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  • Chapter 15: Wild NING YAN Appeared

    Translator: Mukyuu
    Editor: Mikyuu


    Wei Zhounan had just hung up the phone when someone sat down next to him. It was the son of a celebrity, one who recently graduated from college and had no desire to enter the entertainment industry but was learning how to manage a company from his mother. 

    The celebrity’s son had just finished his turn at the Karaoke machine. He took a swig of the beer and asked nonchalantly, “You told someone to come? Who?” 

    There weren’t a lot of people here and they were all from the same social circle. Though they enjoyed having a good time, they knew their limits and disliked bringing in people who didn’t know how to behave themselves. 

    But Wei Zhounan knew what he was doing, so the celebrity’s son was merely asking for conversation’s sake. 

    Wei Zhounan waved a hand and said, “My Ning Bro.” 

    The celebrity’s son looked startled. “Didn’t you say he was in seclusion and had even turned his phone off? You’ve finally gotten in touch?” 

    “Yeah, it’s so hard to get a hold of my Ning Bro!” Wei Zhounan complained in a pitiful voice. 

    The celebrity’s son just about died from laughter. Then he thought of something and his expression darkened. He quickly lowered his voice and said, “Wait, I just heard Old Lin say that he just called He Congsheng too; is that okay?” 

    Wei Zhounan spit out the beer he had just drank. He quickly wiped his mouth, stared with his eyes wide-open, and demanded, “Hah? He phoned for He Congsheng to come?” 


    Ning Yan thought there was something wrong with how he felt but, in his excitement, he didn’t have time to examine his feelings more thoroughly. 

    He quickly dug out his current favorite outfit from the closet, changed into it, and ran his fingers through his hair. 

    In the mirror, his reflection wore a pure white, hooded T-shirt and his favorite ripped jeans. Even though Ning Yue always complained about it, Ning Yan loved this outfit and his fans also said it looked nice on him. Plus, Lin Rong had a photo of him wearing this outfit taped to his headboard! 

    Ning Yan believed that this outfit was awesome and looked fine!

    So he walked out confidently. 

    Before he left, Ning Yue took a photo of him. 

    Ning Yan asked casually, “What for? You going to post that on Weibo?” 

    Ning Yue answered indifferently, “No, I’m keeping it. One day when your brain’s working, I’ll show it to you again.” 

    Ning Yan, “…”

    His cousin has become such a weirdo! 

    But after the door closed, Ning Yue stood behind it and silently sent the photo to Ning Zhuangrong. 

    Almost immediately, his uncle replied back, “… Why’s the brat in heat?!” 

    Ning Yue calmly put his phone back. See, anyone who’s not blind can see what’s happening. 


    Ning Yan felt like his fever hadn’t gone down completely. 

    His face felt hot and so did his heart. 

    But aside from that, he doesn’t feel weird anywhere else, so he’s probably fine. 

    He thought quietly. 

    He raced towards Riverside, not understanding that the feeling within him was anticipation. On the way, Wei Zhounan called him twice but since Ning Yan was driving, he couldn’t pick up the call. Besides, his thoughts were drifting and, since he was close, he didn’t think of much of it. 

    But once he arrived at Riverside, Wei Zhounan was lying in wait for him. As soon as Wei Zhounan spotted Ning Yan, he grabbed him and walked through twisting and turning hallways until they arrived at a corner. 

    Ning Yan looked on in utter confusion. “What are you doing? Being a thief? Or are there obsessive fans around?1私生饭 derives from the Korean term saesang, which are a type of fans who participate in obsessive/stalker/fanatic behavior. They are known for invading an idol’s privacy, obsessively following them everywhere, and some even resort to illegal practices to gain access to their idol.” 

    In the past two years, this guy had become a permanent MC for an outdoor variety show and his popularity had skyrocketed. The number of his Weibo fans had doubled several times and he’d experienced being trapped by obsessive fans before.

    But it shouldn’t be possible here?

    Wei Zhounan hesitated and then asked, “Bro, why didn’t you pick up my calls or check your WeChat?” 

    Ning Yan blinked in surprise. “You sent me something on WeChat? I was driving and didn’t notice.” 

    Wei Zhounan felt a headache coming on. 

