Chapter 5: I’m Too Sexy Even As A Dog

Chapter  5: I’m Too Sexy Even As A Dog

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Of course, Ning Yan hadn’t lost his memory. So after a quick walk down memory lane, he recalled something and embarrassment bloomed in him. 

And it had something to do with that mishap on Weibo. 

Ning Yan had a throwaway account where he let himself go. He liked whatever he enjoyed and commented whatever came to his mind. And just like any trope-filled romance story, having two accounts meant the inevitable mix-up, which would lead to unfortunate things happening. 

He was drunk the night the mishap took place. He scrolled through Weibo until he landed dazedly on a comment about Lin Rong. Ning Yan, sprawled on his couch, chuckled stupidly while he lit the thumbs-up button. And then he fell asleep. 

When he woke up the next day, still on the sofa, his name had appeared multiple times in the “Trending” list, all of which his cousin Ning Yue worked to remove. 

Because of that, Ning Yue, his cousin and manager, had logged onto Ning Yan’s Weibo and undid that like. 

Ning Yue, despite taking care of the problem, hadn’t felt the need to let Ning Yan know. He was exasperated by Ning Yan. 

Just because Ning Yue didn’t feel the need to tell Ning Yan didn’t mean his Friend’s Circle1Friend’s Circle is a WeChat/Weibo function where users can post things that are only visible to their friends (or any user-created lists of certain friends). didn’t explode over this drama. 

When Ning Yan woke up to the comments and screenshots his friends posted, he wanted to die from embarrassment. 

That comment he had drunkenly mistaken as a diss on Lin Rong had, in fact, been something posted by a Lin Rong fan. 

The entire post read: Lin Rong has such a long face, says so little, and such a cold stare, why do people like him? Because of his driving skills2Driving skills is Chinese internet slang for someone’s ability to flirt/make sexual innuendos. ?

If Ning Yan had been coherent, he would have seen the last part of the post and remembered “Because of his driving skills” was a joke one of Lin Rong’s best friends in the industry made during a variety show. At that time, it had been a fan favorite. 

If Ning Yan had been coherent, he would have noticed all the excited fans in the comment section, with comments such as — 

“I want to see a live performance of Lin Rong driving! *embarrassed*” 

“Let Lin Rong look at me with such a cool gaze when he’s driving” 

“Also for his ab muscles! [picture]”

“How good is his driving skills? No clue but I’ll wait for a personal demo like a good little girl!” 

Unfortunately Ning Yan was stupidly drunk at the time and had only paid attention to the first part of the comment. Hence the like. 

According to his friends, when people realized Ning Yan had given the post a thumbs-up, they went wild. 

The Lin Rong fans are clearly making sexual innuendos!! What does Ning Yan mean by hitting the like button? What? What exactly?!

People are very open and tolerant now, and same-sex marriage is allowed. There are many same-sex couples in the entertainment industry, so Ning Yanyan, come out and explain yourself!! 

Lin Rong’s fans spread the word in shock and amazement. Ning Yan wanted to watch their idol demo his driving skills! 

Ning Yan fans were struck dumb. What exactly was Yanyan up to? 

In truth, there were some who assumed Ning Yan had only seen the first part of the post, or maybe he hadn’t fully understood the joke because he hadn’t been on the net for a while. Those who thought so started hypothesizing that he and Lin Rong probably see eye to eye. 

But the majority of people teased Ning Yan that he had a crush on Lin Rong, so the trending topics in the middle of the night were all “Ning Yan wants to see Lin Rong drive,” “Ning Yan likes post by Lin Rong fan,” or “Ning Yan/Lin Rong romance.” 

… Ning Yan didn’t want to remember how frustrated he had been that day. 

There had been a friend’s party the next day and Ning Yan only found out about Lin Rong’s presence when he arrived. 

When Ning Yan caught sight of Lin Rong, he struggled to appear calm. But as his gaze met Lin Rong’s, he felt his face start to burn. 

Everyone around them was sneaking glances at them, waiting for gossip. 

Ning Yan didn’t have to look to see that they were probably also giggling, hoping for some good drama!

He was both upset and embarrassed, anxious to the point where he felt like he was sweating. 

But the man kept looking at him with a gentle smile on his face — that had been the first and only time Lin Rong smiled at him. 

The smile only made Ning Yan more anxious. 

Lin Rong really couldn’t describe what he felt at that moment. 

If his heart was fertile soil, he thought he heard the sound of something quietly bursting through the earth. But his chaotic thoughts gave him no time to consider what was blossoming. 

Everyone said Lin Rong was very cold. 

He never had much to say and was very quiet. Even at concerts, during his wildest moments, his face remained expressionless. 

But it’s not like he never smiled on camera. 

His fans took a screenshot of every one of those rare occasions and would look at them over and over. 

But before that day, Ning Yan had never seen one of those rare smiles. 

When they were alone together, Ning Yan could feel the occasional gaze on him, and he mostly brushed them off as his misperception. 

He had wondered to himself what to do if the iceberg ever smiled in public at him. 

And then he was on the receiving end of a smile. 

So what did that feel like? 

Hard to describe. 

Ning Yan’s heart had thudded and he hadn’t had time to process much amidst the chaos. When he stopped being awestruck by the smile, he lowered his voice and said in embarrassed anger, “I, I really hit that button by accident yesterday. I was drunk!” 

The man looked at him with a gentle gaze and opened his mouth, as if to speak. 

Ning Yan’s face heated up and he declared hurriedly, “Don’t take that the wrong way. I don’t like you!” 

Lin Rong stood there, looking stunned. 

Ning Yan’s heart skipped a beat at that expression. He looked away and mumbled something like, “Just remember that I like girls!” 

And then he turned around and ran. 


