Chapter 2.1 A person with a family(1)

Under the scorching sun, the people flooding the big streets and amidst the beeping of car horns, Xu Lin stared at the Bat sprawled on the floor and was stunned for a second before quickly recollecting himself.

“You, you, you… you’re an expert!” He used a special rope to bind the Bat while using an admiring gaze to look at He Zhou.

So the person in front wasn’t an ordinary citizen but was in fact, a senior with an indistinguishable cultivation base. This made him feel a bit embarrassed.

“That, expert brother, I was worried that you’d be attacked because the Bat is very cunning…” He looked at the surroundings where a crowd was starting to form and brought out an ID from his pocket and waved it around. “I’m just a police who caught a thief, please move on, please move on.”

But the passersby didn’t listen to him, in fact there were some little ladies who took their phone out to take pictures mainly focused on He Zhou’s handsome face, their faces were tainted with excitement as their mouths chattered “So cool! So amazing!”.

Xu Lin’s mouth twitched, this world really was one that placed importance on looks but expert brother really did look good, good enough to match his group’s ex-leader’s countenance.

“Expert brother, I’m going to take him back now. If it wasn’t for your help this time, I would’ve lost him.“ Xu Lin laughed in embarrassment before hoisting the person up his shoulder. “That’s right, can you leave your contact details? If you’re free, I’d like to invite you out to eat something good!”

Eat something good? He Zhou’s heart was moved. “Alright.”

After Xu Lin left, He Zhou headed back, and the surrounding people followed from afar, not one dared to step forward. Main point was because He Zhou looked casual but his entire body emitted mighty influence, causing people to inevitably feel a sense of reverence. 

The cake that fell on the floor was still there, the cream inside melted under the scorching heat of the floor and flowed along the cracks of the bricks.

In this world, randomly throwing trash was an uncivilized action, He Zhou thought for a moment before taking out a tissue. This was secretly stuffed into his hand by the staff in the cake shop earlier. He knelt down to pick up the cake and threw it in the trash.

It was such a pity he only had two bites.

He Family’s villa.

He Shaoning sat on the sofa pinching his brows with a solemn face, he looked at Song Cheng who stood before him and said in an impatient voice. “How come that stinky child hasn’t come home? He wouldn’t have gone off and done something reckless just after getting out of the hospital,would he? And you didn’t go after him? Just because he said he wanted to walk alone, you agreed? You really are overlook his revolting behavior…”

Zhao Jing brought in a dish from the kitchen. Since today was the day that marked He Zhou’s release from the hospital, she specially went to the kitchen to personally cook.

“Don’t say anything anymore. This time Ah Zhou escaped from calamity so there must be a big fortune coming in the future days. He just recuperated, don’t have such a dark face.”

He Shaoning glanced at his delicate and pretty wife, sighing in his heart with a guilty look in his gaze. ”It must be hard on you.”

Even if Zhao Jing was strong, there would also be times where she would be weak. Before marrying He Shaoning, she had made mental preparations. After all, becoming someone else’s stepmother was very difficult.

“It was just cooking a few dishes, where is it hard?” Zhao Jing purposely misinterpreted his words, turning her head to talk to Song Cheng. “Send some people to go look for him.”

Her words just fell when a tall and skinny youth entered the doors and looked to be clean and elegant. Stepping on a ray of sunlight, he stared at them before slowly exposing a smile like a clear breeze after a scoring summer heat, it penetrated the heart deeply.

“Dad, Aunt.”

He Shaoning ‘s face became cold but looking at He Zhou’s fresh and relaxed face with an alright complexion, he calmed down a lot and gave a ‘hmph’. “Sit down and eat, your Aunt Zhao personally cooked this.”

If it was before, the original owner would definitely be unhappy but as a spectator who knew clearly, He Zhou felt that this body’s stepmother was not a bad person, to be able to last up til’ now was commendable, and having faced this much fragrant aroma, Master He was definitely moved.

Back at Shen Yan Sect, because they were devoted to training, the sect people did not allow any practitioners to have desires for food. As the young leader, He Zhou had to set a model example and could not have a taste for these fine delicacies, but now his circumstances were different.

“Thank you, auntie.” He sat at his usual place from his memories and politely threw out this sentence.

Zhao Jing was immediately stunned in place and glanced at the equally surprised He Zhaoning, why did it feel like Ah Zhou was not the same as before?

He Shaoning coughed, and uneasily said. “Ah Jing, you also sit down.” Turning to look at He Zhou. “Little Ye has gone off to join summer camp, he won’t be at home and won’t be able to return in time”

He Zhou nodded. He knew this during the time he was at the hospital. He Ye was his younger step-brother, he was fourteen this year but because he was innately intelligent, he had skipped levels to second year of university, now he was joining the school organised summer camp and had no plans of coming home.

Zhao Jing grabbed a ladle and scooped up some soup, probingly giving it to He Zhou, placing a bowl before him and warmly asking. “Drink some soup first?”

He Zhou passed the bowl forward. “Thank you, auntie.”

Zhao Jing’s heart warmed and gave him another spoon. “I’ve boiled it for an entire morning, the meat should be tender, it’s a bit hot so be careful.”

He Zhou took a sip and lifted a clean-looking face, curving his bright pair of eyes. “Mm, it tastes good.”

It indeed tasted delicious and left a fragrant smell on his lips and teeth. He Zhou took another sip.

He Shaoning and Zhao Jing looked at each other, their hearts obviously relaxing a lot more. Ah Zhou had consistently been cold to Zhao Jing, this stepmother, for many years, sometimes even rejecting her presence. They didn’t think that after this accident, he would suddenly become more polite. He Shaoning observed this all, feeling a sense of joy in his heart.

He Zhou unhurriedly ate, tasting the dishes quietly, his every move graceful but with a fast pace. This was the first time the three people had a harmonious meal together.

After eating, He Shaoning eyed the obediently seating He Zhou sitting on the sofa watching TV, for a moment, he felt that this eldest son of his didn’t look to need a spanking like before, but he had ignored that his own shortcomings still existed.

“Come with me to the study room.”

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