Chapter 6: Dog Food

Chapter 6: Dog Food

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Editor: Mikyuu

After strolling for half an hour, the big pervert looked like he was in a better mood. 

But the guy still looked like he had swallowed a fly when Ning Yan called out to him from besides the toilet once they reached home. 

He said he’d never pee outside, so he won’t. Don’t even fantasize about it!

Ning Yan thought with his head raised proudly in the air. 

Around ten o’clock that night, the man sat down again on the sofa. Tonight he was watching a variety show with Ning Yan in it. 

Ning Yan thought this guy seemed too relaxed. He doubted Lin Rong was this unmotivated when he normally took a sabbatical at home. 

He noticed that one of the guest rooms had been modified into a practice room for singing, but Lin Rong hadn’t once stepped inside it. Did he actually take some time off just so he could hide in his apartment and act like a stalker….? 

The episode of the variety show that Lin Rong chose was the last variety show Ning Yan recorded before he went into seclusion. It was an outdoor variety show, the kind that gave guests missions and had them compete against each other. 

Ning Yan had always thought he was great at variety shows. He squatted next to the sofa and his tail wagged as he, along with the man on the sofa, admired himself on the TV screen. 

He even subconsciously looked several times at the man next to him. 

Coincidentally, the show was playing the part where Ning Yan made a fool of himself. The man pursed his lips and twitched them in a small smile. 

In the next second, the guests on the show burst into laughter. Without looking, Ning Yan knew that was when he decisively betrayed his teammate, who had been trying to trick him first. The teammate was a senior in the industry and had been completely fooled by Ning Yan. The other seniors on the team had shrieked with excitement. 

The man couldn’t help but to laugh quietly. 

Ning Yan blinked in surprise. 

When he recovered, he quietly lifted a paw to his chest. 

Well, well, he does smile a lot in private. 

Ning Yan turned around and looked again at the TV. 

He had finally figured it out. 

Even though he might grumble and call the guy an iceberg, he understood that this guy wasn’t cold at all. 

He supposes that the Lin Rong he knew before, or rather the Lin Rong the public knows, is very different from the actual Lin Rong. 

It is probably because the guy looks cold and is mostly expressionless. When he stays quiet, he really does look like an ice prince. But the guy is really just unreactive and also sometimes spacey. 

So, if Lin Rong isn’t really an ice prince at heart, why hasn’t Ning Yan seen him smile before? 

Ning Yan subconsciously pawed at the floor. 

If Lin Rong smiled more often, then maybe he would have …


Ning Yan froze and tossed his head. 

What, what kind of things is he even thinking about?

What does he mean by laughter would do it? This guy had dissed him before and he heard it himself!

Ning Yan tried really hard to ignore the quick second of hesitation he experienced about his own recollection. He ran off to sulk – after all, he was just a puppy right now and he couldn’t ask; even if he did ask, he can’t turn into a human! 


City C, the top floors of Morning Star, Inc. 

Two men chatted while they smoked cigars. One of them was Ning Zhuangrong, the CEO of Morning Star, Inc. and also Ning Yan’s father. The other was a top executive in the company. 

Ning Zhuangrong blew out smoke and laughed as he talked with the executive. Halfway through the conversation, he turned to Ning Yue, who was sitting to the side, and asked, “So has the brat finally picked up yet?” 

Ning Yue frowned slightly, “Phone’s off again.” 

“That kid still hasn’t gotten rid of this stupid habit.” Ning Zhuangrong said while waving his hand. “It doesn’t matter. Let it go; we’ll just take care of ourselves.” 

The two middle aged men talked of collecting antiques. Ning Zhuangrong initially wanted Ning Yan, who resided in City A, to go look at a piece of jade and see if he liked it. Now he thought it was too much effort to ask—and the kid probably wasn’t interested anyways. 

The top executive had heard of Ning Yan from Ning Zhuangrong before. He knew the youngster liked turning off his phone during seclusion, and if you went to visit him, he’d get upset. He was a hard one to manage. 

The executive shook his head and said, “Ning Yan should change this habit.” 

“Right? But usually the kid only turns his phone off for three or four days.” Ning Zhuangrong sighed. “Your child is so much more considerate.” 

“My son is too obedient and doesn’t have any opinions of his own.” The executive laughed. 

Ning Yue sat to the side and texted Ning Yan even though he knew he probably wouldn’t get a response. 

He sighed and rubbed his eyes. 

Well, it can wait a few days. 

Usually nothing bad happened. 

Ning Yue lowered his gaze. 

He, Uncle Ning, and Ning Yan were connected by blood. 

If someone from their blood-clan ran into trouble, they would all feel it. This is why they tolerated the brat’s stubbornness – even though the kid himself had no idea that he was a half supernatural with some canine demon blood in him. 


