Chapter 3: Not Your Average Dog

Chapter 3: Not Your Average Dog

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

While the newly nicknamed “Sese” was busy stewing in anger, the man busied himself elsewhere. 

First, he called his manager back. Ning Yan heard a few phrases here and there and realized the man didn’t have any work in the near future, so he was probably also on hiatus. His manager, Lu Ming, sounded like he cared a lot about Lin Rong. 

After the phone call, Lin Rong put on some pyjamas, picked up the bowl, now empty of goat’s milk, and washed it in the kitchen sink. Then he refilled it with fresh water. 

It was clear that there were no pet supplies in Lin Rong’s home. Lin Rong took out a blanket, spread it out in a corner of the living room, and said, in all seriousness, “You’re sleeping here tonight.” 

Ning Yan was still mad about essentially being called “lech” and didn’t want to listen. 

A large majority of the roasted duck had ended up in Ning Yan’s stomach. Lin Rong put the rest of the take out box into the fridge. 

Afterwards, he found a wet towel and wiped Ning Yan down so that the puppy was no longer covered in as much dirt. Honestly, most of the dirt came from Ning Yan trying to con Lin Rong into taking him home by rolling around on the ground. 

Finally, Lin Rong turned on the air conditioner, took out two six-packs of beer, and turned on the TV as he settled himself on the sofa. 

The curtains by the French window had been drawn and the lights in the living room turned off. Ning Yan assumed the guy was going to watch some kind of movie and wanted the right atmosphere for it. What he hadn’t anticipated was a video of Ning Yan at his own concert. 

Ning Yan was still in the corner sulking over the nickname “Sese” when his ears twitched at the familiar opening song. 

After a few moments, he stood up and walked delicately over to take a peek. 

It was his concert from the year before last. The huge stadium had been filled and the lights were blindingly bright. 

For his opening song, he had worn a specially designed suit of pure white. His fans had called him a little prince, and so he had sat down elegantly in front of the piano, just as a little prince would, and played a song. 

Ning Yan looked at himself and considered himself handsome and elegant from every angle. Then he looked at the man sitting on the sofa. 

The man’s gaze never wavered from the TV. 

Ning Yan felt his tail perk up and sucked in a breath. 

Oh boy, it’s his fault for being too charming. 

He had just never thought about the possibility of an iceberg such as Lin Rong falling victim to those charms and worshipping at his feet. 

The concert served as a distraction and Ning Yan temporarily forgot about the “Sese” incident. In the dim light, he examined the posters that Lin Rong collected and fell into deep thought. 

As soon as Ning Yue or his parents called him, they’d realize his phone was turned off. 

But Ning Yan had the bad habit of turning his phone off for several days at a time when he was holed up at home in order to avoid people interrupting his work. He had been chided several times for this bad habit, but he had stubbornly refused to break it. Now he regretted it because this time, even if they find out his phone had been turned off, Ning Yue and the others wouldn’t think something was wrong. 

It would take at least several days… if he still hasn’t turned his phone back on in several days, they’d realize he was missing. 

But even if they report this to the police… 

Were there cameras that would have caught what happened at the spot when he metamorphosed? 

That would be anybody’s guess. 

And even if it got caught on camera, his family might be okay with seeing him getting changed into a dog, but what about other people? 

His thoughts ran all over the place for a while before Ning Yan sighed deeply. 

He had no control over what happened now, and as a dog there was nothing he could do and nowhere he could go. He had no idea when Ning Yue would return or when his family would find out he was missing. 

The only opportunity was Lin Rong. Though Ning Yan had no control over what happened next, he could try his best to see if there was a chance for him to get in touch with his parents through Lin Rong. After all, this guy was an artist under his father’s company. 

Images of his parents and Ning Yue flashed across Ning Yan’s mind one by one. Ning Yan thought silently that he could only do things one step at a time. 

No matter what, he’ll cross the bridge when he comes to it…. Right? 

If that doesn’t work... He glanced over at the man sitting on the sofa. 

After coming to a conclusion, Ning Yan became bored just sitting at the corner and decided to change his attitude. 

Ning Yan wasn’t one to let himself wallow in anxiety or despair. If there was nothing he could do at the moment, then he’d set things aside for the moment. 

He ran out and sat down by Lin Rong’s feet. 

The man spared him no attention since he was engrossed with the TV. 

