Chapter 19 Promiscuity

Ruan Jiaojiao languidly laid on the bed, narrowing her eyes and donning a face of satisfaction.

Shen Muyan looked at her incomparably gorgeous appearance. He only felt his heart swell with love, begrudging that he couldn’t assimilate into the blood and flesh of this beautiful piece of meat, trapping her tightly beside him with nowhere else to go and forbidding any other man to touch her, making her his forever.

The youth’s train of complicated and muddled thoughts were interrupted however, when Ruan Jiaojiao lifted her legs up and hooked them around Shen Muyan’s long legs, using her foot to stroke his thighs in an erotically naughty and teasing manner.

In an instant, Shen Muyan turned her over, pressing her down and his once again hardened member eyed her covetously, pressing against her flower seams. With just a few inches left in distance, he’d be able to enter her sopping wet seventh heaven.

“Unnnn… I surrender….I was wrong….”

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Ruan Jiaojiao didn’t have the strength to go for another round and immediately mewled for mercy, retreating slightly as she implored, to pull the distance between them farther.

“Muyan, sister is tired, come and massage me.”

She sighed and pulled Muyan’s fingers towards her back, motioning for him to give her a rub.

Realizing that Ruan Jiaojiao really did look tired and recalling the ‘fierce battle’ they had just been engaged in, Shen Muyan’s heart softened and his hands automatically began to help alleviate her soreness.

When his palm and fingertips touched Ruan Jiaojiao’s satiny skin, Shen Muyan once again felt his desire surge. The youth’s lust had always been particularly strong, his stamina was bottomless, as though he could never ever tire.

Ruan Jiaojiao could feel a hot and hard object poking her in the rear and immediately quivered in response. Originally, she became drowsy from the comfort of being massaged. She immediately leapt off the bed nimbly, leaving behind a sentence.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

After washing up and changing her clothes, Ruan Jiaojiao tiptoed and cupped Shen Muyan’s face, unable to help but put on a smitten look.

Ahhh, he’s really handsome, like a little fresh meat that she couldn’t part with.

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Ruan Jiaojiao planted a kiss on Shen Muyan’s lips and because the two people’s heights differed greatly, she was unable to reach him so instead, she hooked her arm around Shen Muyan’s neck, forcing him to bend down as she ruffled his soft hair.

“Muyan is such a good boy. Sister is going first then. I’ll come find you next time.”

After she finished, Ruan Jiaojiao picked up her baseball cap and went out. She looked refreshed, cheerful and content, the vestiges of fatigue she had on earlier were nowhere to be found.

The door shut gently with a ‘click’ in front of Shen Muyan. Seeing her leave without hesitation after eating him cleanly, Shen Muyan’s heart was filled with both love and hatred, his expression twisting constantly, looking extremely conflicted.

✧・゚: ✧・゚: :・゚✧:・゚✧・゚: ✧・゚: :・゚✧:・゚✧

Looking at the sight of perfumed clothes and gorgeous hair at this drinking party in front of her, Ruan Jiaojiao lifted her wine cup up to down the remaining content.

She didn’t know what the male lead was thinking, suddenly inviting her to participate in the reception.

There were several people from the entertainment circle attending this banquet, including directors, producers, and entertainment media.

Ruan Jiaojiao was wearing a red fishtail dress that outlined her enchanting waist, her snow white legs occasionally peeked out every time her dress fluttered, and the v-neck design emphasized her plump bunnies.

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She was like a pomegranate flower in full bloom. Even if she was only standing in an inconspicuous corner, wearing a bored and indifferent look, she still managed to attract the gazes of several lusty men, who inquired about her identity in private.

Upon hearing that she was the infamous third-rate actress who had just been involved in a recent s*x scandal, the men’s gazes had turned into those of desire to conquer as well as contempt. They continued to inquire about her current benefactor and see whether there was any opportunity to get on intimate terms with her.

Huo Yuting took the sight of the men’s lusty and lecherous gazes into his eyes. He was originally prepared to ignore this woman to deliberately embarrass her but was now walking towards Ruan Jiaojiao with a gloomy expression.

Ruan Jiaojiao watched as Huo Yuting approached her with an unkind expression. The male lead’s domineering side was leaking out, provoking her instinct to flee for survival. She unconsciously wanted to retreat but before she could do so, he had seized her wrist.

“Wh-…What do you want?” Recalling the last time she had gotten him furious and had suffered, Ruan Jiaojiao felt a little uneasy.

They were currently in broad daylight. Why did the male lead look like he was itching to eat her?

When the perverts who were secretly eyeing Ruan Jiaojiao, saw that Huo Yuting had appeared, they immediately became speechless, and decided to change their minds.

That’s not right. Since her backer was Huo Yuting, how did she garner such a dirty reputation?

When Huo Yuting pulled Ruan Jiaojiao’s hand, she swept a look at the crowd’s sinister gaze and was suddenly struck with an idea, immediately revealing a delighted and excited expression. She spontaneously held Huo Yuting’s arm and adopted an intimate attitude, calling out sweetly.

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Huo Yuting, “….”

Why did this woman suddenly turn h*rny?

“Don’t be angry with me anymore. I was wrong before.” Ruan Jiaojiao continued, wrapping her arms around Huo Yuting’s and rubbing her round fullness against them.

Huo Yuting’s anger simmered down at this but his lust only surged. His pupils became dark as he cast a long meaningful glance at her.

“No matter what you’re planning to do, the money has already been transferred to you, so tonight, you are mine.”

Ruan Jiaojiao was stunned for a moment before quickly reacting back, using an odd look to measure Huo Yuting.

Tsk tsk, why did the male lead’s character suddenly turn so vulgar?

He was openly conducting an exchange of money for physical contact.

Immediately, Ruan Jiaojiao’s eyes curved into crescent shapes, her bright, alluring lips hooking up into a cheerful arc.

So straightforward?

She liked it!

Ruan Jiaojiao’s scarlet painted fingernails streaked across Huo Yuting’s white ironed shirt, caressing his tight pecs through the fabric.

“Alright, President Huo, tonight, I’ll accompany you.”

Hearing her delighted response, Huo Yuting’s thin lips pursed into a straight line, feeling not at all elated.

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