The next day, Lin Rong visited Gu Shi to swap dog foods. In the end, Ning Yan hadn’t taken a single bite of the dog food he brought home yesterday. 

Ning Yan dozed off out of sheer boredom and, later on, actually fell asleep. When he woke up, the man had already returned and placed down a second bowl of dog food in front of him. 

Ning Yan, “…”

He said he won’t eat any!

Just like yesterday, he turned his head away in disgust. 

“This is a new flavor. This one tastes good.” Lin Rong rubbed Ning Yan’s head. 

Ning Yan struggled away. He thought about walking off but worried the guy would insist on following. As he contemplated putting on a more dramatic show, the man took up a piece of dog food and put it in his own mouth. 

Ning Yan, “…”

He stood rooted in one spot out of shock and surprise. 

The man swallowed the piece of kibble and said calmly, “Look, I ate it. It’s delicious.”

The motionless puppy and the man stared at each other in silence. 

Lin Rong looked down and again took up a piece of kibble. 

Ning Yan shouted inside, Hold on, this really isn’t necessary! 

While Ning Yan was still processing the shock, Lin Rong swallowed the second piece of kibble. 

Ning Yan didn’t know whether it was because Lin Rong was determined to make him eat dog food or because the dog food was addictive, but a look of enjoyment flitted across the man’s usually expressionless face as he ate piece after piece… 

Ning Yan’s puppy face underwent a multitude of expressions before he hesitantly took a single step towards the bowl, bent his head, and sniffed. 

It, it seems like today’s bowl really does smell good? 

The man stared at him and chewed on the dog food without any expression on his face. 

Ning Yan: “…”

Fine, fine. Since you’ve done this much, I might as well give it a try… 

He gingerly bent down and picked up a kibble piece with his tongue, put it in his mouth, and carefully started chewing… 

Hmm, the kibble actually tastes pretty good… 

And so a man and a dog sat by the French window and shared a bowl of dog food. They took turns eating the kibble and you couldn’t tell who was more dedicated to eating their share. 

After some time had passed, the man seemed to remember something and took out a piece of beef jerky from the bag he brought home from the vet. He had bought too much stuff yesterday and didn’t have enough room, so he bought some snacks only when he went today to trade in the kibble. 

The man silently tore apart the packaging and brought the beef jerky up to his nose to sniff it. Just as he opened his mouth to taste this— 

The puppy, who had gone from hesitantly eating to scarfing down the food, suddenly looked up with kibble still in his mouth and started a round of muffled barking.

Lin Rong’s hand stalled… and after engaging in a staring contest with the puppy for a few seconds, he quietly put the beef jerky into the food bowl. 

The puppy snorted, shook his ears, and bent down to eat. 

He failed to notice the delighted look on the man’s face. 


After he cleaned the bowl, Ning Yan felt something was off. But he had a full belly and no motivation to think deeper. 

Lin Rong was a fastidious person. As soon as Ning Yan finished eating, he washed the food bowl and also did laundry. 

He left his phone at the edge of the coffee table and, when it buzzed a few times thanks to a notification, Ning Yan looked over subconsciously only to realize that Lin Rong’s phone was unlocked at the moment and hadn’t yet automatically locked.  

Something stirred in Ning Yan’s heart. 

His family probably hadn’t realized he was missing yet. He knew very well that, in his current state, it was hard for him to do anything. But now that he spotted the phone, Ning Yan remembered something—when he had just become a puppy he could use the phone, though it had been a struggle with his paws. While it had taken him a huge amount of effort to do anything on the phone then, this was probably something you got better at with practice. 

So once he learns how to use the phone with his paws, he can try to sneak a message to his family… 

Though he didn’t know how much effort it would take to explain the situation in one go—and he didn’t know if his dad would think Lin Rong was playing a prank on him or that someone stole Lin Rong’s phone—if he didn’t even try, then he really had no chance! 

Lin Rong’s contacts list probably has the contact info for the CEO of Morning Star, aka Ning Yan’s father, right? 

And so Ning Yan snuck a glance in the direction of the bathroom and then carefully straightened up so that his two front paws rested on the coffee table. 

He struggled to paw again and again at the phone while his two hindlegs shook with the effort to stay upright. 

It’s not easy to stand up as a dog

Then he tried hard to scroll until he saw his father’s name on the contact list and his eyes lit up. 

Ning Yan hadn’t wanted to take a risk right now. He had only meant to test his paws but it looked like things were going much better than he had hoped. In his excitement, he forgot about everything else and slapped at the screen with his paws. The screen jumped to the texting screen. 

Just then, Lin Rong walked out to this scene. He stood still in surprise before frowning and calling out, “Sese?” 

Ning Yan was spooked!


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