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  • Chapter 29: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Sese a Match

    Translator: Mukyuu
    Editor: Mikyuu

    In the room, Mrs. Lin reached the critical part of the story and lowered her voice out of habit, “That kid also likes boys. Before, he was stuck on a boy and was so dead-stuck on him that he even got depressed. Then he learned to let things go and a couple years later found a new boyfriend. They’ve been happily together ever since and he’s looking so much better.” 

    “Mom,” Lin Rong said wearily, “I’m not being stubborn.” 

    Mrs. Lin glared at him. 

    Of course she’d know whether her own son was being deadly stubborn or not. 

    In fact, from an early age till now, her son appeared on the surface to practically have no desires at all. 

    People always said that artists could go without food or sleep when in pursuit of their art. But Lin Rong never would. He always remained calm and steady, prepared for anything. 

    People said love could drive some people insane, but not Lin Rong. He’d liked Ning Yan for so long that, even without a response, he would stay home and look at Ning Yan’s posters or videos quietly by himself. 

    Lin Rong’s personality was so steady and calm; Mr. Lin had never worried about him. 

    But just because someone appeared to have no desires on the surface, did that mean they really had no desires? 

    No, Mrs. Lin knew: the child just hid them very deeply. 

    If she didn’t guide him, then perhaps in the future when Ning Yan became romantically involved or even married, her son would continue to love him quietly and suppress all his desires to the deepest corners of his heart so that they wouldn’t bother anyone. But those desires would never disappear and, instead, would only get deeper and deeper—for Mrs. Lin, that was even crazier. 

    She wished he would grow a backbone and as she was about to continue speaking, there suddenly came the sound of paws scratching at the door. 

    The two of them turned around with puzzled expressions and looked at the door. 

    Outside the door, Ning Yan was about to burst with anxiety. How come he can’t hear anything anymore?

    On the other side of the door, Lin Rong hesitated before averting his gaze. He said, ears turning pink, “Mom, actually… I met up with Yanyan recently.” 

    Mrs. Lin blinked in surprise and then remembered the white puppy. She asked, “Was it about Sese?” 

    At first when she had realized the white puppy was Ning Yan’s, she was surprised. But she didn’t think much more about it and had just assumed that Ning Yan simply didn’t want to take care of the puppy anymore, so he gave him to Lin Rong when he realized Lin Rong was the one who found the puppy. 

    “Yeah.” Lin Rong nodded, paused, and then said with a small smile, “Please give me and Yanyan a bit more time.” 

    It took Mrs. Lin a few moments to realize what he had said. 

    Wait, what does that sentence mean?

    When she saw the smile blossoming on Lin Rong’s face, Mrs. Lin covered her mouth in surprise. What… had happened?

    NIng Yan finally heard that Lin Rong said “please give me and Yanyan a bit more time” and let out a sigh of relief. 

    But then he debated with himself, Should he have Ning Yue clear things up with Lin Rong for him first?

    That won’t do! It won’t do to have someone else help tell him something this important. Ning Yan was a person fond of ceremony and believed that he had to personally tell Lin Rong something important like this! 

    So, when will he turn into a human again??

    Ning Yan paced around worriedly. 

    He completed two rounds before the door opened suddenly and he heard Mrs. Lin complain, “What is so mysterious that you can’t say?!”

    Lin Rong merely smiled and said, “Mom, when I’m sure I’ll let you know.” 

    Mrs. Lin stayed for a while, and mother and son talked for a bit before she left. 

    As she was leaving, Mrs. Lin sighed and said, “You don’t even know how many of my friends like you and would love for you to be their son-in-law.” 

    Too bad Lin Rong loved Ning Yan with all his heart, and even if it wasn’t Ning Yan, Lin Rong still liked men. 

    So this was just a meaningless exposition, made purely because she realized that after so long there was hope for her son and Yanyan. 

    Lin Rong merely smiled and said nothing. 

