Dear readers,

We understand that it has been a month since the last update of this novel and so, this is an update from the site host.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get into contact with the translator despite numerous discord attempts and had just sent an email two days ago. If the translator hasn’t responded within another month (21st October, 2020), we will be doing a Hot Potato Pass where we will be asking any translators from our own group if they would like to pick it up. If none of the translators are able to take it because of their current workload, we will be marking it as dropped and putting it up on the NovelUpdates forum for pickup.

Please note that we will not entertain nor reply to any rude requests we receive to haphazardly push out an update.

Though we do agree that translators should give readers an update as to whether they will be continuing a project instead of keeping them hanging, please be reminded that translators are NOT obligated to keep translating/giving chapters.

Story translated by Second Life Translations

We, translators, all do this out of our own free time when we could have been instead using said time to hone our skills and do better paid work, so we’d appreciate it if you can treat us with a bit more respect when you’re messaging us, given that we don’t ask anything from you except comments and likes to motivate us.

The next update as to whether someone will be picking this up from the group or will be dropped will come next month on the 22nd October, 2020.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

PS. This announcement could have ended in three paragraphs had I not received a rude message from a reader. Sorry for the rant sounding update.


Little Potato
Second Life Translations Site Host

Little Potato

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