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  • Chapter 1 – The President is a Virgin!

    Ruan Jiaojiao opened her eyes. Though she had made mental preparations, she still couldn’t help but be amazed by the cold and fierce man pressing down on her. In the next moment, she felt his shaft thrust deep inside her, and she moaned.

    ‘Ooh… haa… Hey, System, according to the plot, the male lead was drugged by me, right?’

    System: …

    The System didn’t answer, and Ruan Jiaojiao didn’t care either. She answered the question herself.

    ‘But in the plot, the female lead found him, and that’s how their first papapa happened. Tsk… how come she got to reap the benefits when I was the one who drugged him? And she even acted like she got taken advantage of. What an ungrateful woman…’ Ruan Jiaojiao moaned as she let her mind drift.

    The System thought: You think everyone is like you? The female lead is a pure white flower, okay? A man is forcing himself on you, yet you’re just happily lying there and moaning while chatting with me! Who does that?

    However, as much as the System was complaining, it still had to do its job.

    System: You already know the plot. Since this is your first mission, I lent you a hand. But you’ll need to rely on your own abilities after this world.

    Ruan Jiaojiao understood the System’s meaning. After responding with a short ‘OK,’ she finally turned her attention to the male lead of the story, Huo Yuting.  

    She stared at his handsome face for a while. As expected of a Mary Sue novel; the male lead was a great beauty! However, Ruan Jiaojiao was more interested in something else.

    And that was… she moved her lecherous gaze from his attractive face down his tanned body, past his defined V-line and powerful eight-pack abs. Her fingers gently slid down his body until they reached his taut buttocks, then she gave them a squeeze.

    System: …

    President Huo: …

    Huo Yuting glared at the brainless woman lying under him. Though she was bolder than he expected, he had already decided how he should kill her afterward.

    Meanwhile, Ruan Jiaojiao paid no attention to what the male lead was thinking. At this point, she didn’t even bother to think about the plot. So what if she failed her mission? This was her first one anyway.

    ‘This godd*mn System thinks it’s so smart.’

    She didn’t even get to experience the pain of having her clothes ripped off and her body forcefully penetrated. The moment she opened her eyes, she was already pressed under the male lead and in the middle of doing this mechanical pistoning exercise!

    ‘Seriously… what a disappointment!’

    System: …

    System: Hey! I can hear your thoughts, you know?!

    Ruan Jiaojiao smiled slightly. 

    ‘I wanted you to hear it!’

    Since the man was looming above her, her expression was in plain sight to him. She seemed a little distracted. 

    This delivered a heavy blow to Huo Yuting’s male ego.

    Did this woman know that it was his first time?! Compared to the other gold masters she’d slept with, was he a disappointment?! Was she secretly ridiculing at him for being a virgin?

    Provoked by this thought, Huo Yuting’s original intention of quickly venting and leaving flew out the window. He was going to teach this woman a lesson!

    With that, he gripped her ankles and pulled her legs to rest on his shoulders. He withdrew from her body and mercilessly plunged back inside.

    They both let out an unrestrained moan.