Chapter 22 The End

“Muyan, I’m leaving. Don’t miss me.”

Ruan Jiaojiao left Shen Muyan this message before completely disappearing.

News of her public announcement of withdrawing from the entertainment circle was still lingering around the internet with some rumors floating around that she was preparing to marry into a rich family. After all, celebrities often look bright and pretty on the surface but the entertainment industry was a billowing smoke of scumbags and snakes, it naturally didn’t suit the image of being Huo Yuting’s woman.

Shen Muyan’s eyes turned red as he shut himself in his dressing room. He kept calling Ruan Jiaojiao’s number over and over but only a mechanical woman’s voice sounded, informing him that the other party had its phone turned off.

He knew that she was forced to flee from Huo Yuting’s tyrannical abuse.

Just like that day, even if she was completely unwilling, she still left with Huo Yuting and even sent him an eye signal, begging him not to involve himself with their matters.

As such, Shen Muyan could only watch wide-eyed as she pulled her hand away from his hold and the two people were pried apart just like this.

It felt as though someone was hammering Shen Muyan’s heart, making it hard for him to breathe.

It has been a month since the woman had left.

Huo Yuting was able to find records of her leaving the country but the trail was cut off once she had stepped foot into another country. Her parents were spending their holidays in Europe, seeming to be looking at houses with intentions to settle there.

Huo Yuting had never felt this vexed in his life before. It was clearly her who provoked him in the first place, even resorting to the nasty use of drugs. Why did it now seem that their roles were completely reversed?

Up until now, he couldn’t figure whether he had been tricked or not.

Though if there was one thing Huo Yuting had to admit, it was that his attitude towards her that night wasn’t something to be proud of.

However, despite having already publicly announced her to be his official girlfriend, she still continued to whisper sweet nothings to Muyan in front of him, making him wear the green hat of cuckold thrice and embarrassing him in front of others, leaving nothing of his dignity.

If he didn’t get angry, would he still be considered a normal man?!

“Brother Huo.”

Liu Luoxue looked at Huo Yuting with teary eyes. She finally understood what she felt towards him and now that she had learnt that the woman who had been cheating on him had finally taken the initiative to leave him first, she naturally started acting on her feelings.

Huo Yuting looked at the pure and sweet girl in front of him but a touch of annoyance arose in his heart.

He couldn’t hold back his bubbling anger. If she hadn’t gotten involved with her self-righteousness, exposing the ambiguous relationship between him and that woman, he wouldn’t have had a falling out with that woman.

He continued to turn a blind eye to further their relationship, hoping that the woman would slowly feel his sincerity and gradually become willing to make amends with him.

The more Huo Yuting thought about it, the more he felt stifled. It felt as though a fish bone was stuck in his throat, a dense ball of impatience lodged in his heart, unable to be shifted from place.

As such, he coldly swept Liu Luoxue a glance, unwilling to give her any shred of attention and strode forward, leaving the place.

Liu Luoxue watched him depart with eyes of disbelief, sparkling tears pooling in her misty eyes.

At this moment, a handkerchief was handed to her. Liu Luoxue lifted her head and saw Qin Rui. Though he displayed a gentleman’s thoughtful behavior, having always been the perfect and gentle male god in her eyes, at this moment, his pupils were dark and gloomy, causing a chill to run down her spine.

“I told you back then. Don’t provoke her. Even if she’s out of the picture, you still won’t be able to obtain the man you desire.”

Seeing that she didn’t take the handkerchief he offered, he retrieved his hand and left these cold words of mockery, brushing past her shoulders.

Liu Luoxue clenched her fingers tightly. It was as if she was given a fierce slap on the face, but on the inside, a voice in her heart seemed to be screaming in protest, complaining about this injustice.

She had always felt that the matter shouldn’t have unfolded like this. Brother Huo clearly treated her differently from everyone else before, so she was confident that he would fall in love with her. Besides that, Senior Qin Rui hadn’t always been this cold, and Shen Muyan….

She originally thought that Shen Muyan was approachable and that they’d become good friends. But ever since she bumped into them and accused that woman of cheating in front of him, Shen Muyan seemed to loathe her very much.

However, at this moment, she could only watch as Qin Rui’s figure became fainter and fainter, and she could not utter a single word.

The system broadcasted the above events for Ruan Jiaojiao to listen to.

At this moment, Ruan Jiaojiao was wearing sunglasses and lying lazily on a chair, basking in the sun.

A ball flew over and coincidentally stopped rolling by her feet.

A handsome hunk with blond hair, blue eyes and sexy bronzed skin, walked towards her, wearing only his beach shorts.

Tsk tsk…

With this body and alluring looks, even male models would pale in comparison.

Ruan Jiaojiao almost made a catcall but she immediately lifted the blanket covering her body and picked up the ball to hand to the other party.

She was wearing a black bikini, showing off her fair skin and red lips. Even though her round fullness couldn’t compete with a foreign beauty’s jugs, it was still an impressive sight to see, especially considering that she was a petite Asian beauty.

The handsome hunk had actually noticed her long ago and had deliberately hit the ball to land right next to her.

Even though this Asian girl was wearing sunglasses and lying in her place quietly, her character and looks were still particularly eye-catching.

She took off her sunglasses, revealing a charming Eastern face which was even more beautiful than he expected, causing the handsome hunk’s breath to stop.

The handsome hunk then decided not to play ball any longer and instead, started using all the tricks he knew to hit on her.

Ruan Jiaojiao was also feeling secretly giddy. Though she didn’t understand what he was saying, his looks were very much her taste, especially that big big weapon he seemed to be hiding in his pants.

System: ”…..”

Its host seemed to have a parasite leeching on her brain, to think that she wanted to ooxx with the handsome hunk and have a taste of this exotic love. Even though it didn’t have the heart to interrupt her, the system still needed to put out a reminder.

Mission complete, you may now step into the next world.

As a result, before Ruan Jiaojiao could even put her hands on the handsome hunk, she was ruthlessly taken away by the system.

Ruan Jiaojiao: “!!!”


Author’s note:

The first world ends like this. If I feel like it, I might write an extra for this world in the future. After all, the female lead isn’t some serious female lead, if I write a proper ending to this, it would just seem weird.

Translator’s thoughts (more like rant):

Confused and surprised by how fast the world ended? Same. To be completely and perfectly honest, if this were not translated and I had read the raws first, I wouldn’t have picked this novel up. So many things are lacking even for a smut without plot novel, for one thing, the disconnected scenes annoy me the most. However, if you still want me to continue translating, this, please do keep reading it, I will judge whether to continue translating this based on how many views it gets.

Also, I noticed that the original translator didn’t leave a summary of the different worlds available for this novel so here it is in case you’re curious.
I’ll be moving it to the TOC page in the future but putting it here incase some of you haven’t seen it.

So out of the available arcs so far, which world/s intrigues you the most?

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