As to whether Ning Yan liked girls or not… he had never actually thought about that question. He had only said that because he felt anxious and needed to say something to give himself confidence. 

But, but… he was just trying to explain that Weibo incident. It wasn’t like he responded with a firm “I don’t like you” to a confession from Lin Rong — that wasn’t it at all!

But Lin Rong thought it was real? And he remembered? 

Uh, though he hadn’t exactly been joking then, and he did mean what he said, but… 

Ning Yan had no idea what he was thinking. His gaze drifted everywhere and several expressions fought for dominance over his face. 

He didn’t know why but the more he thought about it, the guiltier he felt. 

Jiang Mo and Jiang Xiaoning left soon after dropping He Congsheng bomb and finishing the hotpot. 

Afterwards, Lin Rong washed the dishes by himself in the kitchen. Even the air around him felt depressed. 

Ning Yan knew of course that there was no way he’d go to He Congsheng’s party. But the other three didn’t… the big pervert didn’t. 

The atmosphere in the apartment made him uncomfortable. 

Ning Yan walked back and forth indecisively and couldn’t resist in the end. He tapped his way into the kitchen and squatted next to the man, looking up at him. 

The man’s dark hair drooped; his beautiful black eyes looked empty. The sneaky man who had pinched his butt and made fun of him during the day disappeared, leaving behind the guy who barely acknowledged him. 

… And there seems to be an air of loneliness surrounding him. 

Even a rival like Ning Yan felt a sense of fondness well up for Lin Rong… 

After all, this is all because of his romantic entanglements! 

But the man is providing him with shelter and food. He can’t give Lin Rong anything as Ning Yan, but he is a puppy now, so there is no harm in giving him something he wants. 

Ning Yan thought awkwardly. 


So when Lin Rong walked out of the kitchen, having finished washing the dishes and wiping his hands, he was surprised to see the puppy in front of the kitchen door. 

The puppy held the leash in his mouth, chin tilted at the man as if to say, “What are you waiting for?” 


Night had descended long ago and all the street lamps were lit. 

At this time of day, not many of the residents in this expensive neighborhood were out strolling after a meal. They only encountered a few joggers on their walk. 

Ning Yan walked ahead and the man followed behind with the leash in his hand. They didn’t walk very fast and the warm evening air brushed against them from behind. Nin Yan heard the man hum under his breath. 

Lin Rong is humming his song!

Ning Yan’s tail wagged. 

After a while, they coincidentally saw a pair of familiar faces walk towards them. It was an older couple from the entertainment industry. The man was a director and the woman was a scriptwriter. 

They were walking a Bichon — this female Bichon was pretty famous in her own right. Her name was “Ranran” and because the couple would frequently post photos, she had become a darling of the netizens. 

When the older couple spotted Lin Rong walking a dog, they were very surprised. They called out and walked closer. Of course, Ranran was more excited than they were. She started pulling on her leash, trying to get closer when they were still a dozen feet away. 

Ning Yan didn’t have a good feeling about this. Sure enough, when the older couple got closer, Ranran kept sniffing around Ning Yan. 

Ning Yan hurriedly hid behind Lin Rong, feeling complicated about this entire situation.

Tch, even dogs are in love with him! He has such a burden to bear, being the object of affection for everything under the sun!

The famous script writer asked in surprise, “Oh, when did you get a puppy? It looks a bit old, how come we never saw you walk it before?” 

“I just found him yesterday. He’s a stray.” Lin Rong was polite to his seniors in the entertainment industry. “He and I hit it off, so I took him home with me.” 

“Ah, that makes sense. He looks cute!” The script writer bent down to rub Ning Yan’s head. 

The director chuckled and asked, “What’s his name?” 

Lin Rong coughed and covered his mouth, “Sese.” 

Fortunately the director didn’t ask which “se” it was. Instead, he squatted down and started petting Ning Yan alongside with his wife, gently calling “Sese” and “Sese” the entire time. 

The petting felt so good that Ning Yan sat down. The little female dog who had been sniffing at him saw that her owners were ignoring her and danced around anxiously in circles, whining the entire time. Ning Yan thought humbly to himself, sorry, I’m just too popular…

As the thought trailed off, he saw the man bend down and rub Ranran’s head, saying seriously, “You shouldn’t do what you just did, or Sese will mount you.” 

Ning Yan: …. ????

You got your energy back??? 

I dare you to say that again! 

Ning Yan’s glare caused the script writer to burst out into laughter and say teasingly, “Ah, he’s glaring at you. Looks like someone’s jealous.” 

Lin Rong looked back. 

The white puppy was giving him a death glare. 

After they bid the older couple farewell, Ning Yan stalked forward in a huff. Just a few steps in, he felt an intense gaze on him. He whipped his head around only to find the corner of the man’s mouth twitching. 

… Don’t think he can’t tell the guy is trying not to laugh!

What does he have to be proud of?! 

Ning Yan squinted his puppy eyes and walked forward a couple of steps. The result of him not looking at the ground was that he tripped over a stone, cried out, and fell flat on his face. 

Lin Rong blinked in surprise. 

And then a quiet laugh leaked out from him. 


Ning Yan: …. 

This was the first time he heard an actual laugh from Lin Rong. 

He hurriedly stood up and turned around directly to glare at the man. He was so angry his puppy face puffed up like a balloon. 

Lin Rong covered his mouth again but he couldn’t hide his smile. 

He opened his mouth to say, “Sese, you are so silly.” 

Ning Yan was about to burst from anger. 

The man’s eyes curved into half moons. 

“But it’s cute.” 

Ning Yan shuddered. 

The man and the puppy stared at each other. 

A few seconds later, the puppy lowered his head and his ears lay flat on his head. 


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