    … Behind him, Ning Yan’s jealousy overflowed. 

    Lin Rong’s mother has many friends! Who like the big pervert! And want him to be their son-in-law!!

    Having sent off his mother, Lin Rong felt that the white puppy was looking at him with a petulant expression and was confused by it. 

    He picked up the white puppy and said cajolingly, “What is it? Why are you unhappy again?” 

    Ning Yan stared unhappily at the man’s handsome face—What an unnecessarily attractive man! 

    His gaze drifted and landed on the man’s chest. He angrily pawed at the muscles. 

    “?” Lin Rong hurriedly moved the dog away. It had hurt a bit. He complained jokingly, “Why are you like a cat?” 

    Ning Yan: You’re the one who’s a cat!

    That night, Lin Rong had finished taking a shower and was blow-drying his hair in the bathroom when he suddenly remembered something. He opened up an app on his phone and looked at the day’s recording. 

    In the morning, the white puppy had remained asleep in his room, so the living room camera hadn’t captured anything. Lin Rong offhandedly fast-forwarded to where his mother had dropped by and took a few glances at the screen while he dried his hair. 

    Buying the camera had honestly been a spur-of-the-moment decision. He hadn’t counted on seeing anything fun. Maybe after a few days, he’d forget about the app and the camera and only look at it again in the distant future. 

    But just then, something caught his attention. 

    Lin Rong turned off the hair dryer, put it down, picked up the phone, scrubbed the video back 30 seconds, and stared intently at it. 

    After his mother came, she picked up the clothes for him and then walked towards his room. 

    He followed after his mother and the puppy, for no apparent reason, suddenly rushed over from the other side of the screen and followed after them. 

    But when the puppy had reached the door to his room, the door closed. 

    —It got blown shut by the wind, Lin Rong remembered. 

    The white puppy saw the door close and then, as if mad, he stomped his paws and tilted his head… to put his ear against the door.

    Lin Rong, “…” 

    What had been happening then?

    Lin Rong thought back carefully. The moment the white puppy rushed forwards seemed to have been when his mother had said something about her “friend’s son.” 

    Lin Rong’s expression changed rapidly… and he stood frozen for a second before continuing to watch. 

    In the video, the white puppy sneakily listened for a bit and then scratched at the door with his paws, still looking angry. 

    After scratching, he again pressed his ear against the door. Then he turned in circles in front of the door. By the end of the second circle, Lin Rong and his mother stepped out, and the white puppy again followed after them. 

    Nothing remarkable happened after his mother left. Lin Rong skipped to a few of the later segments and then closed the app. 

    —Then he stood in front of the mirror with a thoughtful look. 

    He recalled the various things the white puppy did that were extremely un-doglike and then back to the Golden Retriever in the video who could only turn on the TV…

    Lin Rong rubbed his eyes. 

    When he walked back into his room, the white puppy was splayed out on the bed and looked at him sideways. 

    Lin Rong gave him a sideways glance as well. 

    Ning Yan, “?” What?

    Lin Rong was more relaxed at home and hadn’t worn a shirt when he had stepped out from the bath. He immediately walked over to the bed just like that before putting on his robe. 

    While the black robe hid the chiseled body, the occasional sneak peek of the same muscles made the body seem sexier. 

    Ning Yan stared hungrily at the man’s occasionally-revealed chest and ab muscles. 

    The stare was too obvious in its passion and Lin Rong… Lin Rong’s mind went back to that outrageous hypothesis and his ears turned bright red. 

    He forced himself to look up and, as he thought about the video, he said after a moment of silence, “Little lecherous dog.” 

    Ning Yan, “…” 

    Lin Rong prodded, “Sese, you are so lecherous.” 

    Ning Yan… Ning Yan glared at him and then wagged his tail provocatively. 

    That’s right, Yanyan is a lecherous little dog. What are you gonna do about it?

    Lin Rong looked at the unflappable little white dog and thought more deeply about the question. 

