Chapter 20 Satisfy your s*xual needs

Standing next to Huo Yuting, Ruo Jiaojiao couldn’t help but feel stifled by the icy air he was emitting. He was so eccentric and temperamental. If it wasn’t because she had a favor to ask him, she wouldn’t even have paid him any mind.

She still preferred soft and delectable fresh meat like Shen Muyan.

Female Lead!!

This time, without even needing the system’s reminder, Ruan Jiaojiao spotted Liu Luoxue who looked as moving and elegant as small lilies.

Huo Yuting also had noticed her.

Ruan Jiaojiao attentively poked Huo Yuting and winked at him, saying.

“Isn’t that lady kind, pure and adorable? She’s a good match for you.”

Huo Yuting originally thought the same, harboring a good impression of Liu Luoxue, however, when he heard these words come out from Ruan Jiaojiao’s lips, he always felt it strange.

“President Huo, let me be frank with you. I don’t plan to continue mingling in the entertainment circle, my current reputation is too shameful and my parents aren’t getting any younger, I’m also an only child so I need to reconsider my circumstances for their sake.”

The moment she saw Liu Luoxue, an idea quickly struck Ruan Jiaojiao. Feeling that nothing good would happen if she got involved with the male and the female lead, she put on a rare solemn face and told Huo Yuting her plans seriously.

Huo Yuting narrowed his eyes, his expression becoming harder and harder to discern.

“And so?”

“And so, I apologize to you. Back then, I was blinded by greed, I’m guilty of a terrible crime, to actually dare covet and use you to climb up the social ladder. You can punish me any way you want but please help me get rid of the current scandal I’m in. I want to retreat from the circle cleanly and in a low-key manner.”


Huo Yuting felt his mood turn sour. This woman’s words turned everything he was planning into waste.

The reason why he brought her to this banquet was so that he could let a small actress like her see that all the resources she needed were completely right in front of her.

Directors, producers, public relations media. Apart from giving her money, he could also help boost her popularity.

But now, she was telling him, she had no desires nor favors.

How vexing!

“So I think you should go and fall in love with that girl, have a serious relationship, and satisfy your sexual needs through healthy ways lest our ambiguous relationship defiles your glorious image.” Ruan Jiaojiao continued to chatter on, wearing an expression that looked as though she was being considerate of him.


At this moment, Huo Yuting was exercising utmost restraint in order to hold himself back from interrupting her.

Once Ruan Jiajiao had finished speaking the words she thought to have been very reasonable, she lifted her head to look at Huo Yuting expectantly.

However, faced with Huo Yuting’s frosty handsome face, she was immediately rendered dumbfounded.

What was going on? Why did he look angry again?!

The male lead’s temper was so bad. If she didn’t have a favor to ask him, this great aunt wouldn’t have fucking wanted to attend to him!

“I…I want to go to the washroom….”

Sensing that the situation was far from reassuring, Ruan Jiaojiao immediately planned to flee to the washroom.

However, she didn’t expect that Huo Yuting would abruptly seize her wrist and pinch it tightly. Hurt by his hold, Ruan Jiaojiao frowned and said.

“Let go of me, what do you think you’re doing?”

The two people’s interactions naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Seeing Liu Luoxue look over suspiciously towards them, Ruan Jiajiao inwardly cursed. If this female lead misunderstood them, once the male and female lead got together, she would suffer a calamity and run out of luck as a cannon fodder.

Just as she was burning with anxiety, Huo Yuting suddenly spat out something unexpected.

“Let’s go out!”

His voice of proclamation wasn’t low, so people nearby had heard it.

While Ruan Jiaojiao was still still processing her shock over these words, Huo Yuting took one step closer to her, his arm snaking around her petite waist, nearly taking her whole person into his embrace. He lowered his head to her ear and used an ambiguous tone of a lover to say.

“You said it yourself. Fall in love and satisfy my sexual needs through healthy ways.”

Hearing this, Ruan Jiaojiao’s body turned stiff.

System, did the male lead lose a screw in his head?

Ever since Huo Tingyu confessed to her in public, Ruan Jiaojiao had been labelled as Huo Yuting’s woman.

At the same time, her reputation was also being washed clean. She wasn’t some lewd slut who would shamelessly sell her body to climb up the ranks but was known as the girlfriend Huo Yuting was officially going out with.

She didn’t even give consent to this! How did she become the male lead’s girlfriend!!

System: “Ptooey! Why can’t you be satisfied with what you have now!”

Ruan Jiaojiao spat back at the system in retort.

Ptoo Ptoo Ptoo! You think I wanted to become Huo Yuting’s girlfriend!!

How was she going to sleep with the little fresh meat from now on, she couldn’t even happily roll in the sheets with other handsome guys!!

Ruan Jiaojiao was really feeling resentful…

If she was going to be forced to look at the male lead’s ice block face everyday and sleep with him for free under the guise of his girlfriend, she would rather leave this world!

ASAP! Now! Immediately!

When Shen Muyan came over, Ruan Jiaojiao immediately threw herself into his arms and complained tearfully.

“Muyan, do you remember the time I burst into your dressing room, I was complaining about a bigshot who wanted to do unspoken rules with me but I rejected him so he took revenge on me. That was Huo Yuting! He’s now forcing me to become his girlfriend, woe is me, woe is me, wuuuuu…..”

What a shameless act of manipulation…

The system thought, dumbstruck.

Ruan Jiaojiao hugged Shen Muyan, genuinely sighing in lament on the inside, wuuu could she still take a bite of this tender and delicious young man?

The two of them were currently locked in a tight embrace, enveloped in a soft atmosphere, when suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Ruan Jiaojiao’s heart dropped down with a clunk as she hurriedly started tugging Shen Muyan into her own bedroom and pulled the closet doors open.

“Muyan, if he sees you, you’re dead. Hide in here for a while.”

Shen Muyan naturally felt unwilling to be stuffed into the closet, but faced with Ruan Jiaojiao’s teary charming eyes that contained pitiful imploration, he surrendered.

Ruan Jiaojiao opened the door and found Huo Tingyu as expected.

“What are you here for again?!” She said impatiently.

Huo Tingyu glared at her, a head of green clouds hovering darkly over his head.1Green clouds is a euphemism for green hat which means that the person wearing it is being cheated on.

“The paparazzi are downstairs. Shen Muyan was caught visiting you.”

Ruan Jiaojiao was about to start ushering him out angrily but she quickly straightened her spine and haughtily told Huo Tingyu.

“I didn’t agree to go out with you. The one I like is him!”

Shen Muyan who heard these words behind the bedroom doors, hooked his lips up into a smile.

However, Ruan Jiaojiao’s proclamation of love was only returned with a cold sneer from Huo Tingyu.

“Tell this to the paparazzi yourself. I’ll wait and watch you drown in the insults Shen Muyan’s fans throw at you.”

At this time, a pleasantly crisp voice rang out.

“Jiaojiao, I’ll leave the entertainment circle with you. I won’t let anyone hurl insults at you.”

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