Hi everybody~ My name is Little Potato and I am the host, administrator, translator, proofreader and editor of the novels on this website.

I’m currently a final year student in university with a part-time job and currently preparing for job-hunting.

I started reading web novels back in 2017 and was hooked onto it ever since. I’ve translated for some novels in 2018 under a different group but have now started my own independent site.

This site is not intended for commercial purposes as the ads earned are used to pay for the web site hosting services. I also do not own any of the rights to any of the novels here so I would appreciate it if you do not spread my translations anywhere.

I like a wide variety of genres ranging from romance, horror, psychological, BL, GL, smut, etc. My aim for this site is to translate novels that I find interesting and share them with you all. Please note that my second language is Chinese and I usually supplement my translations with a dictionary.

If you like my work, remember to give me a like or a comment on the posts below because a happy translator is a motivated translator. ^^

Connect with me

You can find me at novelupdates forum with the username: Little Potato and follow me~