    In his mind, the hypothesis was constantly being updated, rejected, and then revised… 


    Ning Yan had no idea what Lin Rong was thinking. 

    The next day, things were still calm. Ning Yan would occasionally feel the man give him a weird look, but his mind was still on what Mrs. Lin had let slip yesterday, and his brain had no room for other thoughts. 

    At night, they ran into the director and scriptwriter couple when they were out walking. Ning Yan suffered through all the pets and thought self-consciously, He’s so popular the big pervert better watch out!

    Just as he finished the thought, the director said with a laugh, “Hey, after that episode of the variety show aired, I’ve got a friend who’d love to breed your Sese! He said that his female puppy parked herself by the TV that day and kept staring at Sese intently. Your Sese is really popular!” 

    Ning Yan, “…” 

    I don’t need to be “popular” in this way, thanks. 

    Lin Rong held back a laugh. “Sese is just a mixed-breed.” 

    The director waved a hand. “What a coincidence; their female puppy is also a mixed-breed.” 

    Ning Yan, “…” 

    He turned around and barked furiously at the man, “Woof, woof, woof, woof!” 

    Lin Rong jerked up straight and said reflexively, “But my friend doesn’t want to breed Sese. Sorry, Mr. Lin.” 

    The director looked regretful at the response but didn’t seem to mind too much. He continued with a laugh, “No worries, no worries. I’m just mentioning it.” 

    After they each went their separate ways, Ning Yan let out a snort from his nose and continued walking forwards unhappily. 

    Lin Rong followed after the puppy and kept looking and looking at the puppy, thoughtfully. 

    The white puppy marched ahead, putting his weight on every step and demonstrating what it meant to be upset. 

    At some point, Lin Rong finally made a decision and cautiously opened his mouth. 

    Ning Yan was still wrestling with the thought of “breeding” when he heard the man lightly cough and say suddenly, “Maybe I can go ask Yanyan; Yanyan might want a little Sese.” 

    Ning Yan had to think for a few seconds before he realized what “little Sese” meant. He immediately halted his footsteps and turned around in disbelief, glaring at the man. “Woof, woof, woof, woof?!” 

    Is the big pervert insane?

    Yanyan absolutely does not want any little Seses!

    Lin Rong looked up at the sky and then calmed himself. He lowered his head and said with a firm voice, “Right, a little Sese would be adorable.” 

    Ning Yan took a deep breath, If… if there can be a little Sese of course he’ll be adorable, but are you gonna be the one giving birth?!

    He squinted his eyes and pawed at the ground, letting out a low growl as if warning the man to think carefully before speaking. 

    But Lin Rong refused to give up and continued determinedly, “Don’t you think it’d be fun to play with a little female dog, Sese?” 

    Afterwards, he stared intently at the little dog’s reaction. 

    Wouldn’t it be fun to play with a little female dog?

    Wouldn’t it be fun? 



    Ning Yan, “…” 

    … Ning Yan was so happy. So happy that he chased Lin Rong for ten meters while yelling at him. 

    The man took a few steps back and realized things had gotten out of control. He swooped down and picked up the puppy. The white puppy didn’t bite him, just continued barking next to his ear. Lin Rong felt like his ear was about to go deaf and immediately regretted this… 

    That night, Ning Yan was so upset he got sick!

    Yes, that night, Ning Yan developed a fever— 

    He refused to go into Lin Rong’s room no matter what and wouldn’t budge despite all the cajoling the regretful Lin Rong did. The puppy stubbornly slept in the living and ground his teeth in anger the entire time. He yelled at Lin Rong in his mind and thought anxiously—He has a fever but the man won’t take him for a walk again until tomorrow night. If they accidentally miss the 24-hour mark, then he’ll change forms in front of the big pervert!

    Ning Yan did want to turn into a human, but not in front of the big pervert because then the big pervert would faint!

    He still has a bone to pick with the big pervert, so the big pervert has to be conscious!


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