to her pleas, still maintaining the high intensity pounding.


This body was inexperienced and sensitive. How could it withstand such heavy and ruthless f**king? Ruan Jiaojiao couldn’t help but raise her head and moan as she was pushed to cl*max. Her whole body fell limp in Ji Xun’s arms, and he enveloped her firmly in his embrace.

Ji Xun watched the girl in his arms reach orgasm from being f**ked by him. Sweat seeped out of her forehead, causing a few strands of her hair to stick onto her porcelain white skin. Under the warm orange lights, there was an indescribable beauty to her, like an exquisite piece of crystal, fragile yet emitting a breath-taking beauty.

Her cheeks were flushed and her pearly whites were biting on her tender lip. Before the high could even fade, her eyes possessed a watery luster, exuding an inexplicable allure.

Ji Xun stared at the girl who leaned softly and weakly in his arms, recalling the first time he had met her. She was the proper daughter of a wealthy family, a virtuous lady from a prestigious house.

It was his brother’s engagement ceremony back then, and he had been called to return to the country by his parents from abroad.

Ji Xun casually appraised Ruan Jiaojiao for a moment before retracting his gaze, feeling that it was merely yet another boring political marriage. He had never been interested in this type of woman.

However, he didn’t expect to reap a harvest today. This woman had shown him a side to her that was unfamiliar, especially when she took off her clothes, turning into such an unexpected enchanting beauty.

Ji Xun hoisted Ruan Jiaojiao up and placed her on the bed. He sincerely admired her beautiful naked body, marinating in the details for a few seconds. Unable to hold back his surging desires, he grunted and pried her legs apart, impatiently sticking his meat stick into her tight wet cave.

Ruan Jiaojiao narrowed her eyes and spread her legs, allowing Ji Xun to toss and turn her around. Even though she enjoyed this affair, the more he plundered her, the more it started to hurt, so she reached out a hand to feel around the place they were joined at, but only saw a red liquid staining her fingertips.

Despite being shocked frozen for a few seconds, Ji Xun kept madly f**king her without any concerns, as such, her anger was immediately stirred, and she raised a foot to kick him away.

A muffled “Kathunk” sounded and Ji Xun was kicked off the bed caught unguarded. Before he could even react, he saw Ruan Jiaojiao’s pretty face twist in anger, her brows furrowed as she howled at him.

“Look at what you’ve done!! You’ve f**ked me til I bled!!”

Ruan Jiaojiao ran to the bathroom butt naked, only to confirm that it was actually her great aunt that had come for a surprise visit1This means that her period came..

Confronted with Ji Xun’s dark mien, she smiled sheepishly and immediately admitted her mistake.

“Sorry for blaming you wrongly. Looks like there’s no way of continuing today. Let’s talk about this next time.”

Seeing that the atmosphere had turned awry, Ruan Jiaojiao was prepared to put on her clothes and slip away. Ji Xun watched her from the side with his arms crossed, picking up the cigarette and lighter from the bedside cabinet. Just as he was about to light it, a fair hand reached out and took the cigarette away from his mouth.

“Don’t smoke. It would be bad if the smell clung onto my body.”

Ji Xun raised a brow, his lips hooking up into a nefarious smile.

“As expected, sister-in-law is very attentive.”

He took a step and pulled Ruan Jiaojiao into his arms.

His figure was so tall that Ruan Jiaojiao seemed particularly petite and dainty in his arms. The invasive testosterone he emitted caused Ruan Jiaojiao’s legs to turn soft, stirring her amorous feelings and making her heart feel itchy.

“Sister-in-law, you really surprised me today.” Ji Xun’s sultry voice and breath brushed past her ears.

“Brother-in-law also surprised me today.”

Ruan Jiaojiao turned around and faced Ji Xun.

She raised her head to look at him but seeing that there was a bit of difference in their heights, she gave him a push, and Ji Xun obediently complied, sitting down on the bed.

En, this height was much more comfortable.

Ruan Jiaojiao’s finger hooked up Ji Xun’s chin, her glossy pink lips pressing against his and her tongue licking the corner of his lips.

Before today, the two did not exchange any suggestive actions, let alone any interactions.

Ruan Jiaojiao didn’t have any good impression of this Ji Xun. Rumors outside say that he deals with matters without any scrupulousness, his behavior was reckless without restraint and afraid that he would invite disaster onto their family, his parents sent him abroad.

Just an hour ago, the original host was having a dispute with Ji Che.

And upon realizing the existence of the white moonlight, Su Xue, in Ji Che’s heart, and finding out that the two had a reunion, disputes arising between them had become the norm.

The original owner was proud and arrogant, having grown up pampered with all the attention on her. Moreover, the reason she had gotten engaged to Ji Che was because she liked him, not because of the robust wealth and influence the Ji Family had nor to establish familial connections with them.

That was why she could not accept that Ji Che held another woman in his heart! This fact made her mad with jealousy!!

Of course, Ruan Jiaojiao did not find it weird that the original owner acted extremely lovesick. As a proud girl who was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, she was blessed in every aspect possible and didn’t lack anything nor chased anything. Upon easily falling in love, she had lost her sense of reason.

The so-called ‘one mistake leads to fatality’ described her situation perfectly. For the sake of a man, a proud rich daughter like her was reduced to a laughingstock, her self-esteem taking a hit. The original owner reluctantly framed the female lead, intending to destroy the feelings between them but little did she know that she was just a malicious supporting female who served as a stepping stone to further the male and female lead’s love in this melodramatic romance novel.

The system had mischievously tampered with the plot so when the original owner discovered the encounter between Ji Che and Su Xue, she had been burning with jealousy and anger. And blinded with these negative emotions, upon bumping into her brother-in-law Ji Xun who was on his way back to his room, she forcefully kissed Ji Xun as a way of retaliating against Ji Che, but didn’t expect Ji Xun to react back, pulling her directly into his pitch black room.

“Are you sure this was only done for revenge? Not because she fell for his charms?”

Ruan Jiaojiao couldn’t blindly agree with the system’s explanation.

If Ji Xun were to be replaced by a bald and paunchy ugly man, she reckoned that the original host wouldn’t have the guts to throw herself at him.

The system only gave a vulgar chuckle in response to Ruan Jiaojiao’s ridiculing words.

“As long as you complete the mission, you can do whatever you want.”

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