    He Congsheng had arrived just minutes earlier and was now in the private room. He had no idea Ning Yan was coming since Wei Zhounan and the celebrity’s son hadn’t dared mention it. 

    Wei Zhounan’s original intention had been to warn Ning Yan and tell him not to come. He hadn’t anticipated Ning Yan neither picking up his phone nor checking his WeChat messages. Now that Ning Yan was already here, it probably wouldn’t do to have him go back. 

    Speaking of He Congsheng, Wei Zhounan had only found out about the plans for the birthday party the week before. He had been shocked and immediately texted Ning Yan on WeChat to suss out how Ning Yan felt about it. 

    He assumed Ning Yan had been kept in the dark and wanted to sneakily report it to Ning Yan—he had never considered that Ning Yan could be into men and assumed it would be awkward at the birthday party—but he also felt bad about ruining a birthday party that someone had spent so much effort to organize. So he went back and forth on how to talk to Ning Yan about it. 

    A couple days prior, he had heard that Ning Yue declined the birthday invitation on Ning Yan’s behalf and thought that Ning Yan must have seen the message. Things had turned out just as he had expected. 

    But it seemed like He Congsheng had been very upset. According to the rumor mill, he had gotten stupidly drunk and insisted that he wasn’t giving up. 

    If He Congsheng saw Ning Yan now, that dude would definitely do something crazy. 

    As soon as Ning Yan heard what Wei Zhounan said, he immediately checked his phone and realized that Wei Zhounan had sent him two WeChat messages. 

    The first one: <Bro, maybe you shouldn’t come.> 

    The second one: <Why don’t we go eat crayfish instead?> 

    Ning Yan laughed and said exasperatedly, “You and your obsession with crayfish.” 

    Wei Zhounan had thought it would be complicated to explain things over WeChat since he hadn’t even talked with Ning Yan in private about He Congsheng, so he’d sent those two vague messages instead. 

    Once Ning Yan had arrived, Wei Zhounan worried that Ning Yan would get upset if he asked Ning Yan to leave. So he found this corner to explain the situation. 

    Now that he heard Ning Yan tease him, he immediately used the excuse and said, “Yes, yes, yes. So why don’t we head out now, bro?” 

    Ning Yan hesitated and opened his mouth. As he was about to speak, his eyes lit up. 

    It really was as if a light suddenly turned on. Wei Zhounan stared at it in amazement. 

    If Ning Yan had beast ears, Wei Zhounan thought that, at that moment, his Ning Bro’s drooping ears would have perked up immediately. 

    They were tucked way into a small corner, near a bend of the hallway. When Wei Zhounan followed Ning Yan’s gaze and looked behind him, he saw two people walking down a nearby hallway. 

    One was tall and the other shorter. The shorter one was doing something on the phone. His face still had a bit of baby fat and he looked especially young, but he really wasn’t—that was Jiang Mo. 

    The taller, handsome man had both hands stuck in his pockets. His eyelids were lowered and he looked disinterested in everything— 

    “Sh—” Wei Zhounan exhaled sharply and felt goosebumps crawl up his skin. 

    There was He Congsheng in the private room and now Lin Rong was here. Tonight was going to be a battlefield. 

    He immediately turned around in an attempt to block Ning Yan’s line of sight. He didn’t want to talk about He Congsheng now since that would just make his Ning Bro, who just saw his rival, even more upset—

    But Ning Yan tilted his head and peeked, eyes shining, over Wei Zhounan’s shoulders. 

    Coincidentally, the man seemed to sense the gaze landing on him. He lifted his eyes, glanced over, blinked in surprise, and stopped in his tracks. 

    In the next moment, Wei Zhounan saw his Ning Bro’s eyes flicker and his face turn suspiciously beet-red. He heard Ning Yan give an awkward cough and say, “What a coincidence, you… why are you here too?” 

    This tone of voice… how in the world is this a tone of voice that can come from his Ning Bro? 

    Wei Zhounan was stunned. 

    He looked in confusion at Lin Rong and then back at Ning Yan. He confirmed Ning Yan had said this while looking at Lin Rong. For a second, he didn’t know how to interpret what was going on. 

    Wait, what had happened to his Ning Bro in the last half a month while they were out of touch with each other? 

    This is not the Ning Bro he knows! 


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