Now and then he sipped at the beer but kept both eyes focused on the TV. The image of his little prince filled Lin Rong’s unfathomable gaze. 

Ning Yan looked intently at the man and felt his heartbeat speed up for several moments. 

Tsk, not again. 

Every time he looks into that guy’s eyes, his heart experiences the same tightening. 

This is a different type of feeling than he had when looking at the guy in front of the restaurant. 

That time, Lin Rong had been looking at a white puppy. 

Now, Lin Rong was staring at Ning Yan. 

Ning Yan silently covered his heart with his paw. He had finally figured out what made him feel this way. 

He thought that every time Lin Rong looked at him, those eyes must be sending out waves of deep affection. 

He hadn’t been receptive to it in the past, but now that he knew to look for it, his body was reacting. 

Oh boy. 

Ning Yan’s tail twitched and then shot up proudly. 


The concert played until two in the morning. When Lin Rong went to wash up, Ning Yan lay down in the living room. 

Perhaps he had overexerted himself because when he next woke up, it was morning and he had no recollection of dreaming. 

Ning Yan again felt forlorn when he looked at his white and fluffy paws. 

But he only had a brief moment to feel down before the door to the master bedroom opened. 

A thought suddenly crossed Ning Yan’s mind and, with a glint in his eye, he dashed hurriedly into the master bedroom. 

Lin Rong, who had been on his way to wash up, saw the white puppy streak past him and questioned what was happening. 

The moment Ning Yan barged into the room, he jumped on the bed to investigate the body pillow, wanting to make sure that it was still intact. 

Lin Rong turned and followed the puppy back inside the room, where he stood watching the little dog. He saw the puppy stand on his hindlegs so that his front paws rested on the edge of the bed and then scoot forward so he could sniff the body pillow. 

After a bout of sniffing, Ning Yan turned around to look deeply at Lin Rong. 

Thank goodness this pervert has some sense of self-control and reined in his obsession so that he hadn’t done unmentionable acts to the pillow. 

Ning Yan lowered his paw and thought with relief. 

Lin Rong finished washing up, changed clothes, and got ready to leave. 

Ning Yan hadn’t thought of a way to get in touch with his family yet, though he did feel the pressing need to use the bathroom since he drank down a bowl of goat’s milk but hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet. 

However, Lin Rong had already left, leaving Ning Yan with nothing to do except stay and pray that the guy was just out for a quick trip and would be back shortly. 

Luckily for him, Lin Rong did come back in two hours, and he was holding a lot of things too. 

In a big bag was clearly a dog bed. As for the other small things, Ning Yan had no way of knowing exactly what those were. 

All he knew was that Lin Rong got busy in the kitchen and, when he came back out, he put down a bona fide dog bowl in front of Ning Yan. 

A dog bowl filled with dog food. 

Ning Yan, “…”

Lin Rong said encouragingly, “Give it a try.” 

Ning Yan was shocked. The guy wants him to eat dog food? Is he kidding? 

He turned his head aside and refused to even look at the bowl. 

Lin Rong’s voice dropped a pitch and he asked again, “Behave, try it.” 

Ning Yan: Absolutely not! He, Ning Yan, will never eat dog food! 

He felt Lin Rong’s desire to persuade him and in response, Ning Yan turned around and pretended to sniff at the dog food. 

Just as Lin Rong’s face relaxed into happiness, the little white puppy whipped his head around and dry heaved. 

Lin Rong could only stare in silence. 

The little white puppy tried, once again, to sniff at the dog food. This time, he not only dry heaved but also stumbled and then collapsed on the ground. 

His entire being screamed that he’d been knocked unconscious by the stinky dog food. 

After a moment of speechlessness, Lin Rong picked up the phone and dialed a number. 

When Gu Shi picked up, Lin Rong said, in all seriousness, “Sese puked when he smelled the dog food.” 

Puzzled, Gu Shi asked, “First of all, who is ‘Sese’?” 

Lin Rong answered, “My dog.” 

Ning Yan howled in response. 

Gu Shi remarked on the other end, “I seem to be hearing some disagreement over this.” 

As he finished speaking, Gu Shi felt himself sweatdrop at his friend’s weird naming habits. When Lin Rong had come by to grab the dog food earlier he hadn’t mentioned the dog’s name. Gu Shi had no idea the name would be so… unique

Putting that thought aside, he asked, “Did he really puke?” 

