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  • Chapter 13 – Wash Off the Shame From Before

    The result? All three men lifted their long legs as if nothing had happened and left.

    This was the epitome of asking three monks for water and receiving none!

    ‘D*mn it!’

    Ruan Jiaojiao dragged her suitcase and limped out of the filming studio to hail a taxi. At the same time, a black Maybach drive up and stopped in front of her. The window rolled down, revealing Huo Yuting’s handsome face.

    “Get in the car.”

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    His tone was always so curt and commanding.

    Ruan Jiaojiao, of course, was not as polite and humble as the female lead was. She immediately opened the door and got in.

    The car ride was silent, which tickled her mischievous side and made her want to tease the female lead’s man.

    Their meeting was inevitable, but who told the female lead to lay her hands on her little pretty boy so soon? Although she knew it was due to the power of the plot and the female lead’s Mary Sue halo, Ruan Jiaojiao still felt upset when she thought about it.

    “Mr. Huo, did you miss me?”

    Huo Yuting was thinking about what to say to this woman to straighten her attitude and made her apologize and ask for his forgiveness when she suddenly fell on his lap and rested her claws on his crotch.

    While he was frozen in shock, she stroked his member through his pants. Her buttocks were raised and rubbed against his body. Although the driver in the front seat was expressionless, his mind was going crazy.

    ‘Holy sh*t!’

    He had not seen such an exciting scene in his several years of driving!!!

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    Huo Yuting wanted to push the woman away and tell her to get out of the car, but his member was currently gripped in her hands, almost as though she was threatening him. She smiled and whispered hotly in his ear.

    “You’re hard. Want me to help you?”

    The cold aura exuding from his body was terrifying, but she didn’t back down. Society in this story world was ruled by the law. The most he could do to get revenge on her was ruin her career in the entertainment circle. She was only a third-rate actress anyway, so it wouldn’t be a big deal at all. 

    No matter how she played around, she would not die unless it was by suicide. As she was thinking this, she suddenly felt a grip on her wrist.

    “You want to die, don’t you?” Huo Yuting growled.

    “No, I want to sleep with you.”

    She fearlessly parted her lips and licked the shell of his ear.

    Half an hour later…

    He threw her onto the large bed of his presential suite. The mattress was so soft that she sank in and didn’t feel hurt at all. She quickly sat up on the bed.

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    “What, didn’t you want to sleep with me?”

    Huo Yuting grabbed her wrist again, this time with so much force that it almost crushed her bones. His cold gaze was like a thousand needles prickling into her face, but as his body drew closer, she could sense his arousal and impatience with ease.

    “Tsk… Don’t you think I’m dirty?”

    Ruan Jiaojiao felt that the direction the current plot was going was a little off. Did this man take the wrong medicine again?

    His eyes narrowed dangerously.

    “Dirty? You are dirty,” he agreed. The obscene act he had listened to through the door for over an hour replayed in his mind.


    Thinking about it made him hard!

    “Then I’ll go take a shower first,” Ruan Jiaojiao said happily, leaving Huo Yuting alone in the bedroom. As soon as he heard the bathroom door close, he realized what he had done.

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    He’d agreed to sleep with that lascivious woman!!

    But if he left now, she would laugh at and mock him… again.

    That’s right! He was only doing this to wash off the shame from before! He wanted to let this hateful woman know that he was not a premature ejaculator! 

    He was going to do her harder and longer than that other man did. He would proceed to teach her a lesson for scheming against him… after he proved his “skills” to her!

    T/N: She really traumatized him lmao