Lin Rong responded, “No, there was some dry heaving and fainting. He’s not dead.” 

Lin Rong saw the little white puppy sneaking a glance at him as he spoke. 

His expression turned chilly and he tapped on the puppy’s head with his fingers. 

The white puppy adopted a “what-can-you-do” expression and thumped his tail, making a thump-thump-thump sound on the floor. He was totally challenging Lin Rong’s authority. 

There was only silence from Gu Shi’s end of the line. 

Wow that dog can act. He’s got some smarts. 

He’d seen his fair share of pets who didn’t like pet food, but he’d never seen one this dramatic about it. Is the dog food his family makes really that distatestful? 

Lin Rong picked up a kernel of kibble and sniffed at it before asking, “Do you have any other flavors of dog food? This one does have a strong smell.” 

To that, Gu Shi could only respond with, “Fine, we do have a beef flavored type. If your dog won’t eat the kind you brought back, try the beef flavored one.” 

Of course, the change wouldn’t happen overnight. They were going to give the puppy some time to adjust. 

So Lin Rong didn’t bother emptying the food bowl and instead just left it there. 

But Ning Yan was starving and his stomach was growling. 

He refused to eat the dog food and insisted on following Lin Rong around, tailing him wherever he went. He acted as if he’d won a war and did his best to make sure Lin Rong heard every growl his stomach made. 

Lin Rong sighed and gave in. He thanked the heavens that there was some sausage left. He peeled them and fed Ning Yan every last morsel. 

Having eaten his fill, Ning Yan was satisfied. 

And Lin Rong tackled his second task as a pet parent. 

He took out the leash and said, “Come, I’ll take you outside to go potty.” 

Ning Yan stared at the man in silence. 

He refuses to pee and poop outside like a real pet dog. 

Which meant that every time Lin Rong tried to put the leash on Ning Yan, Ning Yan did his best to dodge. 

Lin Rong thought about it for a moment, and then explained seriously, “Sese, I know you’re smarter than most dogs. Listen to me and let’s go outside and potty. If you do your business inside, it’ll be stinky.” 

Ning Yan’s frustration welled up as soon as he heard the name “Sese”. He thought to himself, I won’t make a mess! And I’m not stinky!

Ning Yan had, in fact, thought about the problem of going to the bathroom. 

No matter what happens, he will not be doing his business in the grassy area in the neighborhood and of course he will not be peeing at home. He may have become a dog, but he is still a human at heart. And he has all of the self-respect and moral qualities of a human

In order to solve this problem, he had to set aside worrying whether his next actions would raise the pervert’s suspicions. 

The white puppy gave Lin Rong a look and then click-clacked his way to the bathroom. 

Lin Rong was caught off guard, but after a moment’s hesitation he followed after the puppy with an indescribable look on his face. 

After he caught up with the puppy, he saw the little white dog sitting in front of the toilet, sneaking glances at him. 

It’s like someone took a marker and wrote a caption. 

“Pick me up.” 

Lin Rong, “…”

His expression froze. 

Ning Yan barked once. 

Don’t just stand there! Hurry up, he’s about to burst!

Lin Rong looked like he was mentally fighting with himself. He picked up the phone and just as he wanted to give Gu Shi a call…

Ning Yan burst into a series of furious barking. 

You are so annoying!!! Hurry up!!!

Several expressions flashed across Lin Rong’s face. 

He very carefully picked up the white puppy, very carefully put him on the seat of the toilet, and then hesitated over whether he should let go or not. 

As he was debating with himself, Ning Yan quickly found his balance on the toilet seat and squirmed to indicate that Lin Rong should let him go. 

After several moments of debate, Lin Rong ended up letting go. 

The puppy’s entire attention was focused on the toilet seat under him, and the expression on his face turned serious. 

He made sure that his body was balanced and then slowly and carefully… started to lift his butt. 

He didn’t know why, but this felt like the more stable position. 

When Ning Yan’s butt reached its highest point, he sighed in relief and felt like he could finally start taking care of his needs. Only then did he sense the man staring at him. 

He turned around and found the man beside him staring straight at him with a shocked and dazed expression. 

Ning Yan rolled his eyes and barked. 

He’s about to start, go away, no looking! 


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